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Gloves In A Bottle ~ Dry Skin Care That Works ~ A Review


The last two weeks of August are always bittersweet to me.  When I was dating my hubby, his family always took the last two weeks as a vacation at the seashore cottage they owned, and I was always invited to tag along.

Here in New England where we have 4 seasons, I can sense that fall will soon be upon us ~ I can feel and smell it in the cool night air.  The approaching fall season then means that winter’s not too far behind.

Along with winter come all the associated skin problems that occur when the heating season begins.  Fortunately, there’s good news for the millions who suffer with dry skin each year.

I recently had the opportunity to review Gloves In a Bottle, a revolutionary Shielding Lotion that works like an invisible pair of gloves.  I received a full-size 8-fl. oz./240ml bottle of the lotion.

If you’re not familiar with a shielding lotion, the product  provides the following benefits ~

“Shielding Lotions form a protective shield with the outer layer of skin and help keep out irritants and chemicals. They also allow the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. They are light and go on without a greasy mess.”

Shielding Lotion can prevent a costly trip to your dermatologist and keep your skin silky smooth all winter.

My brother is a professional photographer and spent many years working for Kodak in Rochester, New York.  I’ve seen first-hand what the effects of photography chemicals and the brutal winters of Rochester can do to one’s skin.

The chilling cold of the winter months can take a heavy toll on your skin. According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) figures, 81 million Americans all across the country will be looking for relief from dry, itchy skin this winter.

The traditional prescription for treating dry skin has been a cream or lotion with moisturizers in it, in an attempt to replace the lost moisture and oils in the skin.

The features and benefits of Gloves in a Bottle include:

*  Non-greasy, non-sticky lotion; rapidly absorbs into outer layer of skin.
* Works like an invisible pair of gloves.
* Prevents dirt and grime from penetrating the skin.
* Allows skin to breathe and retain its natural moisture and oils.
* Does not wash off, lasts 4 hours or more, and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells.
* Greaseless, non-sticky, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, completely safe, non-toxic and used daily by a   wide range of healthcare professionals.
* Prevents dry, cracked skin.
* Absorbs quickly, undetectable once absorbed.

Gloves In A Bottle lasts for up to 4 hours or more. After about 4 hours enough skin cells have sloughed off to cause the barrier to break down; for continued protection just reapply. Wash and dry your hands before re-applying.

When I applied the lotion for the first time, I immediately noticed that it was fragrance free, and glided on like silk.  Only a small amount was needed.

What further impressed me was that after applying it, I felt as if I had a spa experience!  If you’ve ever had your hands dipped in the parafin hot-bath after having a manicure, it forms a ‘glove’ on your hands that is then peeled off.  You’re skin is then baby-smooth!  This same feeling was achieved after I applied Gloves in a Bottle ~ without having to go to the spa!  It was simply amazing!

I’m a convert for sure!  If you’re a Baby Boomer, or someone who works with their hands, or just in need of a little tender loving care, give this product a try!  Gloves in a Bottle is available at CVS and Brooks.

If you’d like to try a sample of Gloves in a Bottle and are willing to post a review on your blog, send a request to along with your blog URL and mailing address.

Visit their website at to locate the retail outlet closest to you.


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  1. This is a nice review. Never heard of this before but after checking out the ingredients to make sure lanolin is not listed I think I will have to head over to the store to check it out. I have severe eczema most often,but now on prednisone so could test out a product safely, or so I Hope.

  2. So very true, hands are often a neglected part of skin care and yet are the part of the body which is typically exposed to most skin damage

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