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Green DIY Cleaning Products

Go Green Everyday Not Just on Saint Patrick’s Day: Make Your Own Cleaning Products


Environmentally Friendly

Even though Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t until March 17, there have been tons of parades going on all over the state to celebrate! ‘Lil Moomette went to a large St. Pat’s day parade in Connecticut & really enjoyed it!

So, in honor of the “Wearing O’ the Green” I’m going to be discussing…Green and eco-friendly products! Recently I discussed a review for eco-friendly cleaning products. I also spoke here about how to determine whether or not a product is truly “green” or eco-friendly.

Did you know that you can also make similar products, ones that you know the ingredients of, for very little out-of-pocket money, easy on the family budget, and just a little bit of effort?

When making homemade cleaning products you really only need a few ingredients. Those ingredients include vinegar, baking soda, borax, and hydrogen peroxide. In fact, you can make a variety of cleaners all from one bottle of vinegar and one or two of the above ingredients.

Do you need a multi-purpose cleaner?

Instead of buying something like Lysol or Formula 409, why not mix up a bottle of homemade multi-purpose cleaner? In a spray bottle clearly marked, mix together equal parts water and white vinegar. This spray is effective, and costs much less than Formula 409.

Vinegar is known to cut grease and dirt, and is great as a disinfectant. You can use this mixture to clean windows, soap scum, mildew, tubs, and ceramic tiles. Add a drop or two of any essential oil of your choice to aid in the effectiveness of the cleaner. Hint: Don’t ever use vinegar on natural marble floors or counters!

Do you need a disinfectant?

For an effective disinfectant, mix together two teaspoons of borax, four tablespoons of vinegar, and three cups of hot water. While borax is NOT non-toxic, it is environmentally safe. Please be careful to label anything containing borax, and be careful how you store it.

You can also add hydrogen peroxide right into your washing machine when washing a load of whites. Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine as it fills with water. Just make sure you don’t pour it directly onto your clothing because peroxide will act the same way as bleach.

I’ll be sharing several tips over the next few articles, including my super-easy stain-remover “recipe” that I learned from several mommies when I belonged to an eBay children’s clothing seller’s forum ~ but you’ll have to come back for that one!

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