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Gremlins, Gadgets, GPS & Granny Don’t Get Along ~ Musings about my New Car




Well, I have a new car. As far as I’m concerned, nothing was really wrong with my old car. It’s just that DH felt it was time to take on more debt (there goes my retirement options) & get a new one. It’s not quite the Audi TT I fancy myself driving, but hey, it’s got a spoiler! I’ll have to ramp up my eBay sales. And besides, DH’s brother is a Chevrolet car salesman where we get all our cars, so it helps out the fam. KWIM? Commissions, food on the table…


Every time I get a new car, it comes with more bells & whistles. Which is OK. BIL does his thing and spends an hour telling me how to work the wipers; cruise control; program the radio which now has XM; find out what time of day it is in Japan, the temp in Hawaii (I live in Connecticut) ~ GPS, OnStar, that type of thing. Of course, my mind is always elsewhere, and besides, I have a DH to tell me all that when I forget. That’s why I got married. So I think. After 34 years, I should know better now. DH tells me to “read the instruction manual.” I think NOT.


Anyway, I was tooling about the other day, and when I turned the left blinker on, it sounded like one of those cross-walk sirens, blaring away. You can only re-set the options when the car’s in park, so every time I came to a stop light, that’s what I tried to do. The other drivers behind me quickly brought me back to reality, that this was not a crisis in their minds.


When I got home, I explained to DH what happened. He checked it. Nothing. Sounded normal to him. Gremlins. I know they’re out to get me. Just like when I get in the car and all the XM satellite radio buttons have been changed. No, I’m not paranoid. I just have DDs who insist that it’s not them changing the stations when they get in my car. I think NOT.


So, I think this Baby Boomer Granny will just go back to my old ways, and bring all those Country music Cd’s by Keith Urban & Big and Rich that I used to listen to. At least I’ve upgraded from an 8-Track. If I want to know the temp, I’ll roll the window down. GPS? I know how to get to work. But if my blinker goes crazy on me again and I need to let everyone know what direction I’m going in next ….you know the bumper sticker that says “Horn broken, watch for…..” oh, I won’t go there.

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