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Groundhog Parade

Essex Ed Parade | Celebrate Groundhog Day with the Connecticut Groundhog Event


The charming village of Essex, Connecticut has celebrated Groundhog Day by hosting a parade with the center of attraction being Essex Ed, an almost 8-foot tall, 200 pound foam and fiberglass Groundhog character known for his infamous weather predictions!

It’s going to be an exciting year here at Moomettes Magnificents and I have many great suggestions, day trips and notices of fun for grandparents and grandchildren with kid-friendly family destinations and things to do in Connecticut and throughout New England planned for you!

We’ve made it through the major holidays and hopefully won’t get hammered by too many more Nor’easter snow storms!

Groundhog Day Activities

Before you know it, February will be here. That means Groundhogs Day will be right around the corner.

Essex Ed Groundhog Day Parade

I’d like you to find your calendar and Save The Date ~ the parade is usually held on a Sunday.

Gas prices are going down and it’ll be a perfect opportunity for the whole family to attend a Groundhog Day parade (did I say Parade, in winter?) in historic Essex, Connecticut!

Not to be outdone by Punxsutawney Phil, of Pennsylvania ~ Connecticut Yankees have come up with their own lovable winter rodent.

Essex Ed is known for his ever-changing colorful costumes, which at times have included him being a firefighter, Professor Hill from the musical The Music Man and the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block.

So have the kids put on those home-made winter wool caps, mittens and scarves that Grandma knit or crochet and visit Essex Village for the Essex Ed Parade. Don’t forget to bring your pots and pans to bang on ~ which is the thing to do and is meant to symbolize “waking Essex Ed up” so we can bid goodbye to the snow and ice & herald the welcoming of Spring!

The Essex Ed Groundhog Day Parade normal route is down Main Street.

While you’re there ~ plenty of opportunities will be available for you to stop and warm up while enjoying the local fare while dining at restaurants and bistros. We’ve enjoyed some wonderful grub and grog at The Black Seal ~ and you’ll love the atmosphere!

For more information visit: Essex Ed Groundhog Parade Event

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Ground Hog’s Day is one of the few holidays not commercialized to death YET! We lived near Punxatawny PA for a few years and it was really something to go there for the celebration. The movie was so accurate too. The real mayor played a part (not as mayor) in the movie too.
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