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Why You Should Choose the Right Guest Blogger for Your Needs


You’ve worked hard to expand your blog and influence your audience. Perhaps your blog may be an extension of your online business venture. The blog is where buyers and other readers can cull from your  mastermind and experience and learn about products and or ideas. Now may be the right opportunity to extend your reach and invite other people to post so that you can present your readers with some variety.

Extend Your Reach

Some say a mixed bag blogging technique is preferable, while others favor a niche blog. If you’ve developed a following of blog subscribers through email subscriptions or RSS feed, the viewers more than likely love your writing style. But, other guest bloggers can add a different dimension to your web site.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that you have an online craft sideline business. You have expertise in the subject area, but possibly you want to enlarge your knowledge base into other facets of crafting. Having studied other blogs, you have found sites that specialize in areas such as bow making, tutus and pageant wear. Asking specialists to guest post for you can be just what you want.

You can bring in the knowledge you seek from your guest blogger. Develop a list of conceivable post topics for them to write about. Each one can address a topic you wish to get word out on. If you don’t know what subjects to choose, create a poll on your blog to figure out what regular readers want to discover more about themselves.

With opinions in hand, the next thing to do is choose the right guest blogger. You can select more than one if you wish. However, if this is your inaugural guest blogger, I suggest inviting just one to get a line on how this exercise pans out and how your readership responds to their posts.

Here are a few tips for you to go forward with:

• Choose someone in a quasi but non-competing situation.
• Be sure they run a trustworthy blog or business (not the alienating drama type, always causing controversy).
• Check to see if the prospective guest has favorable feedback from their own readers.
• Find somebody whose expressive style you are familiar with and relate to.
• If you’re supplying them topics, they should agree to write about (and have some knowledge on) the topics you choose.

You don’t want any surprises here. Those blogging for you are attached to your reputation. They may be well known and long familiar in some social media circles, but not necessarily to your readership. By inviting and allowing them to post, you’re essentially letting your fans know that they’re OK. Be mindful that your readers already trust you, and you’ve gained their confidence.  Don’t give them any reason to back away now.

Some folks don’t think about that all-important point. Let’s suppose that your author wants to pontificate on his or her own choice of topics. Something they state elicits negative comments from your readers. As a result, your readers may become suspicious of your judgment and run for the hills away from your blog.

It won’t happen overnight, but it could come about. One way to avert such a potential troubling problem is to permit your guest writers to upload their posts in draft to have them published pending your administrative review. Don’t commit to allow them to go in and publish their posts immediately. Exercise editorial control before you put it out there for all of humanity to see. I have past experience as an Editor on several different well-known mom blog sites where I’ve had to exercise editorial control. Tactfulness is extremely important when trying to use the delete key for grammar, punctuation, language, content or style and suggesting a re-write.

Having other people guest blog for you is a magnificent way to give readers a treat. Just be certain to choose the right guest blogger so that the writer that you do choose is worthy of your audience.

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  1. I have just started entertaining the idea of utilizing guest bloggers (just had my first guest post on my blog on Wednesday!), so this is a very timely topic for me! :) Thanks for the tips!
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  2. Great tips. I just recently started thinking about adding guest posts to my blogs. Last week I actually asked my first guest a fellow blogger that I like and enjoy reading.

    Stopping by from SITs.
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  3. Gee, I never really thought about guest posting very much, having never hosted a blogger I learned a lot here!

    After reading this, I am absolutely honored that you had asked me to write a guest post for you about how to get a blog on Kindle. Thank you, Cindi. :D
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