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HA ~ You Young’ns have Nothing on Me ~One Step Ahead of the Curve!


Ok. I haven’t done any musings in awhile because I’ve been too dang busy maintaining my eBay Power Seller status and putting all my ducks in order building my new website & consolidating my eBay store and affiliate shops under one roof ~ Moomette’s Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes.

I know, after seeing all those terrific WAHM sites on various traffic exchanges that all you sweet young things have built, it’s probably a piece of cake for you. You probably took all that HTML stuff in elementary school, high school & beyond.

Well, gram here has been learning it all on her own. At 2, 3 & 4 am in the morning when DH is sleeping, and the house is finally peaceful. You see, I’m still working at my FT cubicle job. Then, of course, there’s ‘lil Moomette whom I pick up after I get out of work until DD or charming SIL come to get her.

Well, I’m taking a break right now at 2 am from all that Photobucket & listing stuff, finding a new web host for my site, and working on the new blog template (don’t you love it? Thanks Shera, from
Sweet N Simple Design…more on Shera to come. I met Shera through Mom Pack ~ she’s such a delight!

Anyway. Where was I? Oh ya. You young gals. Well, let me tell you. After having 2 DDs, and doing the middle school, high school & college thing with them ~ Moms will find out they always have to be ahead of the curve. Want to stay in touch? The cell phone that you pay for gets put on mute. Then what? Learn to text message. They’ll think it’s their friends.

Still ignoring you? Learn to instant message. When something pops up ~ they’ll think it’s their friends and guess what ~ it’s Mom~ Here’s my AIM avatar:


My girls had to look at that on AIM while they were in college everytime they “talked” to me ~ which was only when they usually ran out of funds. And my screen name…let’s just say it started with the word “Money”! Hmpf.I digress…DD #2, took Spanish all through high school. So knowing I’d be online, she once put up her “Away Message” in Spanish after telling me she was going to a friend’s house. The “Away Message” said she was “at the beach”. Guess what? I took Spanish in High School. So I played her game and text messaged her cell phone ~In Spanish ~ that I knew where she was! That floored her & her friends. Again, one step ahead of the curve. And don’t anyone call me out for reading her Away Message.

Back to you have nothing on me. So, I’ve learned to text, instant message, and now HTML, FTP, Pop Server, SSB, Ping, Stumble ~ what-ever. There’s still a lot of learning to do, but don’t worry, I’m a Boomer & one of ours invented the Internet. Gram here is ahead of the curve, and when I finish building my site, they will come.

It’s almost 2:30 am. I know I ‘talk’ via the forums with many of you at this time of night. But I’m taking out my dentures, putting them in a glass, (thanks Suzanne) & turning off the lights now. (JK on the denture part, K?)

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