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Snow White Toddler Halloween Costume

Tips For Choosing Halloween Costumes For Toddlers – JAAKS Pacific


Dress-Up Fun for Toddlers

Kids Dress-Up Costumes


Your toddlers Halloween costumes should be memorable, yet that doesn’t mean they have to bankrupt you!  CDI offers cute and inexpensive costumes for your toddler so you don’t have to go looney and drop the next month’s rent or mortgage payment for a Halloween getup for baby.

Snow White Toddler Halloween Costume
Now Toddlers can dress-up as their favorite characters such as Disney Princesses, Marvel Superheroes, Toy Story characters, Dora the Explorer and more.

JAKKS Pacific LogoI was contacted by Jakks Pacific, and would like to let my readers know the many Halloween costumes for children offered by CDI Toys.   ‘Lil Moomette who is turning 4 in October, and Slugger, who just had his 2nd birthday, are going to be dressed in the fairy Halloween costume,  Tinker Bell and the Buzz Light Year toddler boy Halloween costumes.

Tinkerbell Disney Fairies Dress-Up Halloween CostumeTinker Bell’s Dress is inspired by Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Lost Treasure.  All coordinating accessories are available.

The Buzz Lighyear Suit is inspired by Disney Pixar Toy Story, and is always a hit with any young tot!

Whether you’re a mom or a grandmom choosing Halloween costumes for toddlers this year, here’s some  Safety Tips to keep your pride and joy safe and sound:

  • Pass On Inhibiting Costume Items

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Toddler Halloween CostumeBabies don’t like to wear masks and many will fight back and holler in discomfort if you stick them in costumes that curtail their movements.

  • Avoid frightening Masks and Costumes


Don’t be surprised if the older children are scared by masks that other people may wear. This isn’t a time to instill fear into your child. Oftentimes grownups and older youngsters find it laughable to teach babies “the ropes” without understanding they can unknowingly frighten toddlers.

  • Keep Weather Conditions in Mind


When picking out Halloween costumes for toddlers, bear in mind what your weather will most likely be that season. In the northerly part of the U.S., it isn’t strange for children to wear coats over their costumes. The more to the south you travel, you might find kids dressed up in 80 degree weather. That adorable fur bear or lion outfit might not be the comfiest outfit for kiddo if you live in an area that’s still a tad warm on Halloween. Don’t over or undress baby.

CDI has an excellent selection of Halloween costumes for toddlers that can also be used as Dress-Up for playtime once Halloween is over!

SRP: $19.99

Age: Ages 2-4

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