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Franklin Covey Day Planner

Here’s a Quick Way To Manage Your Business and Family Time Easily With Planners and Calendars


Here’s a Quick Way To Manage Your Business and Family Time Easily With a Day Planners and Calendars

Our family has a long history of entrepreneurship. My in-laws were self employed and my husband is also.  Not only do I blog, I’m also the unofficial office manger for his business, so we’re always visting our favorite office supply store to pick up supplies.

Visiting the office supply store is akin to a trip to the candy store for me.  I enjoy looking at the latest technology gizmos and gadgets to stay on top of our game, whether it’s for the home office or personal time management. My husband is the technophobe so I’m the one who gets all giddy. He’s so unlike his late brother who we called “professor gadget” who had to have the latest electronic wonder of the moment.  My husband is of the school of thought that sometimes tried and true methods work the best and you don’t have to keep ahead of the curve or spend tons of money or be confused by technology.

People who work at home can take pride in the fact that not only are they entrepreneurs building a business that they are proud of, but are also saving money by doing so.  Of course, certain specific equipment and technology is needed to help them accomplish that end result.  Sometimes I feel I am over-scheduled.  I have a Palm Pilot PDA, my iPhone and I use Google Calendar.  On one of my most recent trips to the office supply store I visited the calendar and planner isle.  I was back to that old school of thought and am now using pen and paper as well as a leather-bound Franklin Covey Day Planner.

Manage Your Time With Calendars

If you haven’t seen the new calendars lately, you should check them out!  They’re unlike the flimsy pocket ones that are freebies from your insurance agent, or like the ones your mom carried in her purse.  Today’s calendars have taken on new and exciting functionality and purposes.

Several calendars that I can recommend that are functional and appealing to the eye are Mom’s Plan-It and Mom’s Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton.  You can record every family member’s schedule using pens and stickers.  The family calendar enables you to record each family member’s activity for the month by their name.

If your kitchen is the central gathering place for the family, hang a calendar in an accessible spot for everyone to enter their weekly schedule.  Family calendars can help you to coordinate both business commitments and family life.  Delegate the duty of entering the information to whomever is the most responsible family member.  As a WAHM you can even enter the days and hours you will be working on the family calendar to try to get some productive work time scheduled.

Manage Your Time With Planners

Planners can also be used in conjunction with a desk calendar.  When broken down by hours, planners work better for business.  The time slots that were listed on your family calendar can be broken down into micro project commitments in a planner.  You’re never without your schedule as a planner is very portable.

Franklin Covey offers a line of planners for a variety of needs.  There’s so many planners on the market today – choose yours carefully so you don’t end up with features you don’t need.  Look for ones that include:

  • Removable pages
  • Sections for notepads or notes
  • Address Book
  • Places to hold business cards
  • Tabs for easy look-up
  • Vinyl pouches for messages, bills, etc.

Staying on top of your daily work while keeping your business straight isn’t an easy task and needn’t be expensive.  Even if calendars and planners are considered so yesterday by our tech-savvy kids, they get the job done and less expensively.

My motto – whatever floats your boat.
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  1. I’m a big of a planner! I always have a planner and I always make lists and schedules.

    It’s not really usefull to me (I’m not a mom yet) but if it was I would
    try the mom-plan it for sure!

    Anyway I am new on your blog so I’m just going to take a look around.

    lots of love

  2. My planner is a small calendar that I keep in my purse and my Yahoo calender online. I really need one thing that can help me organize my time and keep my family involved in what is going on with our appointments too. Working on organizing time on forums and other work related tasks.

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