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Hey Newbie Entrecard Members ~ Either Approve Ad Requests Quickly or Don’t Bother Putting a Banner Up


I’ve been Entrecard Dropping lately and requesting ads on many new blogs.

I check back frequently within a day or two to see whether my ads were approved.  What’s the purpose of putting an EC banner on your blog for people to drop in on, if you can’t bother to check back and approve/disapprove an ad request.  It just languishes there?

I cancel any ad requests I’ve made if it’s not approved within 1 or 2 days tops.  I’m not going to tie up my EC points.  It’s not fair to me, who obviously had taken an interest in your blog.  That’s a sure-fire turnoff to gain new readers/subscribers.

Oh, and one more thing ~ Newbies ~ put your banner above the fold.

Either get with the program, or drop out of it.  SOGOTP.

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  1. Well said! I’ve been using ECard for some months now and with the wave of new comers I’ve been seeing more and more of this.
    Let’s hope they get it.

  2. LMAOOOOOOO, I think she means it too folks!

  3. I agree, I am new so I forget occasionally but I am getting better and I have to remember to go and drop that is what i forget all the time

  4. That is good info. I just started entrecard this week. So I am trying to figure it out. I am still having to remember it all.

  5. Mmm, I was on vacation for 2 weeks and didn’t bother checking on Entrecard. Maybe it’s unfair to people waiting to have adverts approved, but I was in Europe where I had to pay for the ‘net and the most I spent on it was an hour, tops, in 2 weeks.

    They should have something where you put it on “vacation hold” or something.

  6. I’m surprised anyone could miss the ad requests with the email reminder. Maybe they haven’t set that up in their dashboard, but I thought it was the default — to receive an email notice when someone wants to advertise on your site.

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