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How To Create A Media Kit

Tutorial |How to Create a Media Kit for Free | Blog Tips


As a veteran blogger who participates in many social community forums, I’m constantly seeing  new bloggers ask what is a Media Kit and how do you create one.  It’s very simple to create your own media kit for free with any word document program and PDF converter software.

If you’re a mom blogger on a budget, you don’t have to pay big bucks to have one done for you.

DIY Media Kit Tutorial

First, compile the information you’d like to include in your Media Kit.

I would suggest:

  • Blog Name and URL
  • Bio Information
  • Email Contact Information
  • Twitter ID
  • Target Market
  • Stats (if you wish to include them)
  • Accomplishments

Next you would simply create your document in a MS Word program.

Convert your Word document to PDF format by downloading this Free PDF converter .   It will leave a watermark unless you purchase the license for the full version.  If you don’t mind the watermark – then you’re good to go.

Add your blog logo and perhaps a promotional photo of yourself.

You can email the PDF version when you are pitched, or you can upload to ScribD and embed on your blog. You can change permission settings to suit your needs.

Create multiple versions – include your advertising rates if you choose to, or a Quick Sheet as I did quite some time ago.

What’s nice about this method is you can easily change your information and stats YOURSELF as necessary, without having to pay ridiculous fees for someone to do it for you!

Just remember, your Press Kit doesn’t have to be flashy with a lot of bells and whistles.  PR Reps aren’t looking for “pretty, “ they’re looking for basic, concrete information.  You don’t want your Media Kit to go over 2 pages at most.  Nobody will read it.  I’m a firm believer in the KISS method. – “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

It’s the same as if you were creating a resume for a job hunt – Human Resources will circular file or use the delete key on anything longer than that. If they are interested and want more information, they’ll contact you and ask for it.

For further reading I suggest more blogging tips and techniques.

How to Write an Effective Fact Sheet

By Kristina Hill

Fact sheets are one of the most important tools to have in your marketing arsenal. These handy documents are filled with quick facts about your business that will help you clearly and concisely tell your story. What’s also great is that fact sheets can be easily distributed to the media, shared with customers or other important partners, and placed in your hard copy and digital press kits.

Here are a few key things that you can include in your business’ fact sheet:

1. The month and year your company started

2. Contact information such as your business address, phone number, and website

3. Executive names and titles

4. Key company milestones such as awards, growth, certifications, and press coverage

5. Interesting facts about your company. For example, if you operate a restaurant, include the number of people you’ve served since opening or how many pounds of a particular food you’ve served in the last year

6. Other items that make you stand out from the pack

Use short bulleted sentences when listing your facts. I’d also suggest keeping the fact sheet to one page, two at the most. This ensures that the information is easy to digest. Also, consider listing the month and year the fact sheet was last updated at the end of the document. You want the public to know that they are receiving accurate, up-to-date information.

One final tip: Create multiple fact sheets if you offer an extensive line of products and services. This way, you can promote all your business has to offer!

An expert in marketing communications, Kristina Hill provides integrated marketing consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses through MarComm Creative Group, LLC. The business offers an array of services, including: public relations and media relations; media planning and placement; integrated marketing plan development and execution; and article, website, advertising, editorial, and sponsorship writing.

Article Source: [] How to Write an Effective Fact Sheet
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  2. Hey Cindi – I’m stopping in via MSM. Great tips!

    Here’s a link to the PDF Converter I doesn’t leave a watermark and has worked great for me.

    Enjoyed your post!
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  6. Thanks for this! I’m just trying to decide if I need one…you make it seem easy!

  7. As a former PR pro – I must commend you on this! If the bloggers do just a Fact Sheet and nothing else, it will be worth the effort. Press and potential advertisers are always looking for info on a company (blog) and this will save them time and effort and answer many questions that they may have. Also the link to Kristina Hill’s site is wonderful and gives instructions on many other tools in the PR arsenal! Bravo! – AMF
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  8. Thanks for the great tips. I am about to create my media kit so this was perfect.

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