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Moomettes Magnificents Facebook Wall Page

Facebook Tutorial Series | How to Create a Winning Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog or Business


Connect With Your Fans on Facebook With A Welcome Page

Facebook pages are used by blogs, businesses, organizations and other public figures to broadcast announcements to those who are interested in what they’re doing and want to connect with them.  Using applications you can enhance your Fan Page by adding video, audio, news feeds, event announcements and more. You can also enhance your Facebook Fan Page by adding a Welcome Page using the FBML application.

Only the official representative of a blog, an organization, business, etc can create a page. Once created, they can assign someone to assist with the management of the page.

Welcome Your Visitors – Create a Facebook Fan Page or Business Webpage

I’ve been writing and creating a Facebook Tutorial Series on the benefits of using Facebook for blog traffic. Recently I’ve had both my Moomettes Magnificents blog Fan Page and Frugal New England Kitchen blog Fan Page Facebook Landing pages custom designed to include a spiffy Welcome Page:

Moomettes Magnificents Facebook Wall Page

Isn’t it terrific? In a brief introduction and bio, my visitors to Moomettes Magnificents will learn more about me, my family and what I write about on each blog – work at home tips, blogging techniques, reviews, giveaways, photography , travel and family life.
Frugal New England Kitchen Facebook Wall Page

On Frugal New England Kitchen my visitors will learn that I offer cooking tips and recipes, reviews of family-friendly household products, and also that I talk about my family, grandparenting and grandchildren.

Each Fan Page Welcome landing page also includes hyperlinks to my blog categories – WAHM Tips, Reviews, Giveaways, Recipes, Health, Entertaining, Grandparenting, Shopping, Travel, Photography (and more!) as well as hyperlinks to my social media icons for Twitter, StumbleUpon, LInkedIN and RSS feeds – making it easy to subscribe to my social networks and my blogs.

The cute little arrow points towards the “Like” button, where my fans can like the page, and have all my recent posts show up in their Facebook stream.

Here’s how you can easily create a Facebook Fan Page for your blog or online business venture:

Step 1: Page Setup

a) Click “Create a Page” in the lower right corner of the home page or click here to get started. CREATE A PAGE
b) Select the type of page you want to create; Official Page or Community page. For this demonstration, we’re creating an Official Page for a business.
c) Choose what the page is for (local business, product/organization or public figure). You can narrow the focus using the drop-down that appears after you make the first selection.
d) Name your page using keywords related to your business.
e) Read and agree to the terms. If you don’t agree, obviously, you cannot create a page.
f) Click Create Page when you’re finished.

create facebook group

Step 2: Navigate to Custom Settings Page
Sign in to your Facebook account & you should see a link under your profile picture for Ads & Pages. Click the link to customize your new page.

facebook page link

Step 3: Page Settings

This is where you can set any restrictions for location, age, whether you want to publish your page or leave it unpublished until you have finished it. You can edit your Wall settings, add applications, etc.

I’m not going to go through these, but I do encourage you to take some time to see what is available. Remember, the goal is to have your page be a positive representation of your blog or business so you can connect with readers, clients, customers and perhaps even some JV partners.

Click “Edit” below each section, to edit those settings. Be sure to click Save Changes for each section before moving on.

Facebook Fan Page Settings

Once you’ve finished with the settings, it’s time to move on to customizing your page.

To get there, simply click the question mark at the top of the settings page. See image above.

Step 4: Customize your page

Customizing your page is just like customizing your profile page. You’ll want to upload an image that represents your blog or company, add a business summary as a way to introduce your blog or business to readers, members and prospective customers or clients and so forth.

Select “Edit Page” to add specifics such as websites, contacts, addresses and phone numbers.

Step 5: Invite friends view your page

To invite (called “suggest”) people to view your page; click the “Suggest To Friends” link under your profile picture.

facebook suggest pagefacebook fan page invite friends

Select from your friends list those you would like to invite to your page. Add a personal message if you’d like.

Click Send Invitation.

If you are comfortable doing so, ask your friends to recommend your page to their friends. If you’re not comfortable doing this, that’s OK. Your following will naturally grow as people see that their friends have joined your page. They will visit out of curiosity and many will join.

Additional Notes:

Where pages show up and how you can find them:

Pages will show up in the search results on Facebook & they are in the main Facebook Page Directory. They also show up on the “Info” tab of any FB member who connects with the page.

Pages can also be found by clicking “Advertising” at the bottom of any FB page then clicking the “Facebook Page” link on the page that populates.

To send your followers an update:

You can update all of your followers or just a select group of followers about new page content, upcoming events, specials and more. These settings are controlled under the “Customize” option in the drop down next to the “Share” button in the publish box.

All updates will appear in the “Updates” tab of a user’s Inbox. Updates published for a select group will only be visible to those users. They will not show up in the news feeds, on your page or anywhere else on Facebook.

To post an update, click the “Share” button on the left side of your page.

facebook share

To create an event:

You first have to add the “Events” tab to your page by clicking the + sign at the top of the page publisher and selecting the Events option.
From there, you simply add a new event on the events tab.

Note: A “Blog Giveaway” is NOT an event.  I receive “Event” notifications of this type from my friends all the time.  I delete them, and block them.  Be selective in what you choose to send to your friends.

To advertise your page:

From the settings page, click Promote your page and follow the instructions given.

promote facebook fan page

If you’re on a frugal budget, it’s very easy to DIY and set up a simple Facebook Fan Page for your blog or business.

However, if you would like a unique custom Facebook Fan Page Landing Page design such as I have on both of my blogs, I recommend my designer,  Stefanie from Design Press Unlimited.

Don’t forget to stop by and “Like” my Fan Page to keep up with more blogging tips and techniques, work at home ideas and more!
© Moomettes Magnificents

About Cindi Moomettes

New England blogger and influencer from Connecticut and author of the multi-generational Moomettes Magnificents where she writes about Family, Grandparents and Grandchildren, home decor, Crochet, Knitting, DIY, crafts, family travel familiarization trips (FAMs), photography, social media and reviews. You can also find her at Moomettes Crochet Shop for the latest Handmade Fashion trends, Home Decor, Handmade Crochet Wash Cloths & Accessories. For food and recipes visit at her blog Frugal New England Kitchen ***Products and/or companies featured on Moomettes Magnificents may have provided product samples and/or compensation for consideration. All opinions are my own. Posts may contain affiliate links. See also Disclosure***


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