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If you're thinking of switching to WordPress, another compelling reason to use this dynamic blogging platform is its ability to integrate with social media and social bookmarking.

How to Make Your Blog More Social: WP Plug-Ins to Help Your Social Network


Put the “Social” in Your Blog

Blogging Tips for the WAHM

Since I’ve converted to WP some time ago, I’m constantly trying out different WordpPress Plugins that I hear about. If you’re thinking of  tweet the title of your blog post with the web link. Once downloaded and installed, you virtually never have to touch it again.   You can see I have it installed in the upper right-hand corner of this post.

Sociable – This highly popular plug-in gives the user more than 100 social media and social bookmarking sites to choose and the ability to order them according to individual preference. A very simple and easy to use plug-in which will allow your readers to share your content with virtually any site they are active on.

Digg This – Similar to the Tweetmeme button, this button automatically detects incoming links from Digg and updates the Digg button to display how many Diggs your post has received as well as make it easy for your readers to digg your blog post as well. If you’re active on Digg this is a wonderful way to increase your “Diggs” and provide a way for them to easily share your post.

Sexy Bookmarks – This plug-in adds a bar at the bottom of your posts that allows you to choose which social bookmarking and social media sites you want to include.  See the image above for how Sexy Bookmarks will display on your site.

As your visitor’s mouse rolls over each icon it pops-up and readers can click on it and post your content to that site. With more than 30 sites to choose from, this fun and slick plug-in often shows up in favorite plug-in lists across the Internet.

The latest tweak that I’ve installed is the new Facebook “Like” plug-in which you can see at the top and bottom of this post. Once a reader clicks it, your post is mentioned on the reader’s FB page, increasing the probability that you will gain a wider readership.

The easier it is for someone to share your content with the world, the more they will. These social plug-ins are easy to install and easy to use.  They’re a must for all WordPress blogs.

Now show me that you’ve found this information helpful, and Retweet using TweetMeme, Share it across networks using my Sexy Bookmarks plug-in, and please click the Facebook “Like” button! Thanks!

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  1. Adding these plugins has made a huge difference in my traffic. I encourage everyone to not only switch to WordPress but to also make sure you use these plugins. They are so helpful.
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  2. Finally. I’ve been searching for Sexy bookmarks for a year :) I’ve tried couple of social networking wordpress plugins but this one is my favorite. Thank you and all the best!!!!
    .-= Look at what Tamara hopes you’ll read: …She is coming!!!-The Third Trimester Part Two =-.

  3. Hi visiting from sits :-) enjoyed a read, well done on your weight loss. I have a question maybe you can help me with I have a blogger blog and have wondered why wordpress is so popular. I have researched it and found there is not much difference in what the blogplatforms offer you. I am worried if I move I will loose my blogger flollowers. As a blog reader I myself have a preference for the ease of following blogger blogs through my dashboard and don’t like the feedburner (mostly because I have no idea how to utilise it) maybe you can help me with the big question of why change to wordpress.

  4. Hi Juliet: I used to have my blog on blogspot, but there’s so much more one can do on WP. I have some blog tips here, and posts pertaining to WP

    I also suggest that perhaps you subscribe and follow some blogs that specifically address wordpress questions. One I’ve learned from quite a bit is
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  5. I didn’t know the name of the Sexy Bookmark plugin. I always wondered about that. Like it much better than the Share This one I’m using. Are you seeing any difference in traffic with the FB Like plugin? I’ve been considering that one also.
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