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Moomettes Crochet Craft Fair Booth

How To Set Up A Booth At A Craft Fair | Craft Fair Booth Ideas


Fall is such a wonderful time of year, besides Farmers Markets,  it signals the start of Craft Fair season! If you sell handmade crafts, here’s some good tips on how to set up a booth at a craft fair.

This past weekend was my first craft fair of the season.  I have several fairs lined up for fall, and well into the Christmas Holiday season.  I’ll be selling many of the crochet handmade wash cloths, crochet scarves and crochet handmade boot cuffs that I offer at my shop at Moomettes Crochet.

The craft fair at Comstock Ferre in Connecticut was well attended, despite the pouring rain.  The ambiance in the colonial historic barn where I was set up was the perfect atmosphere for handmade artisan crafts.

Here’s a few examples of how I set up my craft fair booth:

Moomettes Crochet Craft Fair Booth Setup

Moomettes Crochet at Comstock Ferre Harvest Craft Fair

 Moomettes Crochet Craft Fair Booth

I carried out my crochet theme with pretty country baskets lined with handmade vintage crochet doilies.  Across my table was a handmade crochet banner.

You can also find some magnificent ideas for craft fair booths on Pinterest. Have fun, experiment setting up your craft fair booth before the day of the event, and don’t forget to Support Handmade!

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Guest Post:

How To Set Up A Booth At A Craft Fair

By Jesse T Anastasio

The first thing you need to do in order to set up a booth at a craft fair is to make a plan. That means putting together an idea of what your craft show booth is going to look like in advance. Planning your craft show booth involves a couple of things: first, you want to talk to the craft show organizer to see how much space you have, and if there are any restrictions to what you can have in or around your booth. Also, ask if you have a reliable power supply to run your booth. This is important. The next thing you want to do is to get a floor plan of where your booth is located so you can figure out the best set up to keep people moving in and through your craft show display.

When you go to set up you craft show booth, there are a couple of things you must keep in mind, and the first is to reduce clutter. Keep your crafts well-organized into specific areas. If you are someone who knits and you have sweaters for kids and adults, you don’t want them together because people will be frustrated with having to sort through the kids sweaters to find the one adult one in the pile.

Spend time perfecting your merchandising skills. If you have a special stained glass window hanging, it would be time well spent to purchase or build a window that you can display in your booth with one of your window hangings in it. When people see the item in action, they can picture it in their own homes, or they can picture using it. If they can do this, then they are more likely to buy it.

Keep items no lower than waist level. No one really wants to bend over after they have been on their feet all day at a craft fair. Keep items within a person’s reach and they will be more likely to pick it up and examine it closely, which will lead to more purchases. Leave some floor space for extra stock (in boxes) that you can fill your tables or racks with.

Price everything you have. Make it easy for people to buy your crafts. If you don’t have a price, they may think twice about taking the time to ask, and they may just go elsewhere to purchase something at the craft show.

Eliminate log jams. There is nothing worse than having people frustrated by the lack of good flow in a craft show booth. Try and create a natural flow for people to look at your craft fair items. If you create too many spaces where people are bottle-necked or they have trouble maneuvering to see different crafts, you are limiting your sales. Keep your aisles wide and keep everything streamlined. The frustrated customer does not spend their money in a craft show booth that frustrates them.

Remember, you are running a business. Think of that store that you despise going into versus the one where everything flows so nicely, the displays are appealing and all of the price tags are on the items for sale. Make your craft show booth resemble the store you like, and you’ll find that people will spend more money on your crafts!

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