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How To Sew A Button

How To Sew A Button | Book Review


Recently I had the opportunity to review a wonderful new book by Erin Bried, a Senior Staff Writer at Self magazine, called “How To Sew A Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew.”

Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

When I was in Middle School I had to take a class called “Home Economics.”  Only it wasn’t called Middle School back then, it was called Junior High, for grades 7-9.

In Home Ec, we learned basic cooking skills such as food safety and baking.  We also learned basic skills such as how to sew a button and learned how to iron.  We had to find a pattern and learned how to shop for the right of fabric and sewing notions.   I think that Home Ec should still be a required subject in schools.

Although I really tried to pass on such skills to my grown daughters when they were growing up, they were much more interested in playing sports.  Of course, before Title IX came on-board, competitive sports weren’t available to girls my age.

The girls were in for a rude awakening when they went off to college and set up housekeeping in dorms and apartments!  They were on the phone with ‘Mom’ all the time asking questions!

How To Sew A Button

In her book, Bried, who was featured on the “Today Show”,  shares over 100 essential ‘must-know’ and ‘how-to’ skills that apply to both women and men.  In preparation for her book, Bried interviewed over 20 grandmothers from across the country.  My own mom and grandmother (who lived to be 101) grew up during the Great Depression, and because of that experience, learned to make do with what they had, as well as fix, repair and become creative.  In fact, I inherited a cookie can full of thousands of buttons that my mom had cut off from garments over the years!

Some of my favorite chapters included:

  • Omit Oopsies – How to Remove Most Stains

This is important, as any college student, mom, homeowner or apartment dweller knows.  Want to know how to remove red wine, blood, lipstick or mud?  It’s in here!  If you’re a college student or apartment dweller who placed a deposit – these tips might help you get your deposit back when you move~

  • Get Stoked – How to Build a Fire

My charming son-in-law is from Vermont.  His family likes to have a bonfire or camp fire in a backyard pit.  On one of my first visits up there, all the gals knew how to build, start and stoke the fire to keep it burning.  I remember somebody saying that if you didn’t know how to build a fire up there, you wouldn’t survive!

  • Use Your Imagination – How to Make Art Out of Pressed Flowers

Years ago we had a boat that we kept docked at a marina on the Connecticut River.  In the fields nearby were tons of wild flowers.  Many of my friends were getting married, so I used to pick the flowers and then dry and press them.  I’d make a framed wall-hanging out of their wedding invitation.  You’ll find plenty of tips in this chapter, as there’s definitely a trick to getting it to come out right!

How to Sew A Button is not only educational, it’s retro-chic and a wonderful read!

If you know a bride-to-be or a student going off to college, this book would make a special gift!

A Ballantine Trade Paperback Original

Published: December 15, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-345-51875-0

MSP: $15.00

For More Information Visit: How To Sew A Button

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    Tip: When sewing childrens clothing, always add a few inches to the hem so you can take it out later as they grow

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  21. I am a subscriber via e-mail. My neighbor taught me how to crochet however she is left-handed so I had a difficult time following her. I kept turning my work…it took awhile but i got it. Love learning things this book looks like it could help me with a lot of things that I have the desire to learn but haven’t taught myself yet! :) Thanks for sharing

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