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How to send Stumble to Twitterfeed

How To Send StumbleUpon RSS To Twitter And Twitterfeed Guide


I belong to several blogging groups and forums where the discussion has turned to StumbleUpon.  I discussed that when I Stumbled and gave a Thumbs Upon a blog post or news article, it automatically feeds my StumbleUpon RSS to Twitter and my stream.  Of course, the community members became curious as to how to set up direct RSS feed to share on Twitter.  I’m going to show you how.

I’ve discussed here in my blogging tips and techniques section on What is StumbleUpon and how it benefits bloggers.  The Hot Topic of the moment by veteran bloggers and social media coaches right now is that users of StumbleUpon are seeing tremendous increases in their blog traffic if one of their posts goes viral.  Annie Shulz has written an e-Book on how to use StumbleUpon, spilling her and secrets and first-hand knowledge on how hitch a ride on the StumbleUpon phenomena.

How to Send StumbleUpon Shares to Auto Post to Twitter

  •  If you don’t have an account at Stumble Upon, sign up for one HERE.

Complete your profile, and find your StumbleUpon public profile member name and URL.

Follow Moomettes on StumbleUpon:

  • If you don’t have a Twitterfeed account, you can open one HERE. Twitterfeed allows you to tweet the last posts published in a blog or site via the RSS feed

Enter the URL from your StumbleUpon profile.

You can then enter the schedule that you’d like to feed your Stumble Thumbs Up to Twitter.

You can also add a Prefix, or a Suffix to your posts.  Mine are set to say:

Prefix:  Thumbs UP!
Suffix:  Check it out!

You might want to add a Twitter Hashtag such as #FB  for Facebook or #LI for  LinkedIn and then be able to send your stumbles to Facebook.

I Stumble from the StumbleUpon  application on my smartphone if I’m a passenger riding in a car.  It’s a nice way to share and to pay it forward and generate some traffic to our blogs.

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  1. Very cool, I had no idea you could do this!

    I use Stumble Upon daily to share my blog posts and also the posts of others. I started I think back in July, and now Stumble Upon is my #2 traffic referrer. I almost want to kick myself for not using it before.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that I think my bounce rate has gone up some. Most stumblers just keep stumblin’! But the traffic it brings me is a good trade-off, so I’m OK with it.
    Anna would like you to read..Five Best Options For Non-Phone Work at HomeMy Profile

  2. Thats awesome. StumbleUpon creates half of my traffic. Maybe this will help me to be able to get even more traffic from StumbleUpon.

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