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Information For Bloggers |PLR vs. Free Reprint Articles | Which is Best?


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One of the ways for moms, virtual assistants or retirees to earn money working at home or blogging is by becoming a ghostwriter.  Ghostwriters often write PLR articles that can be purchased or turned into eBooks.

Here’s some information that can get you started working from home as a ghostwriter, or familiarize you with PLR and reprint articles for your blog.

PLR vs. Free Reprint Articles: Which is Best?

By Nicole Dean

Content is always in high demand. Right now the focus seems to be on Private Label Rights (or PLR) articles. PLR articles are pre-written and sold in packages to online businesses looking for content. The big selling points of PLR articles are that you may edit the articles and that there is no author bio required (so they don’t have any outbound links).

Compare PLR articles to free reprint articles. Free reprint articles from places like or are written by people who have something they’d like to share. (Or, they are sometimes written by people just publishing junk, in the hopes that they’ll get some incoming links. But, good article directories will delete those, so we’ll focus on the good ones here.)

So, which is better? Honestly, each has its place. Sometimes you’ll find an excellent free reprint article that you’ll want to share with your readers and you won’t mind a bit having an outbound link, especially if there is an affiliate program associated with it. The free reprint article added value to your readers, and you didn’t have to write the article. That’s what free reprint articles are all about.

Other times you’ll already have an idea in mind for a topic and you’ll just want a boost getting that section of your website done. If you run across a high quality PLR package on that niche, you’re set to go.

So, how do you know which PLR service or membership to choose? Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Some PLR sites offer a monthly membership where you receive a grab-bag of articles – on any topic. If you already know what you need, this may be a waste of money. Other PLR sites will list topics and you can buy the articles in a shopping cart. That ensures you receive the articles you need when you need them.

2. Are the articles written by professional writers with experience? Or are they outsourced to the cheapest overseas help they can find – no matter the quality? If the articles are going to be a reflection of your business, you’ll want to ensure that the articles are well-written.

3. Who’s running this thing? Is the PLR site run by someone who knows about content or someone who thinks they can ride the content wave and make a quick buck? Make sure you’re hitching your wagon to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Those are just a few tips to keep you from wasting money on a PLR site that you can’t use. Continue to use free reprint articles, but look into PLR articles as well. They can both benefit your website and your business.

Article written by:

Nicole Dean is the owner of – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles sold in very limited quantities.  The PLR articles at EasyPLR are professionally written and professionally edited — top quality at an affordable price.


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  1. Thanks for a great post on PLR and Free Reprint Articles. To be honest, I had never heard of either one until now so this was especially interesting to me.

  2. Great article. I used free reprint articles from ezine in the past few times, but I never used or heard about PLR. Something to look into for sure.

  3. I use PLR articles cause it is free. Free reprint articles are also free but I felt using PLR articles.
    .-= agentmango´s last blog ..What is an Autoblog and How do it works – Part 1 =-.

  4. Hi Cindi,

    I just sent you an email about an even better way to create and share unique content between bloggers. I am testing a solution that allows writers to generate as many unique versions of what they write as they can use.

    I am also in talks with a startup development company about creating private collaborations of bloggers so that bloggers can exchange posts between a group they create themselves while each blogger retains total control over what they publish.

    Please consider adding the KeywordLuv plugin to your blog. If you do then every comment someone leaves benefits them and you.
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  5. yeah, even I had not heard of both

    comparing the two, i think PLR is much better
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  6. Really interesting, like many others, I had not heard of either of those options. I may explore it further.
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  7. If you use the PLR articles then do a rewrite. It doesn’t take long when you have the finished article to work with, add to, and rearrange.

  8. Awesome! Great information!
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