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It’s A Wrap: Slip-Slidin’ Away


This is a farewell, sort of.  Mostly slip-sliding away.  Kind of.  I’ve made the decision to jump off the Social Media bandwagon.  Kind of.   I’m taking my blog back.


Back in January, I wrote in a New Years post that I wanted to start visiting, reading and commenting on more of my friends’ blogs.  I’ve always been an avid reader – it’s the wannabe Librarian in me.  Perhaps that’s why I enjoy solitude.  Just reading, discovering and soaking in knowledge.  OK, there’s a word for that – Introvert, which I found on the personality test over at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord.

We introverts try to be extroverts – but it’s plain to see I don’t fit into a niche.  I’m not exactly a mommy blogger – too old for that.  Oh I’m a mommy all right, but my kids are now 24 and 28.  I can talk about diapers – sure, I was a cloth-diapering mom before they became fashionable.  All the mommy bloggers out there act as if they discovered cloth diapers.  I had a soak bucket, Dreft, bleach, and saved a ton of money that way.  Not too many of my sister-in-laws or friends used Pampers, Luvs, or whatever was just coming into the market.

You can say I’m not exactly a Senior either.  We Baby Boomers are somewhere in-between.   Some are still employed full-time and not yet ready to collect social security.  It’s the “Sandwich” generation.

How many of the members of the forums or groups I belong to really want to have a conversation about style with their mom or grandmom?  So I don’t really fit into the style and fashion niche.  Get my “sexy” on? I don’t think so. I like to read about Getting Gorgeous – but when I looked at all the photos from the event posted on Facebook, I really didn’t see anybody my age invited.

Conferences, spa reviews, social trips and get-togethers in New York City, Boston, Aspen, Orlando or LA?  Nope.

What recently inspired me to take a back seat and slip-slide away from social media was this post –  Life Lived Wholeheartedly.  The speaker was  Dr.  Brene Brown, discussing vulnerability. (You should watch it, really.)



Jessica Rosenberg reflected after watching it:

The video ended and I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I smiled a lot more today than I have all week. I forgave myself for not being and doing everything I could or should be. I enjoyed being me.

And after watching the video, I felt the same way.  Thank you Jessica for sending this to me via SU.  Thumbs Up, by the way.

  • I no longer am going to stress over whether or not I’m doing Giveaways the correct way (since I’ve decided not to host them any longer) – (thank you Cat Davis from 3 Kids and Us) for the tweet to this post by  Mommie Daze.  I’m also going to let my Great Finds and Giveaways blog die a slow, natural death and let the domain expire.
  • I’m also not going to fret any longer if my questions or posts aren’t responded to in forums; groups, or on Facebook or Twitter.  I’m not good at chitchat anyway.  Mostly my Yankee dry sense of humor is taken as being snarky – but you have to live in New England to really understand it.  Believe me, when I WANT to be snarky, you’ll know it.

I’ll continue to share any blogging tips I come across.  I’m going to be far more selective should I choose to partner with any brands.

I’m not going to worry any longer whether or not I’m meeting deadlines for reviews and giveaways that I really half-heartedly care about; monetizing or not monetizing my blog; spamming the tweet stream or anything like that. I’ll be able to turn off the East Coast lights earlier than 3 am since I’m not going to be stressing over stats; page views; Page Rank; Klout; perceived influence or lack of it; reach; followers; subscribers; or opps any longer.

So from now on, I’m just going to write about whatever, whenever. Thank you and {{hugs}} to those who understand.

UPDATE: May 2011

I killed Great Finds and Giveaways Blog – took it down completely;
I unfollowed over 13K followers from my Twitter Account and am re-building @Moomettes from scratch to reflect those that I will actually share either something in common with or spark an interest in sharing ideas. My Klout is slowly dropping.

So Be It.

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

…. Paul Simon

© 2011 C. Matthews

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  1. Yay for you taking your blog back! The more I look at my klout or page views, the more unhappy I am. The more I just focus on my own blog, the happier I am! I feel like I really don’t fit into a niche, either, and I’ve tried to figure out what it is. So I just write about whatever I want to instead of trying to fit a niche.

    • Hi Ginny Marie – Thanks. It wasn’t always this way when I started in 2007. I just wrote from the heart back then. I hadn’t heard of Twitter, and the only people I knew on FB were my kids. I’ve been reading so much lately that social media is adding to the stress of level of people and depression is increasing.
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  2. I’m happy that you feel good about your decision. It’s hard to be all things to everyone in the blogosphere. It does seem that the only mom bloggers that matter to brands are mom bloggers with infants up to toddlers. As you know, being a mom doesn’t stop when they start school. Oh, and I totally get your sense of humor. I’m from Massachusetts and I tend to be a little sarcastic. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for being you. I’ve enjoyed our time together “online” and appreciate your sense of community and ready smile. The Boomer-aging process has it’s share of challenges. I’ve been struggling with many of the same thoughts and while I’ve let the blog sit on the back burner I’ve decided continue dabbling in social media as a way to stay current on topics that interest me and to search out interesting topics and people. Pop in once in awhile.

  4. Who the heck is Paul Simon? Bahahahaha

    Good for you Cindi. Our blogs should be exactly what we want them to be and it should be fun doing it.

  5. It was the day i stopped caring and started really blogging for me that ironically things became more lucrative. But more importantly, they just became more fun, more honest, and more real.

    SO glad you’ve come to this conclusion too. I’m glad I helped get you there. :-)

    • Thank you Jessica – I feel as if a big weight has been taken off my shoulders for now. It’ll be fun to just write whatever strikes my fancy now for awhile. As you suggested, I think watching the video of Brene would be a huge awakening for all.

  6. Good for you, Cindi, for staying true to yourself! Enjoy blogging YOUR way!

  7. I love love that video! It is funny you wrote this as I have been debating my actual mission, vision and such. Then push my blog in that correct direction. My primary vision is to start helping others think positive, I want so much more than what I am doing now. I wish you awesome luck, I love reading your blog & think we all got sucked in way too fast on the silliness … I am guilty of it … xoxo

    • Brandy I’m with you – to start helping other’s to think positively. There’s more we can do than just product reviews. And you’re right – we all got sucked into this silliness and “drank too much of the juice.”

      Thank’s for your kind words – I am going to try to focus on more “paying it forward” to society. I know we’ll stay in touch, and now that I’m no longer on a schedule, will be out and about reading what you’re up to in one of my fave states – NEW HAMPSHIRE (LOL)
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  8. Thank you so very much for sharing. Like you, I am a baby boomer introvert with grown children (26 & 30). So much of what you said rings true for me as well. I watched the video clip. Several things came into sharper focus for me in that 20 minutes. Good luck to you!
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  9. Well I’m glad you’re taking your blog back, Cindi. You know how much I love you and how I completely get your dry wit, right? Snarky sarcasm is my life’s blood. LOL I get taken as bitchy when I’m not. But oh well. LOL

    Does this mean you’re deleting your twitter and FB or just not doing the whole “Must network or die” thing?
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    • Hi Shan I <3 you too, it take's a snark to know a snark!

      "Network or Die" - what a great term. Isn't the pressure just awful? Why should it have turned into this? I don't run a marketing company; I'm not in the PR business, and I am not a designer. I haven't been hired to represent a brand to be their Twitter or spokesperson for Facebook. So why try to keep up and "die" trying?

      Funny you should ask about Twitter, because I'm up over 13K followers, and my stream is just one big advertisement. I am totally thinking of just starting all over again with it, and trying to figure out a way to do it, and still keep my @Moomettes. I think I'll just clean house every day until I get it back to where I want it to be. I've already cleaned FB from my personal account, and will be using my Fan Page more often.

      I'll be around, just reinventing myself (yet again) in another life form. Keep in touch!
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  10. LOL – I can SO relate – except that, while I love Twitter, I never have totally figured out Facebook. So I just post when I can and don’t stress when I can’t. And I loved your description of all of us in our 50s with feet in both worlds – that good old Sandwich Generation that I know and love. I now like to say “I’m flirting with senior citizen status – depending on which restaurant I’m in.” :) Praying for wisdom and guidance for us both :) And a great new job for you!
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    • Thanks for your support Kaye. You inspire so many with your sure and steady thoughts and words. I admire your wisdom and knowledge. You manage to get your message out without stressing over it. I’ll be happy now to have more time to read the stories and information you share.

      Thanks also for your “tip” – I really appreciate it and took care of that pesky little matter!
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  11. Hi Cindi,

    Found you on Social Moms and saw that we have A LOT in common. I’ve been married for 32 years, I have two grown daughters 25 & 28, and I’m a NONA (grandma) to two adorable grandsons. I grew up in New Jersey. Snarky was invented in NJ! I too feel like I’m out here alone since I don’t fit with all the moms who blog nor do I fit with the “senior” generation. (it’s actually fun to be somewhere in the middle!)

    Good for you for taking your blog back. I have recently become more interested in blogging although I have been doing it for about 5 years, just here and there. The focus of my blog is to help people with their health and wellness. So, I don’t know if I fit in or not but I’ll just continue to write and hope someone reads it and likes the info because I love researching the information (something wrong with me?).

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for your honesty (love the snarky comment).


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    • Hi Maryann: Thanks for stopping by and showing your support. It sounds like we have very much in common! (sharing information, and not feeling like we have to compete or keep up with social media) I think I’ll have to find a group that’s closer to my peer group ( I see you belong to Fabulously 40)! Perhaps you have some other ideas or groups? Happy Mother’s Day!
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  12. Sounds like a great plan ….I so want to touch base with all those that stopped by during the blog party. I loved having you and am going to explore your blog…Loved making so many new friends..

  13. Day late as usual, that I am- but going to chime in. I am a mom blogger but feel like I don’t fit in fully anywhere. I think any decision that results in less stress and more happiness for you is likely the best one. Being super local to where you are I have a feeling I’ll run into you sometime…

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard of sarcasm from a New Englander. But then, I’ve never really left New England – only a few times. Lived in CT or NH or a combo my entire life.
    Ha. I LIVE for sarcasm. Say it sarcastic or go home!! :o)

    • Hi Brett: Happy Mother’s Day! I agree, always enjoy the double entendre. Hope to run into you some time too! I feel much happier not having to feel the pressure of social media and trying to compete any longer. Personally I think too many people are making a big deal of themselves and inflating their influence.
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  14. Hi Cindi,

    I only read these things occassionally, so I was surprised to see that you have decided to back off, sort of, for a while, sort of.

    Be happy in whatever you do.


  15. LOVED the video. We always forget don’t we that we are good enough just as we are! – AMF

  16. I applaud you for deciding what you don’t want to do and to stop doing it.

    I completely understand what you are talking about, not a mommy blogger, not a senior either. I’m 45yr and my 6 kiddos are 19, 17, 16, 12, 10, 9. Our oldest is planning a wedding for late 2012, I’m excited and trying to deal with “The Knot” in my stomach.

    I do not have a set niche, I do write about what I choose, Anything. I’ve had a few giveaways and they are all things I can say I would use.

    I’m not sure where my blog is going, but I know I am here to stay, who cares about being “Blog Popular”? I want to be “A Really Great Blog”! This year I’m not worrying about blog communities unless something interests “Me”.

    Blessings and Good Luck!

  17. :) Looking forward to continuing to enjoy your baby boomer blog and fun company! Happy Easter!

  18. Way to go on taking back your blog. I know I am a little behind. I would talk fashion with you, there is no way I fit into the “fashion”currently. Have a splendid and relaxing non-deadline week!

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