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It’s Summertime~Summertime~Summertime! Cruising the Oldie Nights Car Shows


It`s time to head straight for them hills
It`s time to live and have some thrills

Come along and have a ball A regular free for all
Its summertime

Its summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime

by The Jamies

It’s Summertime ~ and that means Oldie Car Shows & Cruise Nights!

One of DH’s favorite things to do is go to Oldie Car Shows. There’s usually one or two per week going on locally nearby. The McDonald’s over the bridge normally has one in their parking lot on Tuesday nights if the weather’s good.

Sometimes I tag along, and sometimes I don’t. Last Thursday there was a pretty good one over the mountain in the center of town. I’ve traipsed through more car shows and put more miles on my sneakers than you could imagine. I’m getting pretty good at spotting what’s “a good paint job,” and knowing what a “push button shifter” is.

While DH’s looking around, I even got to pop into an antique store that was open for business, and caught up with him several cars down. I don’t think he even knew I was missing.

After awhile, all the cars look the same to me. He prefers the big jobs, I go for the ’60s MG convertibles. See, check this out, here I am, only it’s a Triumph.

We take in the scenery differently. I’m an observer and enjoy people watching, while DH looks at the cars. I think.

Like, for example, I’ve seen more tattooed Hot Mamas, young and old, than I ever thought possible! And that was just on the visible parts. Some of them I think were there solo – not really checking out the cars if you ask me.

Now I’m just musing, but if I got a tattoo, I wonder what I would pick? Guess I’ll just have to keep going to those cruise nights and keep checking out the people scene. I bet my friend Roxy would have lots of ideas. She has waaaay too much fun over in Roxiticus, I bet she’d be more than happy to spill what she sees going on there!

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  1. Muscle cars are so cool!

  2. my mom and dad are car show freaks. They have won a few trophies for my dad’s truck. I had gone with them a few times when I was still living in NJ.I like to gaze at the muscle cars like Tammy up there. My favorite is the 69 Camero. I will have one some day

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