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Jellyfish Hammonasset Beach

Jellyfish Season In Connecticut By the Beautiful Sea


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The water temperature down at the beach in Connecticut is at its warmest in July, and my family enjoys the smell of the salt air and dipping our toes in the salty brine.  The experience of watching my grandchildren build sandcastles and make Mush Gook doesn’t come without a price, as July is Jellyfish season and those gelatinous creatures frequently are what lurks beneath the waves that come crashing ashore.

What Lurks Beneath the Sea

Hammonasset Beach

Hammonasset State Park

Jellyfish in Connecticut

Jellyfish at Hammonasset

Jellyfish Hammonasset Beach

The jellyfish have some pretty long tentacles, and produce an unpleasant burn and stinging sensation.  When we go camping at Hammonasset State Park in Madison, Connecticut we bring along a spray bottle of vinegar as an antidote to sooth the pain if anyone gets stung.

Sometimes kids will scoop the jellyfish up in a sand pail and bury them in the sand for unsuspecting beach walkers to come along and step on.  Not Cool.

As much as we try, I don’t think we’re going to turn my lake-lovin’ charming son-in-law from Vermont into a flatlander anytime soon!

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  1. Love walking the beach but dislike jellyfish in my path. They’re a beauty to watch floating – from afar. Enjoyed your photos and description. I think I can smell the sea air in the Mountains :-)

  2. At least those jellyfish don’t kill you like the ones that float around Australia every year!

  3. I have childhood memories of poking dead jellyfish on the beach with a stick – it’s ok when they’re dead ;-)

  4. This is making me crave my beach trip next week even more. I’m stepping up laundry! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh I still remember a nasty Man-0-war sting I got at Miami Beach as a youngster. Huge blister and you could see the stinger in there and it was on the tender flesh of my tummy to boot. We have had a heavy season of jellyfish here in Florida this year too. Not fun!
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