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Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum 21614 Review


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UPDATE: I needed to replace my vacuum bags and was able to find the series Q bags for the Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum 21614 at my local Sears. The canister bags are also
also available online

Santa has a magical way that he can get the
canister vacuum
down the chimney!  Really! The Kenmore 21614 canister vac provides powerful cleaning for all floor types as well as the flexibility to clean above floor surfaces such as furniture, drapes, stairs and more.  Plus, the Pet PowerMate and Pet Upholstery Tool and HEPA filtration are especially useful for removing pet hair from furniture and cleaner exhaust air.

Sears Kenmore Progressive 21614 Canister Vacuum

One Upon A Time My baby girl, Darling Daughter No. 2 of the Gen Y genre, has boomeranged back home to my once empty nest. Actually, she’s in the process of selling her condo, and this is the second time that this adult child has returned to the fold.  My youngest is my happy homemaker. See, I have two darling daughters, and I didn’t make the same mistake twice. This one cleans the house for her Baby Boomer Mama! Darling Daughter has middle child syndrome, (actually, youngest child syndrome) and refers to herself as “Cinderella.” Now that Cinderella has moved back home, I guess, as Martha Stewart would say, it’s  “a good thing!”

Bentley BeagleI think.  You see, this time around Cinderella has moved back in with her house cat, and Bentley Beagle.  I’ll tell the tale of Bentley Beagle on another post, but let’s just say he’s incorrigible.

Kenmore AppliancesThe fairy tale continues, but on a more favorable note – I was ecstatic when the nice folk at Sears Kenmore contacted me to ask if I would like to review the Kenmore Progressive Canister 21614 Vacuum.

I avoid spending energy at any cost on cleaning by having Darling Daughter do it for me. It’s called “payback” – for things like college tuition – I don’t have to dial a cleaning maid – I just either Facebook Cinderella, or call her upstairs on her cell phone.  It was part of the “deal” for her getting her old bedroom back for the second time.  We realize she has a mortgage, car payments, student loans and pet food to pay for, but hey – Grandmom could really use a housekeeper.  I have blogging to do!

My trusty 8-lb. upright vacuum that I bought several years ago and thought was the bee’s knees is on the fritz. Cinderella used it one too many times in her rent-free room upstairs, and it’s all plugged up. So to thank her for her Domestic Diva contributions, the Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum has made Cinderella’s life so much easier with all it’s magnificent features!

Kenmore 21614 Progressive Canister Vacuum

I’m just giggling at the thought of instead of a broom, Cinderella would be able to flit around the entire upstairs and downstairs of the castle with the canister.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum 21614Some important features for canister vacuum cleaners include reliability, purchase price, HEPA filter  weight, storage, quality of tools, control locations, noise, adjustable wand, retractable cord, ease of changing attachments and  swivel hose, and other extra features.  The Kenmore is a winner and makes it the best canister vacuum in all these areas!

Ultra Versatile With Unique 6 in 1 Handle

The special 6 in-1 handle attaches any of the following: 1 ) Combination brush 2) Pet Powermate 3) Crevice tool 4) Pet hair tool 5) Floor brush and  6) wand

Stair Friendly

The Kenmore has an exclusive Stair Grip Unique design that keeps the vacuum upright for worry-free stair cleaning.

This is a truly great exclusive feature. No more holding a canister and trying to balance on the stairs. The stair grip ‘hooks’ on and means she can go up and down worry free when cleaning my stairs.

Pet Hair Removal

The Castle PetsThe electric-powered Pet Power-Mate makes for easy pet hair cleanup, designed to remove pet hair from (my) furniture and stairs. Also included is a new “soft touch” attachment engineered to gently remove pet hair from delicate fabrics.

Cinderella noticed  the electric powered pet power mate has a motor that just goes and goes, and does a great job of getting up all those pet hairs. Tip: Use it on your stairs to get that dirt you usually leave behind…but it’s not for use on your pets themselves !

Hepa Vacuum Filtration

Kenmore leaves behind cleaner air. True HEPA vacuum operation captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in size, keeping irritating allergens at bay, and comes with a HEPA cloth dust bag.

Bagged vacuums from Kenmore provide True Hepa Filtration and dust cloud free emptying. The Hepa cloth dust bag gives you added confidence that the allergens are captured.

Now don’t you think Cinderella will be so glad she moved back home now that she’s seen how easy I’ve tried to make life for her with a Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum?

Make someone’s life easier this Holiday Season!

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And They All Lived Happily After. The End.

Sears Kenmore

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  1. Wow! Not sure which makes me more envious, you having the new Kenmore vacuum, or you having Cinderella at your beck and call! I’ve had a grown son living here for 4-5 years and he will do anything I ASK… eventually, but not the same as having a Cinderella to sweep the ashes away with a bright new Kenmore.
    Pat Curry would like you to read..Green Shipping Rocks even MOREMy Profile

  2. very nice! thank you for the review. looks lightweight

  3. This vacuum looks great. I HATE my vacuum I have now. The Hepa bag means its not one of the bagless kind right?

  4. I want to borrow Cinderella for a week for my house too plus I could really use a new vacuum cleaner and this one sounds real nice. What I like is that its not so heavy.

  5. I hope for Christmas Santa brings me this Kenmore Vacuum! I dig the fact that it is light weight, has a retractable cord & True Hepa Filtration (my son has bad allergies). Oh & I also like how it has a stair grip so it’s not a big hassle to clean the stairs. Now, I just have to find my own Cinderella to operate it!! Momma needs a break!

  6. I love the vacuum review but I was chuckling the whole time, thinking about the beagle being incorrigible. You see, I had a beagle some 40 or so years ago and he ate everything he could get his teeth on, from my passport to my houseguests’ wedding album! Yes, it was not a pretty sight and I have not had another beagle ever since. I hope that Bentley prefers dog food!

  7. I’m all for easy. This sounds like a good one and very versatile. Thanks for the review.

  8. Oh I long for the day when my darling daughter is big enough to do serious chores like this one. She is only 7 but she makes her own bed, picks up her stuff and hangs her own clothes. I am working her into more helpful things like washing her sink in the bathroom and helping with dishes though.

  9. just learned about man pans be sure to check it out for youfself

  10. I have a vacuum cleaner very similar to this one from Sears and it works like a charm. Really like mine.

  11. Very amusing read and a great review. Now I know not to move back with my parents lest I become a Cinderella myself. ;) I’m glad it works so well on pet hair; I’ll have to suggest it to my friend who has gone through much frustration in trying to find an adequate vacuum cleaner to deal with her vast collection of pet hair.

  12. Im super jealous! I have a corgi who sheds all over the furniture. We got a pet hair vacuum a few months ago which does well with the carpet, but the furniture part doesn’t work very well. this has some great features though!

  13. Do you yell up the stairs with a stearn shrill voice? Cinder…ella. Cinder…ella. I know I used to tease my daughter with that one, that might be why she’d sooner live in her car rather than move back home. Seriously though thanks for the review, I’m missing having a canister. I have a Kenmore upright, but other than doing the carpets nice, it’s a pain on the stairs.

  14. I never would have considered a Kenmore when vacuum shopping (I always think Hoover, Electrolux) but I’ll have to give them consideration next time I’m in the market for a vacuum.

  15. That’s a nice vacuum, it looks much wider than mine! My next one will be that style, I’m tired of the upright push kind.

  16. this vacuum is very modern..i would really like to have this if i could

  17. wow,sounds like a great vacuum,,I would love to own one! :) I have dog hair I need to clean up!

  18. ty 4 ta site. great reviews,info.ect.

  19. this vacumm would be a nice upgrade

  20. katherine kinnaird

    I could use this,I also have two kittys

  21. It sounds easy to use. I need it since I have an indoor black lab!

  22. Thanks for the review. I’d love to see you give an updated review of this item after a year of use to see how it holds up over time.

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