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Recently I had the opportunity to review some new makeup from the Lavera Naturkosmetic line of organic cosmetics.

Lavera Natural Cosmetics – Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder



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Beauty Is In The Eyes Of  The Beholder

Old habits are hard to break.

As a teenager, whenever a group of us gals were going out for the night we’d get together over at someone’s house and gussy ourselves up for whatever was on the agenda that night.  Since there were no cell phones, we obviously already had a “plan.”  Nothing was spontaneous.

Now some gals are great with hair, while others were the make-up “go-to” specialists.

I fell into the “make-up” category.  My inspiration was Barbra Streisand eyes and also Liz Taylor “Cleopatra” eyes.  Read: a LOT of makeup – eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara – the whole nine yards.  And I was good at it.

To this day, I still wear black eyeliner!

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Recently I had the opportunity to review some new makeup from the Lavera Naturkosmetic line of cosmetics.

Lavera Volume Mascara No. 3 brownI tried the Volume Mascara No. 3 Brown – Lavera Volume Mascara with Advanced Shaping Brush.

I have pretty long eyelashes to begin with.  This mascara adds volume & length to your lashes and makes your eyes appear so much brighter.  What I like to do is brush on the mascara, add a little mineral makeup powder, and brush on again to thicken them.

The Volume Mascara No. 3 contains nourishing extracts of Organic Jojoba & Wild Rose Oils, which deeply hydrate, allowing flake-free volume throughout the whole day.

  • Paraben-free and
  • Heavy-metal-free formula
  • Rinses off with a mild cleanser
  • Ideal even for very sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers

lipglossI also received the  Lip Gloss No. 4 Transparent – Lavera Organic Mineral Lip Gloss, which I gave to my youngest daughter, the new college graduate.  The 20-Something crowd just loves lip gloss, and this one add shimmer & an anti-aging Sun protection.

*Emollient and non-sticky oils of Vitamin E & Jojoba act as repairing moisturizers

    *Crushed Natural Minerals add shimmer & an anti-aging Sun protection

      *Natural Berry aromas

        Give yourself a “face” lift – try this affordable line of organic cosmetics!

        Available at, and select Target stores nationwide.

        For More Information Visit: Lavera

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        1. I like the mascara being heavy metal free, but is it bat guano free?

        2. I have never been one of the make up gals- but each day I think “self, you’re getting older put some makeup on that face!”
          Eye products in particular have always been a pain- I do like your tip about putting mascara on , dusting then reapplying – very clever!

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