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Everyone is vulnerable to the call of procrastination. You'll need to strike a balance in your home and workplace. Recognizing your triggers are two ways to keep the monkey off your back.

Learn How To Recognize Your Procrastination Triggers When Working At Home



Up north, we Yankees take a particular hankering to sayings.  One of my favorite’s is  “The devil is in the details.” On that rare occasion when I’ve anticipated thinking that some free time was going to be available for myself, I’ve gotten a rude awakening.

For example, when the kids were younger there was a holiday in February where I would have the day off from work, yet the kids would be in school. Then ~ wham, a snow-day.  That was the end of my productivity.

Although my kids are grown now, a new twist occurs ~ I have the day all planned out and then ~ the daycare provider calls out sick.  I end up having to put out fires for the day, and the VA work I had scheduled ends up piling up.

When work piles up, procrastination can rear its ugly head.  That in turn has me thinking that rather than being a WAHM, I should be out shopping or at least playing with the grand-kids. In reality, procrastination in essence means that you are having a hard time trying to balance work as well as your family. You compensate by saying that a little extra time with the kids or grand-kids is quality time well spent, however the lack of structure on your part can easily cripple your productivity.

Continually taking time off from your work at home job to spend time with family may seem like you’re giving yourself a mental health day, however that mindset will keep you in the procrastination mode.

Here’s some ways to recognize the symptoms and get the monkey off your back:

1. Staring at the piles of paper or product reviews that need to be done won’t get you anywhere. You know you would like to be productive yet downtime is essential for your well being.  Between ending a project and starting a new project, take the time to give yourself an “Atta-Girl.” Politicians do it all the time.  Perhaps you won’t be able to spend the afternoon at the spa, but you can certainly spend an hour or two doing something you like such as baking your favorite dessert or taking the kids or grand-kids to a museum.  Just recognizing that you don’ t have to rush head-on into the next big thing waiting on your desk will release the pent-up pressure while acting as an incentive for working more efficiently and encouraging time management.

2. A messy desk may be the sign of a savant but savants don’t necessarily get the work done. Clutter can actually be detrimental to working because you don’t want to face the mail and associated paperwork. Start by utilizing a structured filing system to organize your business. If you are in the middle of a project-diary ahead to finalize it. With a clean slate and desk you’ll feel refreshed and ready to sit down and get to the tasks at hand.

3. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping – the garden weeds are calling your name. Any suggestion of household chores or anything slightly fun that has the ability to distract you will force you out of that chair and away from work. Recognize your procrastination triggers. If weekend productivity is a trigger, it may be best to schedule throughout the week for business and leave the weekends open for family fun. The gleeful sounds of your children or grandchildren playing may also be distracting so choose your office space carefully in order to filter out other sounds when your home office is open for business. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Everyone is vulnerable to the call of procrastination. Striking a balance in your home and workplace and recognizing your triggers are two ways to keep that monkey off your back.


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  1. Hi! I love this post! I’m kinda guilty on this too! But I’m really trying to nip procastination in the bud whenever I feel it coming…I just hope I succeed always! :)

    Beth’s last blog post..Meet Mr. or Ms. Right Online!

  2. Sometimes I do job related paperwork just to avoid the household chores! ;)

    I am always trying to get ahead in my work because I know the next distraction is always around the corner. Like yesterday when my internet was unexpectedly out all day.

    catnip’s last blog post..a favor

  3. Great tips, sometimes I feel like procrastination is what I do best.

    Sarah’s last blog post..A Thousand Words Thursday – I Can Fly

  4. I’m working really hard on this area of my life right now. It gets tiring, being perpetually behind schedule. The stress can get really bad as you watch things pile up.

    Lisa at Work at Home Mom Revolution’s last blog post..6 Ways to Make Money Quickly!

  5. Alas, I too am guilty of such things. Coincidentally I’m actually procrastinating right now lol. I got a lot of paper work to finish tonight. I have certain productive bursts where I’m on a roll and feel like I can accomplish anything. The problem is I often have trouble sparking those in the first place.

    I sometimes try chores to get in the right state of mind, too. As for clearing the desk, unfortunately sometimes the only thing I would rather do my work than do is clear my desk.

    Mike Casey’s last blog post..On the Boston Ibogaine Forum

  6. I am the Queen of procrastination. The thing is that I get so stressed when I do it. When will I learn?

    Connie’s last blog post..Ballas Hough Band CD Review and Giveaway

  7. Love this post! I’ve been struggling with procrastination for a while. For me, I have the added stress of needing to be creative… so it feels like all things are amplified. Thanks for the reminder to put first things first!

    Tracey’s last blog post..Making Plaid with a Brayer

  8. These are great tips, Cindi! Different than most I’ve read. Thanks!

    Mary@Everyday Baby Steps’s last blog post..Fiber One Spa Break Gift Basket Giveaway

  9. These are great tips! Procrastination can be a nasty, nasty thing!

    Truddle’s last blog post..Bring Twitter to Your Blog

  10. Great advice Cindi! I love how the mom in the picture looks so calm, cool and collected with her baby on her lap – i am sure she is getting soooo much work done ;)

    Christie’s last blog post..PR: Where Moms Go for Advice In and Out of Recessions

  11. Hi Lisa ~ Lately I’ve been setting a goal of getting 1-2 posts done per day per blog. The only thing is, I enjoy blogging so much, I keep adding new blogs!

  12. Hi Christie ~ don’t you luv that photo? I can so identify with it, especially when I have ‘Lil Moomette (2-1/2) and Slugger (8 mo) over to babysit! :-D

  13. Hi Connie ~ I’m learning to say “No” to things that are no longer a good ROI of my time. It’s been a big help and is taking a lot of the pressure off of me. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Mary ~ I’d be interested in knowing what other’s are saying about proscrastinating if you have links to those posts! I just write from my own perspective! Thanks for mentioning it!

  15. Hi Catnip! Isn’t it awful when you have your itinerary all planned out & something happens with the computer? Usually happens to me at 1 am when there’s not much I can do about it at that point!

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