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ACDelco AC356 16 LED 3D Camping Lantern

Be Prepared For Power Outages Skunks and Camping | LED Lanterns And Flashlights


We sorry souls here in Connecticut have learned a lesson the hard way after being affected by two power outages from Tropical Storm Irene in August, and Winter Snow Storm Alfred in October.
If you’ve been following my blog along, you’ll see that we in Connecticut believe that it’s a reasonable expectation that living in the New World, we’ve come to  take electricity and electricity reliability for granted.
The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are right. Be Prepared.

Power Outage Light

While our family enjoys camping as a hobby, we don’t enjoy camping out in our own home during a snow storm. Although we have a generator, it’s a good idea to have emergency apparatus such as LED battery powered camp lights and LED  lanterns, as well as a flashlight lamp at the ready, should one … run out of gas.
We’ve camped at KOA Campgrounds of America in Vermont; State Parks such as Hammonasset in Connecticut and Pawtuckaway in New Hampshire.  As a family, perhaps our favorite place is camping up at Cape Cod by the National Seashore in Massachusetts.

My daughter and charming son-in-law could have used some of the lighting products from Powermax, a company that sells quality flashlights and lanterns.
Either a flashlight lamp or a LED lantern would have come in handy  one night while  camping at Rocky Neck State Park in Connecticut.  While set up in the tent area before the kids bought their RV Pop-Up, the nightly pilgrimage to the restroom facility was quite a hike along unlighted, dark wooded paths.  If it wasn’t for my son-in-law from Vermont recognizing the snorting sound that a skunk makes, he and my daughter would have had a chance encounter of the unpleasant kind with a skunk who was just out and about minding his own business!

ACDelco 1 Watt Aluminum LED 3-AAA Flashlight w/ Black Holster and AAA Battery 3-Pack


This 1 Watt ACDelco brand flashlight comes with instant savings, incredible value and ideal quality. 1Watt light-emitting-diode (LED) bulb emits an intensely bright pure white flood of light with 85 lumens and magnifying lens for a wider and further reaching beam. Because LED bulbs produce very little heat, 3-AAA alkaline batteries can power this flashlight for over 40 continuous hours. The heavy-weight aluminum body is rustproof, weather-resistant, shock-proof for steady light, and textured for sure grip. 3-AAA ACDelco alkaline batteries included with durable belt holster for easy carry and scratch protection.


  • Free belt holster included, uses 3-AAA batteries (includes 3-AAA ACDelco Alkaline batteries)
  •  High intensity 1W LED bulb lasts 100,000 hours – pure white light – no heat
  •  Unique LED bulbs can run for 40+ hours on 3-AAA batteries
  •  Aluminum barrel is shock-proof and weather resistant – comes in Fire Red and Cool Blue.
  •  85 lumens and magnifying lens for a wider and further reaching beam

Available at: Amazon

ACDelco AC356 16 LED 3D Camping Lantern


A brilliant display of illumination anywhere you need with this powerful lantern. It houses 16 light-emitting-diodes (LED) bulbs that produce an ultra bright flood of pure white light with a high-powered magnifier for an even brighter light. Because LED bulbs produce very little heat, this lantern stays cool to the touch and can run continually on 3-D sized Alkaline batteries for as long as 400 hours. Weatherproof for use for indoor power outages, backyard chores, camping, boating, fishing, recreation and emergencies. It also features a handle for easy carrying.


  • 16 LEDs create a brilliant display of ultra bright white light anywhere you need
  •  LEDs can last 100,000 hours emitting ultra bright white light
  •  Unique LED bulbs can run for 400+ hours on 3-D alkaline batteries – stays cool to the touch
  •   Weatherproof for use indoors and outdoors – power outages, backyard     chores, camping, recreation and emergencies
  •   Textured carrying handle for easy travel and sure grip
  •   1.4 pounds

Available at:  Amazon
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