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There are letters to the deceased, to ex-lovers, to companies - Submitting a letter is easy and free, and always anonymous.

Therapy for the Soul – Letters To Breathe


Meet My Friend

Meet My Friend

I’d like to introduce my readers to Meet My Friend Eve, an anonymous blog writer, Geeky Girl and female graphic web designer

Eve is a WAHM and owns Designing With Eve.  I had the good fortune to have her redesign my food blog, Frugal New England Kitchen, and she did a magnificent job!  It was so easy working with her, it seems like she read my mind when I explained the look I was striving for – a Colonial kitchen, a style so typical of older homes here in Connecticut.  Possessing a creative eye, along with being formally trained, recently Eve was awarded the honor of being among the Geeky Girls- 50 Incredibly Talented Female Designers.

Eve also has an extremely unique blog where she invites readers to submit posts, or “letters.” Good therapy for your mental health, it’s akin to writing that letter in order to clear the air – but instead of putting it in a drawer, never to be sent – or actually mailing it – you post it anonymously for the world to see:

Letters to BreatheHave you ever had something to say to someone but couldn’t because of the potential repercussions? Maybe your boss is a jerk, or your friend hurt your feelings- at Letters to Breathe you can read and submit anonymous letters to anyone, about anything.  There are no limits or rules (which means there is some cussing on the site!).  There are letters to the deceased, to ex-lovers, to companies, even to God.  Submitting a letter is easy and free, and always anonymous- you don’t even have to put in your email address, and even if you do it is not public.

Reading and commenting on the letters is also a great therapy, you may see others in your position and be able to offer advice or support. You may not agree with a letter, feel free to say what you feel- even in the comments.  Being able to get these things off your chest by commenting or submitting a letter can help you to finally ‘breathe’ again.

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