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Hormel Compleats

Life Better Served: Hormel Compleats Contest


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Hormel Compleats are meal solutions that allow modern moms to have a satisfying lunchtime meal with quality meats and vegetables, in minutes. Quality single serve meals that don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated, Hormel  Compleats go from a working mom’s desk drawer to delicious in 90 seconds. Since Hormel Compleats never need to be refrigerated, she can slip an entire delicious roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy lunch into her purse for the car ride (or subway!) to work.

The “contemporary modern mom” has always been overstretched in a multitude of different directions. She’s been coping with that since the feminist movement of the 60’s.

I should know – I was part of that generation and still am a 9 to 5 working girl today. I’ve worn many hats – young wife; young mom; caregiver to an elderly grandmom who lived to be 101; mom of adult children and now, grandmother.

But in the wired world of today, the sandwich generation mom has many ways of balancing extended family, her career, and her own needs for personal fulfillment. She’s a maven of social media, a multimedia siren, and a warrior of the workforce. She’s an accomplished woman. She gets gratification from her from her influence, her friends and supporters, and her own individual pursuits. And she takes pride in attending to her family. When they’re happy, she’s blissful. She knows that meals are a large part of assuring that her family content, but she doesn’t always have the time to cook something fancy. This modern multitasking marvel can’t allow meals be a source of tension and stress.

She knows where to find the proper recipe from the internet, how to snag the right ingredients on the way home, and how to put together a nutritious, choice meal while texting and recording her favorite show for her allotted leisure time. And when it concerns grabbing lunch at the office or home office, she holds herself to the same high standards for nutrition and quality.


Hormel Compleats

Right now Hormel is having a Life Better Served contest promoting Hormel Compleats. In general, there are 3 ways to win :

1) Submit a video, have your video chosen by Hormel as one of the best

2) Submit a video, get the greatest amount of votes from the Zooppa community

3) Share a contest video, or share the contest brief (by clicking “share” in the toolbar on the Zooppa site) with at least 5 people, and you’re eligible for a $3,000 sweepstakes drawing.

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