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Christmas in New England | Does That Mean I Need a Live Christmas Tree?


Real Simple

Turning a New Leaf


What have we done?

Here I am, the blogging Baby Boomer Grandmom from New England.  NEW ENGLAND!

Land of four seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall and … Winter!

Winter – which in most people’s minds, means, snow, cold, more snow, more cold; ice, more snow and ice, slush ….  and real Christmas Trees!  You get the picture.

Having been married seemingly forever, we’ve always had a r.e.a.l. tree.  Right – REAL, as in not artificial.  Nope, not us.

There’s plenty of Christmas tree growers here in Connecticut, so the Hubster and I had been trudging through the woods (and agricultural Christmas Tree farms) here in Connecticut, in all kinds of weather (see above, and add rain) to cut down (with a saw), a real – live – natural Christmas tree.

Over the years, we’ve had some that barely fit through the door.  Actually, the first year we were married and in an apartment (where no live trees were allowed), we ever so silently dragged our up the stairs and through the hallway and set it up in our living room.  Until, oh, maybe February?

When it was dry as a bone, we then opened the living room window and shoved it out from the 2nd floor to the ground, where it landed – not a needle on it!

Although the homes decorated for Christmas with live trees look pretty, talk about having to clean up a mess every year – with the dry heat here in New England, cleaning up the pine needles that have fallen to the ground, or that the various fur balls over the years have chewed up, is certainly a challenge.

So what makes this year different than all those others?

Now that the kiddos are grown and launched, I am simplifying my life and have decided I wanted an artificial tree.  Mostly because they come pre-lighted, and I don’t want the hassle of having to string the lights by myself since nobody else will help me.

We drove for about 5 hours looking everywhere – Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Home Depot again, and finally gave up trying to find one that looked like a natural Christmas tree.  Not to be one to give up, a light bulb went off and I got the idea to call my brother-in-law (he & sister-in-law with the straight out of  Martha Stewart Living beautifully decorated home) and asked where they got their artificial tree.

So off to the locally-owned Vinnys we went.  They had such a beautiful selection and even the Hubster is happy!  Only thing missing was the smell.  Nothing that a  Home for the Holidays Yankee Candle couldn’t fix.

And of course, to go with my beautiful tree – I found the most gorgeous vintage Battenburg Lace white Christmas tree skirt on Bonanza!

So there it is, in all it’s splendor, and my very favorite Christmas ornaments adorning it for the very first time.

Do you have a or have you gone the artificial route?

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  1. What a lovely tree! :) We had to go artificial a few years ago, due to family allergies. I have to admit, it’s a lot easier, cleaner, and just as pretty – sometimes more so! :) And a special blessings to families with allergy and health issues! All in all, a delightful treat. Especially once all the Christmas tree ornaments and lights are on! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Your tree is beautiful. I struggled with the idea of an artifical tree this year. I vowed last year would it for a real tree in my home. I searched this year and found very few artifical trees that I liked. The ones that I did like, I didn’t want to pay the price. So I have a real tree this year. Hoping to find a bargain after the holidays.
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..Let It Snow =-.

  3. Very pretty! I keep considering getting an artificial tree, but I just can’t give up my real tree, or the trip to pick it out just yet!
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..What’s Important =-.

  4. I have never in my life had a real tree. I’ve been deprived. LOL We share the tradition with my parents of the fake tree. Cept mine is white instead of green. I love it. White, silver, and blue.

    Your tree is gorgeous. Fake tree or not, it’s just beautiful!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  5. We have a real tree this year and we had a real one last year after our cheap, pre-lit artificial tree bit the dust and had to be tossed. I hated the artificial tree because it was so much work to set it up and fluff the branches so that it looked quasi-real. I’d rather do real, even though I think I’m allergic to real. Love the smell, love the look, love it.

    But I understand your desire to simplify your life now that your kids are grown with families of their own.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  6. It’s Lovely! I think my favorite part ist the Battenburg Tree Skirt ;oD
    Sigh- funds are low and the Christmas spirit is waning over here. I was lucky to get a Charlie Brown tree and my youngest was the only one who stooped low enough to decorate with me.
    Maybe we’ll go “Instatree” next year too!
    .-= Angelica Bays´s last blog ..Kettle Corn Crossover =-.

  7. I recently moved to Alaska and I am surrounded by lots of pine trees covered in white snow – they are all pretty. Since I didn’t get a chance to get an artificial tree this year, I console myself with the thought that I am surrounded by lots of “Christmas trees” :)

  8. Artificial. I will try to come back tomorrow with a pic to link up. Hope I don’t forget!!!!

    Beautiful tree.
    .-= The Redhead Riter´s last blog ..I Spy Something Festive =-.

  9. We’ve never had a ‘real’ tree – I don’t know what I would DO with a real tree.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Put the Rum in the Eggnog =-.

  10. Merry Christmas Kaye! We’re really happy with what we picked out and so are the (grown) kids! It looks so real!

  11. Hi Rhonda – I wanted an artificial tree last year but DH resisted. After we searched for hours, everyone says this one looks perfect! I don’t miss putting up the lights! Merry Christmas!

  12. Heather, when I was a kid in the 60s we had a silver aluminum tree with revolving colored lights. Now that’s retro! DH’s family always had a real tree, that’s why we did after we got married. White trees are pretty! Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Angelica – I have so much luck finding beautiful things on eBay or Bonanzle! The Battenburg lace skirt was just what I wanted and in perfect condition! One year, my DD actually wrote across paper toweel “Charlie Brown Tree” put it on the live tree and left it there for when we got home! I still have a picture of that!

  14. Hi Christine – I’d never be able to do a live tree by myself – I’m not good with a saw and then have to carry it in the door & set it up!

  15. I understand Staci – but we’ve had a real tree for over 25 years, and now that the kids are grown and gone, it was time! I’m surprised DH is actually happy!

  16. We had a live tree once, when we lived in PA, in a town that crowned itself “the Christmas Tree Capital of the World” What else could we do in such a place. It was AWESOME! And we were surrounded by huge firs covered in snow… outdoor Christmas trees as well. I will never forget that place. Here in Florida, the trees bite the dust in a week or so.
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