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Lil Chillers Straw Cups ~ A Review


When my girls were toddlers and beyond the sippy cup stage (we called them tippy cups,) my husband and I tried to get them to drink from a cup with a straw. If you’re a mom or grandmom of a toddler ~ you might be thinking that’s easier said than done.

Inevitably, my daughters would end up taking the straw out and playing games with it or dropping it all over the table or on the floor.

At some point we found a cup that had a built-in straw in it and that was the answer to our dreams!

My oldest daughter is now 25 and a mom herself. ‘Lil Moomette, my granddaughter who just turned 2 in October, is very proficient using a straw, and has been for quite some time. But alas, the games continue! Grandpa and I have been searching locally for the elusive magic cup with the straw in it, but had been unsuccessful.

To my delight, I was contacted by Jennifer Anderson, a WAHM and owner of Lil’ Chillers to review what I think is the ultimate answer to many a mom of toddlers who are learning to drink from a straw!

Lil Chillers is – The Next Step in Sippy Cup Evolution

Made of unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate, Lil’ Chillers™ have a non-skid bottom and easy-grip sides for little hands. Lil’ Chillers™ are tip-resistant and designed with a flared straw which prevents children from removing the straw from the cup.

Lil’ Chillers™ are for everyone—smaller children, older children and even adults. They are also great for preschools, daycare and even the elderly who may have trouble drinking from an open-mouth cup.

The website also provides an extensive list of FAQ’s providing information regarding straw drinking for a child who has special needs or receives speech or occupational therapy.

These cute cups are for toddlers 18 months up, and come in six colors.

I think they’d also be great for making smoothies as the straw is large enough for any liquid to pass through!

What I like about Lil’ Chillers cups are that they are top-rack, dishwasher safe.  What’s even better is that replacement straws are available if the need arises. The company also has a Return Policy in place.

If you’re a mom, grandmom or aunt and are looking for a terrific cup to keep at home or for gift giving, please visit Lil Chillers to learn more.


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  1. Those are cute enough for adults to use, I think.

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