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CommentLuv, DoFollow and KeywordLuv wordpress plugins benefit you by improving not only your SEO links, but those of your readers as well.

Link Building Through KeywordLuv: Blog Tips


Improve Your Blog Links



My latest tweak to my blog to make it more reader and user friendly has been to install the wordpress plugin, KeywordLuv.

In addition to CommentLuv and the wp DoFollow plugin, as a blogger or internet marketer, KeywordLuv benefits you by improving not only your own SEO links, but those of your readers as well.

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When you go to leave a comment at the bottom of a post that has the plugin installed, you’ll see a notation that says KeywordLuv enabled, and instructions to leave your name @ your keywords that you would like to link to.

Gail from GrowMap writes on business blogging topics and offers a more detailed explanation of the benefits of link building in a recent post.

You can download the wordpress plugin to use on your blog at KeywordLuv.

UPDATE March 4, 2010 I have deactivated Keyword Luv as it was my intention to help my WAHMs and bloggers and I am receiving too many comments that I must manually moderate.

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  1. Hi Cindi,

    Thanks for the link to my KeywordLuv post. I was considering asking you to link to the word KeywordLuv but on second thought I think the anchor text you used of link building will be even better over the long run.

    I am so happy you installed KeywordLuv because I focus far more time and attention on every dofollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blog I interact with which also means I link to them far more frequently, see more of their Tweets, and share their content far more often.

    I hope some of your favorite other bloggers and commentators will join us so I can be linking to them and sharing their content too.
    .-= Look at what Gail @ Do Follow Lists hopes you’ll read: …KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

  2. I have CommentLuv enabled, so I will definitely look into this!
    .-= Look at what Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy hopes you’ll read: …Coupon Preview for 02/21/10 =-.

  3. thanks again for another great tip!
    .-= Look at what Katie hopes you’ll read: …Small Talk Six – Let me do it! =-.

  4. Thanks for this … I will to put this on my two do list!

  5. Thanks for the post..I don’t know much about it, so off to see Gail’s post!

  6. plugins..plugins..plugins..and blogger doesn’t have that.
    .-= Look at what agentmango hopes you’ll read: …Earn $10 on Microworkers in two days without lifting a finger =-.

  7. I need to look into both of these, KeywordLuv and DoFollow. I just need to upgrade my theme, I need to rebrand. So much to do to stay on top of things. Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Look at what Louise hopes you’ll read: …A story of misunderstanding and acceptance =-.

  8. First time I’ve heard of this plugin! I still can’t wrap my head around key words, meta tags, etc., so I’ll look more into it.
    .-= Look at what Creative Junkie hopes you’ll read: …If we had an IKEA near us, you guys wouldn’t have all this uncertainty =-.

  9. That is awesome. Thank you for posting about this – off to check it out!
    .-= Look at what Brittany hopes you’ll read: …Netbook Purchase =-.

  10. Wow, another great plugin! Now I just have to move to WP! Thanks Cindi :)
    .-= Look at what Shop with Me Mama (Kim) hopes you’ll read: …Symptom Cold & Flu Pak Review =-.

  11. Hi Kim! WordPress isn’t as scary as it sounds and the benefits are endless! I did a post about an online training program that might answer some questions and ease any apprehension you might have.

  12. Great work putting on Keywordluv. I am sure you will find that your relevant comments increase because of this.
    .-= Look at what olly@Component Compare hopes you’ll read: …Advanced MP3 Discount Codes =-.

  13. Never heard of this before – interesting!
    .-= Look at what Beeb hopes you’ll read: …Our Handmade Gifts Review =-.

  14. How has this been working for you Cindi? I was a bit concerned about adding this plugin because of the fear of more spam comments. As a product review writer it worries me that people will comment just to add links to my blog. Has this happened to you? Are you having to delete comments?
    .-= Look at what ConnieFoggles hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday – New Friends =-.

  15. Hi Connie ~ My intention with installing KeywordLuv was to assist fellow mom bloggers and small business owners. As Justice Potter Stewart once rendered in a famous written decision, and I paraphrase and use as an analogy for purposes here, “I know [spam] when I see it.” Since this is my blog, I’m quite liberal with my delete key.

  16. Hi Cindi.

    I am amazed at the myriad of plugins available for WP and the manner in which they contribute to the functionality of a blog. I am relatively new to WP and quite the “tourist” when it comes to plugins. So, I can appreciate the contribution that you have provided here in benefit of everyone and thank you for doing so. I wish you continued Success!
    .-= Look at what Dave@GPS-Enabled Personal Trainer hopes you’ll read: …305 GPS Personal Trainer With Wireless Heart Rate Monitor =-.

  17. Am I correct in thinking that this is just for WordPress blogs??
    .-= Look at what Susieqtpie hopes you’ll read: …Soft Pretzel Recipe & Tropical Traditions Review & Giveaway =-.

  18. Yeah, KeywordLuv helps a lot in blog commenting especially those that spam our blogs and that helped a lot my blog when I added it.

  19. The keywordluv is a great plugin. However, you might want to combine it with linkylove, just to avoid all the spam.
    .-= Look at what Robin Hood hopes you’ll read: …Photomatix Pro 3.2.6 =-.

  20. Hi Susie – I’m pretty sure that KeywordLuv is for wp only, as it’s a plugin, but you might try going to Gail’s site to find out more, or going directly to the KeywordLuv website itself.

  21. Hi Moomette,

    I’m learning more about using KeywordLuv and the real benefits so I’m glad I found your post.

    I hope you resolve the spam issues, but just as an FYI – spam seems to be at an all time high right now. I hear it from just about every blogger I know.

    Thanks for the tips and the links.
    .-= Look at what Ileane @Blogging hopes you’ll read: …Diigo Extension for Google Chrome Browser =-.

  22. Now this plugin looks useful! Have a healthy list of plugins to implement into my wahm blog for sure. Thanks for sharing these wonderful plugins with us!
    .-= Look at what Chrissy hopes you’ll read: …Follow Friday: Smart Tweeps I Constantly Learn From =-.

  23. Hi Cindi,

    The first time reading your blog here, as I recent convert to WPress from blogger after 6 for 7 years I have to say…it’s growing on me fast.

    I have also added the commentluv to my blog, and dofollow because I always felt the commenter’s and readers deserved to have some kind of benefit and blogger certainly isn’t geared towards that.

    The point you make about have to to remove the keywordluv one I am glad to have come across here as I was looking for information on that and whether it was worth using.

    Maybe the dofollow and commentluv is enough for now. :D

    Thanks for sharing that with us, you may have saved us some time, out most precious commodity.

    Take care,


    P.s is that a plug in where the twitter name is added? If so, can I ask what the name of it is? Thank you.
    .-= Look at what Rob Sellen hopes you’ll read: …Make money online using the right keywords =-.

  24. Woot, thanks for that, sorted, got that on the blog now too. :)

    My lads, yeah, scary how fat they grow, eldest is 17 this week!
    Youngest was 15 end of Jan.

    Can’rt believe how fast it all goes and worse, it gets faster as we get older!

    Hows all with you?
    .-= Look at what Rob Sellen hopes you’ll read: …Portland suffering floods over the years =-.

  25. Hi Rob! Waiving Hi to you from ‘across the pond’ !

    So glad you visited! Missed you on twitter, when you cleaned twitter house awhile ago – I was part of the sweep!

    I am so enjoying wp since I made the switch and converted 3 blogs into one.

    Yes, I gave KeywordLuv a try, and it didn’t work out for me – too high maintenance and my readers weren’t taking advantage of it. But at least the word is out there through this post for those who might find it beneficial.

    The plugin I use for the Twitter ID was created by Andy Bailey from Comment Luv:

    TwitterLink Comments

    I use it whenever I see it. It’s usually at the end of the entry form, and most people miss it – but I haven’t been able to figure out how to configure it to go anywhere else.

    How are those kids of yours? Must be getting big!

    P.S. Please ignore first comment – I had ‘Andy’ on the brain when going to give you the info on the Twitter plugin!

  26. Hiya,

    Really, I gotta be honest, that purge I had to do, it drove me nuts for a while, but I also unfollowed lots I shouldn’t have done, was in a bad mood that day lol. :P

    Will rectify that ;)

    Thanks for that twitter plug in, think I will utilise that.

    .-= Look at what Rob Sellen hopes you’ll read: …Make money online using the right keywords =-.

  27. Glad it works ok, thanks for that, much appreciated.

    Yikes that last comment, I know my lads will never read it, but sure hope people don’t think I got fat kids! :P

    Should be “fast”… :D

    We did have a rough year this winter with the sea, the photos show it all..

    Been about 20 years since the sea came over the wall though, I watched it that night too.

    I was glad to show my youngest the storm this year, he now appreciates the power of that sea more.

    Scary at times…
    .-= Look at what Rob Sellen hopes you’ll read: …Portland suffering floods over the years =-.

  28. Hi Rob ~

    Checked out your Twitter plugin and it’s working great on Glad I was able to help!

    Off to comment on your Portland Flood photos now – we had a great flood here in CT in 1936 (before I was born) and 1955 that my mom always spoke of.

    I have two grandkiddos now – ages 1 and 3!

  29. i do not have this keywordluv plugin activated on my blog (it surely increases comments) but i am using dofollow plugin in Top commentators section in sidebar

  30. Wow, you didn’t have keywordluv on your blog for very long! It’s a shame that there are only a few out there who are so destructive that they ruin it for everyone else. That is purely sociopathic behavior. At any rate, I was thinking about putting Keyword Luv on my blog, but it sounds like you were so overwhelmed in such a short period of time with spam comments that you turned it off so quickly after you installed it. Are you using Akismet to filter you spam comments? It works rather well.
    .-= Look at what Bee’s Time Management hopes you’ll read: …Time Management Techniques in Business – Efficiency Tools =-.

  31. Great looking site and thanks for adding these plugins! I just added them recently to my site and they rule! More posts and your site plus backlinks for people posting so everyone wins! You just have to keep an eye on spammers as you mentioned above, but Askimet does a pretty good job of taking care of that from my experience. Thanks again!
    .-= Look at what Dustin @ Baby Activity Walker hopes you’ll read: …Automatic Baby Walker =-.

  32. Thank you for posting this blog. I have been trying to find articles that would make me understand what keywordluv really is and I think you’ve made a good short yet clear explanation on it.

  33. Because of spam, finding websites and blogs who dofollow links is very hard. But thanks to these plugins, link building have become easier.

  34. I love this wordpress plugin because I believe it’s important to not only to give credit where credit is due, but to also allow other bloggers to use each other’s sites as a resource to what they are saying.

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