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The Literati by Sharper Image is a sleek, affordable, color eReader that also boasts a built-in connection to Kobo, one of the world's biggest global e-book retailers. Each Literati comes with a case and 25 pre-loaded treasured classics.

Review of Literati WiFi eBook Reader by The Sharper Image: Enhance Your Life by Reading More


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I’d like to introduce you to the
by The Sharper Image that I recently had the chance to review. The Literati by The Sharper Image is a sleek, affordable, color eReader that also boasts a built-in connection to Kobo, one of the world’s biggest global e-book retailers. Each Literati comes with a case and 25 pre-loaded treasured classics.

Literati Wireless ebook Reader Sharper Image

Literati Wireless Reader By The Sharper Image

The winter solstice will be arriving not too soon enough, signifying the official beginning of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. To me, that means lazy days in front of the hearth where I get to delve into the latest book on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Can you remember the last time you relaxed and picked up a magazine or book? Was it in school? You may not realize it, but our brains are craving new information.

Old Library BooksI’m one of these people who love to read and also have turned into a news junkie. You either like to read or you don’t. As a child I often spent time among the stacks of the library, and one could always find me reading the latest Nancy Drew series. If you’re not into reading, perhaps the reading material is the problem. Some material is more boring than others and we all have our favorite magazines and genres. My favorite genre is Utopian Womens Mysteries. At one point in time wanted to get my Masters in Library Science.

Whenever you read a good book, it’s like entering a new world of sound and sight – seize the opportunity to find out what types of reading material sparks your senses. As real as memory, characters play out their parts and our imagination will conjure up the scenes.

Benefits of Reading

Once in your lifetime, at least one book should give you the experience of reading a book that stays in your mind. Through books, you’ll be able to travel vicariously to new lands and learn interesting tidbits and factoids. You can bet that game contestants who are prize winners on television shows such as Jeopardy are huge readers! Trivial information tidbits, in some way, can enhance and positively accentuate your life.

Try scanning the table of contents when you pick up a magazine and then see what you can learn by reading it. Start a book list and try to add something new every day to read – whether reading a book by a favorite author or article in a magazine newspaper or blog.

Besides being entertaining, reading helps to increase our vocabulary. My English professor spoke of “writing for your reader.” Newspapers and magazines are traditionally written with an 8th grade reading comprehension level. People will stop reading or stop reading articles if the words are too hard, which is their loss. If you’ve ever typed on the computer using Microsoft Word, you can easily check your own writing level and style via a tool to see what grade-level you write at.

Sharper Image WiFi eBook Reader

Literati Wireless ebook Reader Sharper ImageI received the Literati Reader by Sharper Image to review, and I can’t describe how excited I am since using this nifty gadget upon it’s arrived on my doorstep!  I’ve always been tempted to try an ereader.  Before I started blogging I maintained a book list and read several each week.  However, I’ve gotten away from getting to every book on my list as being a blogger takes up a tremendous amount of time between researching and developing content, posting, social media networking and of course, administration and putting out technical issue fires!  The Literati is portable, and will enable me to make better use of my “free” time!

  • The Literati is one of the few color eReaders and has a 7” color LCD screen (480 x 800 resolution)
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • Has a built in connection to Kobo, a global eReading service platform with access to nearly 2 million titles of books and magazines and  (1.8 million of them free)
  • SD card slot allows users to add storage (up to 8GB).
  • Ongoing updates and new features will regularly be added.

Sneak peek: In the November-December  time frame, a number of reading enhancements will be available, including: Night-reading mode, custom bookshelves and bookmarks and “dog ears” (a way to mark your favorite pages).

  • There is a storm of color content coming – everything from children’s books and cookbooks to textbooks, magazines and newspapers.
  • The Literati brings great flexibility to the reading experience. Not only can the Literati store hundreds of titles, it also lets users enjoy those titles on their laptop, smart phone and desktop computer.

Product Features:

1. Page turning is as easy as using the capacitive paging buttons on
either side of the screen or the right and left buttons on the D-Pad. The page turning speed is quick with no lag.

2. While reading, users also can select a specific chapter by using the Menu button to go to the table of contents, next chapter and previous

3. Users also can change the typeface and font size to their liking through the Display button

4. The screen can be dimmed or brightened to the user’s preference.

5. The Literati always bookmarks the page you last read. When
users open the book again, they will return to the same place where
they left off reading. For example, if you stop reading on your Literati
at page 54 of  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and then sync your library, you can open the same book on your mobile app or laptop and it will automatically pick up exactly where you left off – the Literati will save your place for you.

This is just one more way the Literati makes reading easier.

Purchasing A Book

Purchasing a book is done in approximately a minute. Users connect to the bookstore via WiFi. Once connected, users can browse, purchase and download books.

My User Experience:

The Literati packaging is quite innovative in that it’s designed to actually look like a book!

Literati Wireless ebook Reader Sharper Image - Adding books from Kobo Store

There’s a Quick-Start Guide, as well as a more detailed 27 page Instruction Manual.  I recommend downloading the online user PDF guide and saving to your home computer.

After unpacking, one has to charge the battery for several hours before first use.

The Literati also allows one to connect to your wireless network. Recently I purchased a Netbook and was somewhat familiar with the process. Just make certain you know your router’s key code and password.

I liked how the Literati Instruction Manual also showed how users will manage their library, including adding and removing titles from their Literati, changing the sort order, viewing, etc.  The graphics in the printed user guide as well as the online PDF guide, however are not too clear, and can definitely stand improvement.

Once your Literati is powered on, using the Literati is as easy as taking
a book off the shelf (“Books” Tab), moving to the “I’m Reading” Tab to view everything you are reading, loading PDFs (“Docs” Tab) or buying a book from the built-in bookstore (“Store Tab”).

Upcoming Highlights:

A feature that I’m definitely impressed by is the “DOCS” tab, which is where PDFs will be loaded (through USB or the SD Card slot.  The review product that I received has this function enabled,  including loading content through USB or SD card) although it has not yet been fully tested. Magazines and periodicals will be available for purchase and download very shortly.

I tested several different methods for transferring and loading books to the Literati:

Add Books By Dragging and Dropping Onto the Literati

  • I have quite a collection of almost 100 PDF ebooks that I collect on various topics such as internet marketing, SEO and also blogging resource tips and techniques, and was able to transfer all of them via USB from my home computer to the Literati.  Now I’ll be able to read them at my leisure without being tethered to my computer!

Adding Books Wirelessly

  • I logged on to the Kobo Store directly from the Literati.  As I’m a fan of Oprah’s Book Club, I chose two titles –Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen; and also Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Once an account is opened at Kobo, you can search by category, author or title.  I supplied a charge card, and the purchase and download took place in less than one minute!

Add Books Using the Kobo Desktop Application

  • I did download the desktop application which installed effortlessly.  I did not, however, purchase using the desktop application. Had I done so, the purchase would have downloaded to my desktop, and I could then transfer by USB connection to the Literati.

Add Books Using an SD Card

  • I don’t have an SD card (yet) for the Literati, but just might very well purchase one.

As a Librarian wannabe, a favorite past-time of mine is to pick up books from tag, garage, yard and library sales. Antique or used book stores fascinate me and I could spend hours on end browsing around. Such antique stores are usually high on my must-see list when I’m traveling or out for a day trip!

Here’s a product comparison chart to show you how the Literati Wireless Reader will enhance your reading experience:

Product Comparison – Book v. Literati


  • I found the battery life to be approximately 4-6 hours, and have searched to see if there’s a car adapter for it, which would make it nice to take on long car trips.
    • Although it does come with a hard protective case, I’m also thinking of getting a 10-inch netbook-type carrying case so that I can also transport the e-reader, charger and USB cord together easily when I travel.
      • Additionally, I’m adding my own screen protector film to it to avoid scratches to the viewing screen, as one isn’t supplied.

      The Literati WiFi eBook Reader will make it easier for you to read your favorite magazines and books while waiting for your appointments at a business meeting, doctor’s office, spa, or the kids’ hockey or dance practice!

      Reading might even increase longevity by keeping your mind sharp and cobwebs from appearing from lack of regular stimulation.

      If you have been maintaining a book list and adding recommendations that you’ve been meaning to read, turn off the TV and try winding down your day before you drift off to sleep by reading a book on the e-reader. Expand your horizon via new ways of thinking.

      The list price is currently set at $159 (which will likely drop as the holiday season and Black Friday approaches ) making it a great holiday item for the teens heading off to college or frequent travelers on your holiday shopping list.

      Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, JC Penney,
      and Macy’s and other fine retailers.

      For More Information Visit: Literati Reader and Sharper Image

      Photo Credit:

      I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Sharper Image and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.

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    Overall, I do use it every night and I believe what I said in my review about it being on the cusp of greatness.

    I have a love-hate relationship with mine….hopefully software upgrades will fix the glitches and I’ll be able to say I LOVE it without the “buts”.

    Very thorough review Cindi!

    • Hey Kim, you’re right – the Literati that I reviewed is actually a tad different than yours. When I commented on your post I didn’t pick up on the keyboard pad difference. I never was any good at those side-by-side photo quizzes!

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      Since I don’t read in bed at night as you do,(perhaps because I’m a night owl?) I didn’t cover the backlight aspects, which you did a very good job at reviewing.

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  31. I bought two the Literati’s for myself & my son for Christmas. We’ve had them for two days & so far, they work great for us. We did have to do two updates when they were first powered on. We had absolutely no problem connecting to the wireless. My son has had a couple of reboots happen while downloading some free books, but other than that, all is well.

    We are both new to e-readers, so with the rebates & discounts I received bringing my final prices down to $60 and $58, these are a really good first choice. I hope in the long run IF we decide to upgrade to something such as the Nook, we’ll find a way to transfer what we’ve purchased over to the new. That remains to be seen.

    One thing I really do enjoy about it….the free books. So many classics that I would not have chosen in a bookstore & my 11 year old son is enjoying classics like Gulliver’s Travels, Dracula & Frankenstein. Another plus are the other free books you can find if you search around a little. Some great cookbooks and whatnot.

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