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In New England, you can drive to almost any town and find little old school houses.

Little Old School House – Windsor Connecticut


National Historic Register Schoolhouse

In New England, you can drive to almost any town and find little old school houses.  Some are one or two-room buildings.  The children would each have their own rooms, with boys taught in one room, and girls in the other.  Many have been preserved as museums, or converted into community buildings for use such as art leagues.  Some are on the National Historic Register.

This historic schoolhouse is in Windsor, Connecticut.

Little Old Stony Hill School House Windsor Connecticut

Stony Hill School Windsor Connecticut

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  1. I love the old school houses! When I was teaching, we had a field trip to a late 1800’s school house and the children got to pretend they were children from “back then” for the day and dressed up like them. They really got a taste for what school was like all day sitting at those little wooden desks and using slate pencils.
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  2. nice piece of history
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  3. Ooooooo I LOVE old buildings. I LOVE the school house shot!
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  4. I love seeing old things like that. Reminds me of little house on the Prairie

    I used to watch that as a girl

    Thanks for sharing
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  5. What a great historical place. They are slowly disappearing.
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  6. What a beautiful old school! I just love seeing this old buildings still standing. They have such history!
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  7. SO pretty! I can’t help but think it would make a darling little house ;)
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  8. Love old buildings, they have so much character.

  9. The blue door is so cool. Nice shot.
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  10. We have these too all around Kansas – but the sad part is how most of them aren’t being kept up. One is about 2 miles from my in law’s house and my father in law wants to buy the schoolhouse to fix it up, make it look like it did once. But the land owner won’t sell it. Tragic.

    Love that photo! The snow makes it all so magical!
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  11. That is very cool Cindi.

    Have a great day!

  12. I love it! Wouldn’t it be fun to renovate a little place like that to live in? Like something out of Better Homes & Gardens. I bet it would be awesome.
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  13. That’s a great piece of history and I love the look of those buildings.

  14. That is really neat! I just love history filled towns!
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  15. So true, they are all over the area.
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  16. Very pretty! I love the buildings in your area!
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  17. Love how tiny and quaint it seems. I couldn’t imagine going to a school like that.

  18. Cuteness!Has this one been used for the cover of Old School House Mag yet? If not I think they will pay for pics and info on it!

    Actually (in reference to my Wodless Wed) it was a few years ago in Cape Cod that I took that pic!

  19. I always love coming here and seeing your pictures! Happy WW :-) thanks for leaving me a comment, YES boys are certainly quite a handful, my DD never had this much energy! LOL

  20. It would have been so fun to go to school in one of those types of buildings. I love pictures like that.
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  21. Hi Shelly – My girls took field trips to Sturbridge Village and got to experience little old school houses! It’s fun!

  22. Hi Annie ~ What a shame that the owner won’t sell – I really think that historic buildings should be preserved – yet sometimes the historical society becomes the “hysterical” society and really overdoes it with their requirements!

  23. Hi Tara ~ I’d like a little place like this on Cape Cod!

  24. Yeah, the old school houses really are something to see! I live in New England now, and a while back my brother was attending was attending Wesleyan university. When I would take trips to go see him, we used to see a few along the way! So historical, love it. :)

  25. Hello, what a cute little school house! Love it! Thank you for sharing. Would love to have you come by for a Warm Aloha Wednesday:

    Becca @ Inspired Gifts
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  26. P.S. We are your newest followers!!!

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