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Mamapedia – The Wisdom of Moms


As a Mom of two grown daughters,  I certainly have experience when it comes to tending to the needs of sick kids.  You can say I’ve “been there, done that.” I learned to recognize illness symptoms in my babies from both my own mom and my mother-in-law, both who shared their parenting tips with me and taught me well.

Now that I’m a baby boomer and take care of my grandkids after daycare ends as well as when I babysit on weekends when their parents enjoy dining out,  I’m still on the lookout for signs of illness if the kids tend to be fussy.  My oldest daughter is constantly on the phone with me, picking my brain, and I’m more than happy to share my wisdom with her.

Ranging from how to deal with a newly discovered allergy to deciding on the safest car seat for your kids, moms take on the important task of family decision-making everyday.

Advice, however, does not always prove easy to come by in our time-crunched lives. Perhaps you have even had a question that you would rather not discuss with your friends and family, but still need the answer to. In comes Mamapedia providing all these answers aggregated in a single destination.

Mamapedia enables you to search answers for your most pressing questions, such as childhood crushes, renting a house, and summer camps, to get empathetic and insightful answers from moms around the country. A virtual encyclopedia of Mothers’ wisdom, Mamapedia allows you to quickly navigate through thousands of diverse categories to find the thoughtful, sympathetic-and most importantly-helpful answers to all of your questions.

For example, the Health category is broken down and searchable by topics such as:

  • Bladder and Kidney
  • Learning Issues
  • Dental Health
  • Vision
  • Skin
  • Weight Management
  • Preventative Care

You will see the responses and answers, and also be able to “vote” whether the answer was helpful to your question or not.

Mamapedia brings millions of women together online, both nation-wide and in our own communities, so we can help each other tackle those difficult parenting questions or even just give recommendations on our favorite pediatricians, playgroups, and kid-friendly restaurants.

For more information visit Mamapedia

Post courtesy of Mom Central

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  1. No way! I had never heard for Mamapedia and I soooo need them! My mother seems so clueless about being sick, what kids can eat and when, and in general what to do sometimes (don’t get me wrong, she’s an AMAZING MOM). My daughter was just sick and I could have totally used Mamapedia! I think the Dr is starting to think I”m crazy for calling them so much! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sure wish I’d had this when my kids were younger. My mom was a nurse, so I totally depended upon her knowledge and she would just scoop my kids up and keep them when they were sick. I was very lucky. My daughter has had to learn from books since I never did learn enough to help. This is great!

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