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Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme Singing Time with Mother Goose Club Kids Preschool DVD


Did you know that early childhood research has shown that familiarity with nursery rhymes helps young children learn to read? This is the premise behind the Mother Goose Club DVD.

I am frequently called upon to be Granny Daycare when my oldest daughter and charming son-in-law step out on the town for an evening.  Usually what that means is the grandchildren are dropped off and Grandpa and I take them out to dinner, sugar them up with dessert and then send them home to their parents.

As we merrily roll along, the back-seat passengers (along with Grandmom and Grandpa) like to sing and recite nursery rhymes and songs.  The grandkids have learned so much from the preschool they’ve been attending.

Sadly though, they’ll be moving and switching schools and both Mom and Dad and Grandmom and Grandpa are hoping the new daycare preschool will be up to snuff.

This is where the Mother Goose Club DVDs and CDs comes in.   I keep them in the car now when transporting the little darlings hither and yonder.

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Featured on PBS stations, the Mother Goose Club is a series of 1-minute educational programs for preschools promoting early literacy. This live-action and colorful program, invites your little one to sing and dance along to their favorite nursery rhymes.

Let your children discover the world of Mother Goose Club!

TV time becomes learning time with PBS favorite and Midsouth EMMY nominated Mother Goose Club.

Children ages 2 and up can enjoy singing and dancing along to favorite nursery rhymes and learn all about rhyming words.

The live-action series features 40 minutes of uninterrupted nursery rhyme fun and six colorful characters from the Mother Goose world:  Teddy Bear, Jack B.Nimble, Little Bo Peep, Baa Baa Sheep, Mary Quite Contrary and Eep Mouse.

Early childhood research has shown that familiarity with nursery rhymes helps young children learn to read.  When preschoolers read, recite, sing or clap along to rhymes, they develop a feel for the sounds and structures of language, the first step in becoming successful readers.

Mother Goose rhymes also introduce children to characters, drama, simple story structure and a host of new vocabulary words, all building blocks for early literacy.  Perhaps most importantly, children are delighted by the singing, clapping and finger play in nursery rhymes, and learn to associate words and verse with joy, laying the foundation for a lasting enthusiasm for reading.

If you’re a mom, homeschool mom or daycare provider, put this DVD on your must-have list to add to your collection!  Also a Magnificent gift for grandkids!

The Nursery Rhyme Singing Time with Mother Goose Club DVD can be found online at:  Mother Goose Club

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