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I’m going to tell you in this review what a terrible mistake I made by signing up for the Droid, and how the Verizon Store Manager threatened to call the cops on me when I went to return it.

Motorola Droid Negative Points, Hate It and Want to Return It? Be Prepared for Verizon to Call the Police On You


Motorola Droid

Mediocre Smartphone

Verizon Wireless has been running a promotion for the Droid and as a WAHM since I spend a tremendous amount of time on the Internet I thought it would be a good time to upgrade my Smartphone.  I’m going to tell you in this review what a terrible mistake I made by signing up for the Droid, and how the Verizon Store Manager threatened to call the cops on me when I went to return it.

One of my fellow bloggers, Mama Dweeb, had written a review of her experiences with the Droid, however I still was anxious to try it out so despite her negative review, I still went out and bought one.  I should have listened to Mama and heeded her advice, as her observations were right on-the-money.

I consider myself pretty techie, so I was anxious to use the Android Apps so I could access Twitter, Facebook, my four email accounts and my favorite blogs on the Internet throughout the day.

The day before I left for a week long vacation on Cape Cod, I purchased the Droid and thought I would get used to it after reading the manual while I relaxed on the beaches at the National Seashore.

After looking at the Droid Incredible, I decided the keyboard was too sensitive, and didn’t have a pull-out keyboard, so I opted for the Droid.

The following are my personal experiences.  They are all negative experiences.  This is not a paid review. If it was, I’m sure Verizon would be extremely unhappy with me.  However, they couldn’t be as unhappy with me, as I currently am with them.


The Droid is incredibly bulky.  In fact, I think it was designed with guys in mind.  However, I can’t imagine how guys, who normally have larger fingers than gals, would be able to use the touch screen with any accuracy.

Touch Screen

Even with my tiny fingertips, no matter if I increased the size of the screen, no matter when I hit a function to enter, it would enter something else, and I would have to go back to the beginning to start all over.

Example: Enter “Login” – it would inevitably enter the wrong thing and I would end up at something like “lost password.”

My former phone was an LG, which I could use a stylus on (or a pen tip, or a golf tee) and I would fly when tapping text messages, emails, or forum posts.  Not so on the Droid.

You can’t use a stylus as the touch keyboard is finger-heat sensitive.

Answering the phone:

No such thing as one-key answer.  You have to slide your fingertip across the screen to answer, and by the time you have that figured out (never mastered)  you have a missed call.
Notification Options:

It’s either vibrate, with no sound, or miserable sounds for everything.  No in between.

I couldn’t tell when I had an email from one of my four accounts, or a text message, or a phone call. They all sounded the same – or if I had it set to silent, I had to keep checking.

Those are just a few of the negatives of this miserable phone.

However, the story gets worse.

30 Day Worry Free Guarantee – Don’t Believe It

I purchased the Droid at the Verizon Store in Connecticut, which advertises all over the store that there’s a 30-Day Return period where if I didn’t like the phone I could exchange it.

After 8 days, I went to return the phone to exchange for a different one, along with all the accessories I bought:

Car Charger
Screen Protectors
USB Port for Card
Total:  $346.03

When I went to return the phone on July 10, 2010 the store Manager at Verizon Wireless, indicated that the phone, which I’d only had one week, was not in the condition they sold it to me in and would not accept it for return because it had a sticky substance on it.

Duh, I’ve used that miserable phone for one week in my purse and all I had to do was wipe it.  The Manager insinuated that it had been dropped, which it had not been.

Here’s a screen shot of their “Guarantee.”

After letting the Manager know that they were misleading their customers, and that I was not going to be stuck with that awful phone which I didn’t like, and I expected them to honor their “Guarantee” policy that was on just about every wall, he indicated he was going to call the police and have me removed from the store.

Way to go, Verizon.  Way to keep customers, especially ones that have been with you for at least 10 years or more.  Especially ones where every one of my family has had Verizon phones for that long.

This particular Manager was lets say “wet behind the ears” and was obviously strutting his stuff. I would suggest that Verizon spend some time on training their Managers about customer service.  In my business classes, I was always taught that the “customer is always right.”

Fortunately Connecticut is a small state and there are several corporate Verizon stores in the area within driving distance.   I was able to locate a store where the service representative was very courteous and exchanged my phone for a LG Fathom.  I only had to pay a re-stocking fee of $35.

The LG Fathom basically allows me to do many of the functions that I wanted to do with the Droid and has a built-in stylus, which makes it easier to use.

My Observations and Recommendations:

  • Don’t buy a Droid, or the Droid Incredible unless you want to spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to operate that over-hyped phone.OK, so they offer 1-hour long educational classes. Really, it’s a flippin’ p-h-o-n-e. I didn’t even take classes to learn how to give birth.
  • Be prepared to be called a liar and treated like dirt by the Management of some Verizon Wireless corporate stores.
  • Seriously think about switching to AT&T

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  1. Oh my GOSH – what a NIGHTMARE! I was actually considering switching to Verizon in January when they are supposed to be getting the iPhone but they can forget my family EVER being with a company that doesn’t even honor its own policies. NO THANKS. Thank you for the warning and I am SO sorry you had to deal with this and get stuck with this crappy phone :(
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  2. WOW what a crock of crap!!! You know that is why I stick with ATT people have issues with them as well, but as long as you contact the right people they are great. My husband has been wanting the droid even said something about switching to verizon haha no way in hell now… I am so sorry your dealing with this.

  3. Thanks for this! I’ve been thinking about getting one and this is the second bad review I’ve heard this weekend. Sorry you’re stuck with the phone. Or did you get them to take it back?

  4. Thanks for the review of the Droid. I was considering one, but no more. It wouldn’t work for me as I use my thumb nails to type on my current touch screen. You’re right, even small fingers tend to be too ‘fat’ for those screens.

    I’ve quit going to an actual Verizon store unless I absolutely, positively HAVE to. I’ve had bad experiences EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I’ve gone. And that’s 4 cities/towns across 2 states. I handle everything I possibly can online or by calling the 800#. Anytime I’ve gone in a store, they all act like they can’t be bothered to help a customer, and like it’s their first day on the job – even the managers. If the 800# people didn’t have awesome customer service, I would’ve been with another company a long time ago.
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  5. Yikes! Sounds like you’ve had an absolutely horrible experience. I don’t know much about the Droid but I don’t need to know anything else – doesn’t seem like a good option at all!
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  6. I am sorry you had such an awful experience! There are about 4 Verizon stores in my town and I have learned which ones to go to and which ones to avoid. I think it is a shame that the employee had such awful customer service as it reflected so badly on the entire company, even though customer service varies from store to store.

    My husband has big fingers and uses the touch screen fine and after having the phone for a month I am finally getting better at answering with one hand. But it takes some serious getting used to and isn’t for everyone.
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  7. Sounds like Verizon. Our store is hit and miss with customer service. I’d switch, but my extended family has Verizon, and calling them is free.
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  8. Wow! Retail stores really do need to teach and than reteach again the art of customer service. This is just a disgusting way to treat a customer.
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  9. I definitely think a droid is a man’s phone. My husband wants one…me I love my BlackBerry Storm. I do love Verizon though BUT that doesn’t mean there are a few extremely bad apples who need a good coaching (or firing!) on customer relations.
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  10. Wow — thanks so much for the review. I was considering the Droid , but now I guess I’ll go with the Iphone lol .


  11. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. My husband just got a Droid last weekend and absolutely loves it (and hasn’t had any issues with answering or touch sensitivity either – I asked him before commenting).

    I would NEVER switch to AT&T. I had their service on a work phone, loosely termed. I can’t call it service when it drops calls or has no reception in so many areas.
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  12. I love my Droid, I haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever and I am extremely happy with the Verizon customer service. We had a terrible experience with customer service at AT&T.
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  13. I have had my Motorola Droid since it came out on November 6, 2009 and love it. I am a female and have not had any problems with the size of the phone. I went from an HTC model with a stylus to the Droid’s touch screen and really prefer the touchscreen. There are apps to change ringtones and chirps, i.e. Mabilo for the ringtones. The slide to answer the phone is different than just pushing a button, but not difficult to get used to. My son has the Eris and my husband has the Incredible. They really like their phones, but I think my Droid is the best!

    I can’t speak for Verizon’s customer service because I have never had to have them deal with a problem. However, when we got our other son a phone about a week ago, the gal at the store was very helpful and found a billing mistake for which she corrected it from the time it started and provided us a credit. We didn’t even realize that there was an error!

  14. It sounds like you had a bad experience, but having been a Droid owner for about 6 months now, I can say that I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I have 3 different email accounts on my phone and each one has it’s own ringtone, so I know when the noise comes on if it is my work account or a personal account. I even have separate ringtones set up for several of my friends/family who call me often so I know who it is by the ring. It’s not hard at all to swipe your finger across the screen to answer a call, so I am not sure why that was such a big problem for you. I have absolutely no problem what so ever using the keyboard or the onscreen keypad to send text messages. My finger rarely selects the wrong key. My father also has a Droid and he loves it. He had some issues setting up one of his email accounts on the phone and Verizon customer service was extremely helpful in taking care of his problem. All in all, I would say my experience with the Droid has been wonderful!

    I’m sorry that you weren’t happy with it. You are missing out on a great phone.

  15. My husband has a droid and he had a hard time getting the hang of it, but now has it mastered. I tried to borrow it and hell no! I can’t stand it! Too much for me.
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  16. The Droid I have hasnt had any problems and i have no problem usinng the touch screen or the keyboard. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I knonw 10 ppl with the droid and they have not mentioned anything about hating it. its only bulky if you put case on it and belt clip but not as bulky as say the tilt i had with at&t or the windows smartphone i had before that. I even rooted my phone no problem.

    I have how ever experienced bad customer service with verizon. Just depends on the person in the store i cant blame “Verizon” for the one person I like the reception i get and call quality. even if they charge $9 in tax on my bill.

  17. I love all of the nasty comments you are getting.. for your OPINION! People chill out and move on.

    Thanks for this review. We will be switching to Verizon soon since hubby will save on his line for being a teacher in NY. I won’t get this, I need something simple anyways. I have my iTouch when I want to go online. Thanks for your wonderful review of your HONEST OPINION!

  18. So here I am sitting in an airport waiting for me return flight, with seemingly nothing better to do than write this. Don’t you just love endless hours spent either on an aircraft, or sitting in an uncomfortable chair at an airport? I know I do and let us not forget about the food, oh the wondrous food. I’m not entirely convinced it’s edible to be honest. Anyway.. Hi.

    As you may have guessed by the subject of the email I’m writing this in response to your “review” on the Motorola Droid. I will try and break this into sections pertaining to each section in your Droid “review”. Thank you for bearing with me.

    Size / design:
    The droid was not designed for guys general, however it was designed to appeal to a niche market that was not overly concerned with appearances. If you remember any of the early advertisements for the phone there was an add talking about how it was not “flashy”. In fact I would even offer the opinion that they did a good job with the design, it is a very rugged, durable design. Just because it doesn’t appeal to the mainstream market doesn’t make it a poor design. They were not going after the iPhone market demographic, they were going after the people who value functionality over appearance, and they were dead on.

    The screen on this phone is not heat sensitive as you described in your post, it is capacitive ( feel free to verify this for yourself) . Short description below.

    A capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO).[6][7] As the human body is also a conductor, touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the body’s electrostatic field, measurable as a change in capacitance.

    While there are some people who love the physical keyboard, I am not one of them, it’s crap. I’m male, with fairly large hands and fingers and I have no problem using the virtual keyboard in landscape mode. I will however not even attempt to use it in vertical mode. It took me a little while to get used to it, but I have no problems now. Any new keyboard has a learning curve and this is no different.
    My girlfriend enjoyed playing with my droid so much that she has now gotten herself one as well. She does not have any problems using the virtual keyboard either.

    Answering the phone:
    What exactly is the problem with this? Is it really that difficult for you to swipe the trigger to the right? I can manage it one handed, so can my girlfriend who has quite small hands. If you can’t do it with one hands you always have the option of holding it with one and answering with the other. Then if you still have a problem with that there is an app in the market that allows you to answer the phone merely by shaking it. You also have the option to remap a hardware button on the phone and use it to accept the call if you like. There are a lot of options out there if you had looked.

    Notification Options:
    Did you even look at the manual or any of the settings? You can set a different notification alert for each individual app if you like. Facebook, the sms app, email… You can also use a custom ringtone or notification as well. Additionally in the settings you are able to choose to have the phone always vibrate, even if you have an audible ringtone.

    I’m sorry for the poor quality of service you received from VZW, that is beyond unacceptable. However, a rude VZW rep should not be mentioned as an actual fault to the phone. It really doesn’t matter which provider you use, you’re bound to encounter bad representatives at some point.

    I can’t help feel as if you are partially missing what this phone and other android phones represent. Not just a device to be used as a phone, but a open source platform or alternatives to the locked down devices that consumers are usually stuck with. That is the true beauty of the platform and if you were really that much of a “techie” you would see and understand that. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.

    Maybe the Droid or Android itself just isn’t the right fit for you, but please don’t post false information about it and act as if it is the worst thing ever. It’s not. There are other Android phones coming to market that should be more simple, which you might actually enjoy ( some on AT&T even).

    The Droid is a very capable device, and it serves the needs of the people it is geared to quite well. I’m able to remotely ssh into my server, reboot it, run diagnostics, or even control my personal computer remotely from my phone.
    Being that it is open source I am able to modify the phone to fit my needs, I have access to the sensors on the phone and can use it to trigger real time events at my home. What I’m saying is that it is a great phone, maybe not for you, but still a good device none the less.

    I’m sorry your experience wasn’t what you had hoped it would be, and if you ever decide to give Android another go around take advantage of the community behind it. We are always willing to help someone learn about their phone. If not you can just contact me I have lost count of how many people I have helped one way or another.I hope you are happy with whatever device you are currently using and wish you well. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Take care, be well.

    • Hello Brandon

      While I appreciate your taking the time to give a very detailed explanation, I still feel that I have the right to express my opinions on my own blog as I see fit.

      The comments and name-calling that I have received on posts that I have deleted, in emails and on social media sites were beyond disgusting and uncalled for.

      Your email at least was civil.

      While I have closed comments on my post, I am willing to re-open it to add your email as a comment in it’s entirety.

      You make some very valid points that deserve to serve as a rebuttal, as opposed to the nasty comments that I’ve deleted from my blog.

      I do wish to add that the customer service rep at Verizon, a very young one at that, offered none of the information that you mentioned in their “sales pitch” regarding this phone. Nothing at all. Had Verizon reps been properly trained to set forth the information you presented, I would have been better informed as to it’s capabilities – perhaps I would have bought it knowing that, perhaps I would have passed and purchased the phone I have now.

      Knowing what I know now, maybe down the road I’ll purchase a Droid when my contract is up. If not a Droid, then a model that’s an Android.

      As your comment sums up succinctly what needs to be known in advance by most non-techie or quasi-techie, (but obviously not super techie) users who have an interest in purchasing the Droid, I’m going to close comments on this post after yours.

      You mentioned you were part of a community.

      It is my hope that the “community” use their social media skills and efforts to act as goodwill ambassadors to inform people as to why they like the features of this particular phone, it’s capabilities, and where to gain access and support for further information.

      Rather than using their efforts to harass those who don’t know where to access information (other than the VZW store itself.)

      Civility goes a long way.

      Thanks for your time, and for wishing me well.

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