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New England Foodies Rave over Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce ~ A Review`


Now that summer is in full swing, that means plenty of entertaining opportunities! Whether you’re the hostess, or a guest ~ there’s bound to be lots of cooking going on in the kitchen or on the grill!

When one thinks of New England, the images of chowder and lobster may be conjured up. But let me assure you ~ we New Englanders are as fond of barbecue as the rest of the country!

I recently had the opportunity to review Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

Country Bob’s generously sent me 2 full, 13-oz. bottles (368 g) of “Country Bob Edson’s Original Recipe” sauce, and included a free Recipe Collection booklet. Headquarted in Centralia, Illinois, their website teases that “Almost everyone who tries Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce becomes a lifelong user.”

Eager to find out, I tested the sauce on two separate occasions on those whom I consider the ultimate foodie taste-testers ~ my family!

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce can be used on steak, barbeque, chicken, fries, fish and hamburger, ground beef or ground turkey.

Ingredients include tomato concentrate, vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, salt, onion powder, caramel color, garlic powder, natural flavors and other spices.

Our first meal was a juicy, succulent thick sirloin steak. Normally we use a steak sauce that is similar, but doesn’t contain molasses. We all used Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce as a dipping sauce.

We immediately noticed that there was a somewhat sweeter taste to it, which I think can only be attributed to the molasses and spices ~ as opposed to the brand I normally would use. Out of the 4 people dining (the 4th generally eats everything sans sauce) 3 gave Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce a Thumbs Up!

On our second gourmand taste-test experience, I prepared Steak Sandwiches, smothered in onions, Provolone cheese, and covered in a sauce enhanced using Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. Based upon the taste-test the evening prior, I felt that the molasses would definitely add to the flavor when slathering the sauce on the sliced hoagie rolls before adding the sandwich steaks.

Success! Even finicky eater loved the sauce made out of Country Bob’s (as long as she didn’t have to dip anything!)

Overall, just as promised, Country Bob’s made a believer out of my family!  Country Bob’s has been around since 1968.  A corporation of equal ownership was formed in 1982 consisting of Bob Edison, Terry Edson, Al Malekovic and Reed Malekovic.

Find out for yourself, and get a coupon good for a Free Sample!

Visit the Country Bob’s website to find a retail location near you. You can also place your order online.

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