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Every time I see a Dumpster or Bagster in front of someone's house or driveway ~ I SO WANT ONE

Stuff and DUMPSTER ENVY | What I Really Want for my Birthday


HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone and Welcome to 2008!I’m starting off the New Year with some personal Resolutions. Don’t always keep them, but I try. So before I hit the ground running with all the neat topics I hope to cover this year, I’m going to let my hair down, and show my pitiful Boomer age.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a DH (the D part is “most of the time”) and 2 grown DDs (again, “most of the time”). I survived Christmas & doing all the cooking over at Moomette’s house, and last nite, New Year’s Eve, in my sweats, babysat till 3 am while her parents were “Out-on-the-Town”. Just me, the cat, the dog & the kid. (See previous post about being “Out-on-the-Town”.) I had to reboot their computer 3 times, trying to work on my blog.

To make my day yesterday, Youngest DD is going to be 21, and decided to clean her room. Now we all know that I have a Bonanzle Booth, and my store room is Oldest DD’s former bedroom. I also have my “office” in a corner of my dining room, where my rolltop computer desk is. Now mind you, my house is not a McMansion, but it’s OK. We’ve been here over 30 years; this is our ‘starter house’, and as far as my DH is concerned, they’ll have to carry him out of here feet first before he moves. He’s lived in this town his entire life. He’ll never know when I have him on the mantel in a warmer climate down South, where I’d prefer to live. That’s a topic of discussion for a whole ‘nother post.

To make a long story short, the College Student decided to clean out her room, (surprise!) and dragged all the stuff for me ‘to list on Bonanzle’ into my dining room. Needless to say, I flipped….Oldest DD does the same thing to me ….

Rambling here…Oldest DD is the Domestic Diva who’s main goal after college & marriage was to be a Martha Stewart ‘wannabe’ and decorate the complete opposite of her untalented, decorating-challenged mother. We’re greatful that the college education that we paid for, without any loans on her part ~ has enabled her & New Hubby to own a newer, larger, more bedroomed, bigger basemented home than we do. Stuff Free.

Which brings me to the Dumpster Envy part of this Blog. Now you see, my Birthday is coming up in another week. I don’t know if any of you are old enough to remember George Carlin, the comedian. A bit crude, but he had a good routine about his “Stuff” many years ago that I still chuckle over. If you ever get a chance to listen to it ~ Do. Mental note to self this New Year ~~ sign up for Fly Lady & her organizational tips again. Her system does help, but I got away from it for awhile!

Therefore, I have painfully come to the realization that…

~ I will never own a different home. Not even a condo. This is it. Case closed.

~ The dreams I had that we would add a second full bath ~ ain’t gonna happen. Kids are grown & gone now. Don’t need it anyway.

~ We will never be able to park any one of our cars in the garage. Ain’t gonna happen. DH has too much stuff in there. And the shed. And the basement. All his, none of my stuff. Except for about 5 hand-gardening tools to plant bulbs.

~ The stuff that DD didn’t take with her when she got married – high school mommentos, college Lacrosse Sticks, Soccer Shin Pads, Yearbook ~ Photos ~ they’re all still in her closet. I keep asking DD & Hubby to pack it up and take it to their stuff-free basement. But, either she or he are in their work clothes, or on their way somewhere ~ you get my drift. So one of these days I keep threatening that it’s going to land on their doorstep. And it will, as soon as the snow melts here in New England.

~I love & miss my dear MIL, but in my younger, ‘just engaged, just married days’, naively heeded her advice about how I had to have ‘all things needing to be polished & spit shined’ in order to ‘properly & graciously entertain’ ..i.e., silver ~ pewter….Totally 1970s. Guess what? Bonanzle Inventory now (oops, I mean ‘Vintage Collectibles’.) You think my kids would want it? HA!

~ I keep telling my girls, that they too, will inherit All of This Stuff! Just as I inherited all of this STUFF when we cleaned out my late Grandmother’s, Mom’s, Mother-In-Law’s & Aunt’s homes. Their time will come. Payback.

Which brings me at last, to the DUMPSTER ENVY part. Every time I see a Dumpster or Bagster in front of someone’s house or driveway ~ I SO WANT ONE~

This is what I really want for my Birthday! Not a wallet, a facial, more clothes, None of that! I want a Dumpster– just for a little while!

Anyone else out there feel my pain?

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  1. Boy, can I relate to the above… all except the basement. No such luxury in Florida! Hope you will check out my blog and my evil twin’s blog Sixties_Chick. ;> Cant wait to see your reaction.

  2. A dumpster? Ooh, that’s what I want for Christmas! I hope you got yours for your birthday.

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