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Here's a blogging tip about a "must-have" plugin for Wordpress users called NoFollow Reciprocity. The purpose of Nofollow-Reciprocity is to 'redistribute' PageRank to small blog site owners. If you're a work-at-home mom blogger like me, this is something you should sit up and pay attention to.

Must Have WP Plugin: Improve the Web with NoFollow Reciprocity


Here’s one of the best plugins blogging tips about  a “must-have” plugin for WordPress users called NoFollow Reciprocity.  The purpose of Nofollow Reciprocity is to ‘redistribute’ PageRank to small blog  site owners. If you’re a work-at-home mom blogger like me, this is something you should sit up and pay attention to.

NoFollow Reciprocity Plugin

NoFollow Reciprocity WordPress Plugin

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I first came across this plug-in on The Sits Girls site.  Every day I read and comment on their daily posts, and sometimes don’t get a chance to be the first one to comment.  Normally I’m at the end – and it’s at the end of their blog pages where I saw the “Improve the web with Nofollow -Reciprocity” and followed the link.   Interesting, thought I.  If they have it on their site, it must be good, because after all, they host Bloggy Bootcamp around the country.

After reading through the information, I said to myself, that as a blogger who’s readership comes close, but doesn’t yet surpass Dooce, The Bloggess or The Pioneer Woman, this is a no-brainer.

What the NoFollow Reciprocity wp plugin is attempting to do is:

The purpose of Nofollow-Reciprocity is to ‘redistribute’ PageRank to small site owners. This plugin detects links to above mentioned sites, and puts ‘nofollow’ tags on them. ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’  WordPress is a major blogging platform, with tens of millions of users. If many people using WordPress use this plugin, other big sites may reconsider their ‘nofollow’ strategy.

I installed it on this blog, along with my other two blogs – Frugal New England Kitchen and Great Finds and Giveaways.

For example, many of us have the Facebook “Like” button on our site.  We give Facebook  link juice by not having the no-follow on that little blue button.  But Facebook  gives us squat link juice back.

The same holds true for Tweetmeme, Tweet This, Twitter and many social networking and Ning sites that we belong to where we have our profiles listed.   In each, we don’t receive any link juice back.

This plugin will eliminate that, by automatically inserting the NoFolow code to those little buttons.

The NoFollow-Reciprocity plugin will also insert NoFollow code into the social icons at the buttons at the bottom of this post, such as SexyBookmarks (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc).

Also, should you link to an article in Wikipedia – and don’t put in a NoFollow code – the plugin will automatically insert a NoFollow Code in there.

Although  I already use the wp SEO Platinum plugin and can automatically insert NoFollow on certain outgoing links should I choose,  it doesn’t take care of those little social icon buttons that we have no control over.

So, essentially, it’s redistributing some of that link juice our way, or at least to the smaller bloggers.

UPDATE: If you are unfamiliar with the concept of NoFollow/Dofollow tags for blogs, or would like a simplified explanation in order to understand what the NoFollow Reciprocity plugin does, please read this post by Melanie at Blogging Basics 101 SEO: What Are NoFollow and DoFollow Links?

So what do you think, would you like some link juice?

If you do, then Stumble, Tweet, Share on Facebook and tell your friends and fellow bloggers about this post!

Further Information about the NoFollow Reciprocity Plugin

Download: WordPress NoFollow Reciprocity Plugin Page
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  2. Thanks! I am going to get it right now!

  3. I’m not sure I understand the “no follow” concept. Could you explain a little bit more about how this helps a site? It seems kind of rude to tell people not to follow sites that you have thought well enough about to link to? Obviously I’m missing something…

    Sorry, very new! :)
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  4. I am still confused on what it does. This whole no follow thing confuses me. I don’t even know if all links on my site are auto follow or no follow.
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  5. Thanks! I do have one question…what about links in guest posts? If I install this, will people still be able to click on those links?

  6. That sounds so complicated but it’s good that the program takes care of all of it for you!
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  7. Very informative. I think I have a faint understanding of “nofollow” now since you added the links to “simple explanations” of the concept. I did find that blog posts I have done thru IZEA (for pay) insisted that the links I included were “nofollow” links and there is no other reference to “nofollow” on my blogger blog. Whew! And, I installed Firefox SEO so I can see what other bloggers are up to. You are super-cool my friend!
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  8. Thanks. I am delving into the follow vs no follow foray and appreciate the article!
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  9. This is great information to share. i add those tags by hand and it gets time consuming over time. Definitely keep it in mind when I switch to WordPress

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  10. Is it the same as the “Framebuster plugin” where social networked blogs will redirect your site into them and might rob your adsense earnings and page rank? I read about it from other blog and they suggested to install this plugin.

  11. Thank you for this. I”m going to add it now.

  12. Thanks. I went in and added the plugin to my site. I like that it targets only the sites that are using NoFollow, not all links.
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  17. I just did a blog post today on plugins I actually use vs those you see on the same list over and over again that do me no good whatsoever. I had to edit my post to include this one. With credit back to you – and of course the link is DoFollow. LOL Thanks!
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  21. So are you saying that this benefits those with smaller blogs or bigger blogs? I’m a smaller blog (I think) and I need all the help I can get since Google doesn’t appear to want to ever update page rank again. The only thing I have to go on is my Alexa ranking.
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  22. Now I’m itching to start a blog on WordPress. I really want to try this plug-in but cannot install it on my free-hosted Blogger blogs.

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