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BlogHer12 New York City

Not At BlogHer Conference This Year? Neither Am I | BlogHer 12 | But No Need For a Pity Party


Choices and Decisions

Blogging Conference Education Without The Expense


While many of my favorite blogging buddies will be at BlogHer in New York City I’ll be at home in Connecticut enjoying my family time.  As a Connecticut blogger for the last 5 years writing about food on Frugal New England Kitchen, reviews and travel in New England, understand that while blogging strategies techniques and making connections are important, I personally believe that  making family memories is more important.

My decision to not attend BlogHer was a love-hate relationship, and I’ll tell you why.

Having read so many posts from those who attended BlogHer over the last several years, I was excited beyond belief that the chosen venue for 2012 will be NYC – a mere 2 hour trip for me by train!  I could finally attend all the informational break-out sessions, and get to meet my friends in person – those that I tweeted with, chat with on Facebook, Pinterest, regularly participate with on forums, comment on their blogs and work directly with on PR campaigns.

I could buy an Early-Bird ticket and put up a banner and post seeking a sponsor(s.)  I mentally mapped out my trip on the Amtrak train out of New Haven; arrival at Grand Central Station, and cab ride Uptown ( I don’t do subways.)

Lunch at the Russian Tea Room – Dinner at Gallagher’s! Shopping at American Girl! A chance for this country mouse to be an Uptown Girl and get out of Dodge and feel like I was in my 20’s again (OK, I’ll settle for 30’s.)

There was just one itsy, bitsy minor factor and little bug in this whole scenario – taking place August 2-4.

My only grandson, the pride and joy of our lives (along with my own kids, and my granddaughter) – will be celebrating his birthday and turning four on August 5th and his birthday party will be held over the weekend on August 4th.

See where I’m going with this?

I would be missing this milestone in his life.  My grandson’s paternal set of grandparents will be coming down from Vermont, along with my charming son-in-law’s twin brother (I call him “the bonus”), assorted relatives and friends for a backyard BBQ on Saturday that my daughter is hosting.

You may not remember “Double your Pleasure, Double the Fun” – but the twins’ birthday is also in August, which means the two heirs and the spare will be honored at this must-attend-event-of-the-year. Take that, Queen Elizabeth Jubilee!

My name would be mud with the fam if I was in New York City at a blogging conference.

I get it.

There was a brief stint in my life where my life was actually just that …. MY life.  My kids were out of school, and the grandkids hadn’t been born yet.  I could have gone to BlogHer then – but (always a but) – I was a newbie to blogging, and would have needed a sponsor in order to be able to afford the  airfare, ticket, lodging and other associated costs. Actually, I still need a sponsor for conference education – but that’s another post.

So I’m at home, watching the #blogher12 hashtags, eating my heart out trying to gain insight into the relationship building and PR face-time that’s taking place without me.

You’d like me, really, you would!

Next year BlogHer13 will be in another city – taking place on almost the exact same dates.  As long as BlogHer takes place during any date covering August 5th, it’ll be taking place without me.

I’ll be attending vicariously – reading all the posts that my friends will put up detailing the Fun!  The Connections!  The Swag!  The Classes!  The tears of joy in meeting new friends and tears of sorrow saying good-bye to new friends.

What I’ve Learned By Staying Home

Through the social media medium Facebook, I discovered that my friends often participate in sharing posts and Instagram photos which will enable me to link up this Pity Party post and find camaraderie among other bloggers, moms and dads alike.

Isn’t the internet amazing?  While I’m not physically present at the blogging conference BlogHer12, I’m still able to learn, foster and develop friendships among my peers – perhaps even more so because it won’t be on a hit-and-run basis.

I’m a conference virgin. Perhaps another conference will come my way. There’s always SITS Bloggy Boot Camp, which was in Boston one year, and perhaps maybe I’ll get to Type-A Parent Conference, which will be held in Atlanta for a change.

But see what I would have missed?

Happy Birthday, Slugger!

What would you have done?

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