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Online Degrees Becoming More Popular ~Finish Your College Education


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One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try to encourage anyone who has put off finishing their College Education and getting a Bachelor’s Degree to seriously consider signing up and doing it this year. Have you considered online classes?

Online Classes

When I was thinking of going back when I was in my 40s, I said to my DH, that it was going to take me 5 years to finish part-time. He said, well~~ how old will you be in 5 years? Yes, I’d be 5 years older. He then said,”well, you’re going to be 5 years older anyway, so you could be 5 years older either with, or without the degree.” That convinced me, and I signed up for online courses at Charter Oak State College in Connecticut. I finished up an Associates Degree I started in the 1970s, and then went on to complete a B.S. in Business Administration. Visit on Facebook

online education courses computerI’d like to share a few articles that support the benefit of taking online computer courses in order to finish your college education and obtain a Degree.

Whether you’re a WAHM, SAHM, Baby Boomer Senior, or just simply interested in exploring a new subject, whether you have a netbook or a laptop computer, online courses are perfect for keeping one’s mind active.

Online Degrees Becoming More Popular by Simon Harris

Perhaps the most significant change in higher education in the United States over the past several years has been the rapid growth in online education programs offered by major colleges and universities. The number of schools offering these programs has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years and the trend shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

One of the biggest advantages to online education is the huge advantages it presents to working adults. Previously working adults found it difficult to manage a full time job, often a family and going to classes in the evening. Online education has allowed working adults the opportunity to further their education while at the same time giving the student time to still hold down a job and manage a family.

One of the most important items to look for when considering an online education is accreditation. Many of the online programs are offered by accredited universities but some are not so make sure you do your home work regarding accreditation.

Obtaining an online degree requires the same amount of class time and study hours as does attending a campus based school. The main advantage is the ability to do the work on your schedule and without the hassle of a commute. In most cases students have access to the university’s real instructors. This is something that you need to make certain is offered.

The types of degrees offered via online courses also has increased greatly over the past few years. Not only can you obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree online, but you can now study and obtain a masters or in some cases a doctorate via online learning.

Obtaining a college degree gives you increased or enhanced earning power as you advance through your career. You are far more likely to be looked on for promotion if you have earned your degree or are attending college to further your education than those who are not attending college or do not have a degree.

Online education has totally revolutionized the way people look at their educational futures. Gone are the days when you finished high school and had to decide on whether to get a full
time job or attend college. Young adults now are free to do both, working a full time job while at the same time working towards their college degree by studying online from the comfort of their home.

Online education is likely to become even more popular over the coming years. The advantages to potential students are many, allowing more time for other activities, whether that be work or family, the opportunities offered by colleges and universities offering online degree programs are very apparent to the potential student.

About the author: Simon Harris talks about Online Education and University of Phoenix. Read about obtaining online college degrees at

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  1. Another plus point of an online degree, and I speak from experience here as a SAHM, who recently graduated with an online degree in Business Management, is that most employers recognize that it takes a great deal of commitment and determination to succeed at an online degree. They believe that students who opt for such courses are disciplined and able to multi-task and balance work, school and other responsibilities – all necessary traits to excel in most careers. Learning online also allows for time to work and to rack up work experience and additional qualifications if necessary. This is always a plus point where employers are concerned and will always work in your favor, so never fear that you may be wasting your time while planning to pursue an online degree program that may not pay off in the future. It’s the best way to get things started for you – take my word for it.

  2. I think online courses are one of the best ways for working moms to be able to finish their education. I recently had a friend graduate via UoP after 12 years of putting it off to raise her children. There is no other way she could have found the time to squeeze in her studies and classowrk, had this option not been available.

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