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Online Marketing Strategies for Home Based Businesses


I’ve been busy, busy lately! My DD, Moomette’s mom, is not only between jobs, but is expecting her second child in August! She say’s that although she & DH will find out ahead of time whether it’s a girl or boy, she’s not planning on letting us know until the baby’s born, so it’ll be a “surprise.” Ha. If it’s a boy, I bet I’ll be writing about it here sooner than the arrival date!

In the meantime, I’ve put all my “venture”s under one roof and you can see them all at MOOMETTE’S MAGNIFICENTS OLDE TOWN SHOPPES.
I’m employing many of the wonderful techniques that Betsy, over at Smart Moms shares. A great way to empower & market your WAHM eBiz. Come exchange Links with me and PLUG your site!

Online Marketing Strategies for Home Based Businesses

If you own a home based business, more than likely you are looking for creative ways to market your business. Thankfully with the internet, there is a whole online world just waiting for you! By creating an online marketing strategy you can essentially market your business for free and drive traffic to your site. And the great part is that most of these routes are few and don’t require a lot of time or effort.

Here are just a few simple ways to market yourself and your business online!

Blogs: A great way to get started is simply to start a Blog. A blog is completely free and is a glorified online journal. Blogger and WordPress are two of the more popular hosts. Look around and see what you like and then just get started. Keep in mind the goal of your blog. Is it to promote yourself, your business or simply to talk about your daily life? You can start out slowly by just posting a couple times a week, however, if you really want to utilize your blog as a resource for traffic, make it a goal to post something worth reading on a daily basis.

Forums: Forums have become an increasingly popular way to network with other people. There are thousands to choose from, so just start looking. Whether you go to Yahoo and type in groups or Google “forums”, you will be amazed at what you find. Try to find groups that will allow you to promote your business as well as gain insight and knowledge from others. It might take a while to find a good fit, but don’t give up. A good forum can be an excellent resource for you when you’re first getting started as well as an excellent tool once you’re established!

Articles: The purpose of articles is to drive more traffic to your site or blog. To do this, you simply write an article on any subject, include your bio with links and then submit them to various article submissions sites. Once accepted, your article will be on these sites for anyone to read or use for their site, blog, eZine or other publications. Whether your article is viewed by curious readers or is published on other sites, the traffic you generate can be very rewarding.

Since articles are a free resource, be sure to write articles often. Make it a goal to write at least one a week, if not more. Post them on several different article submission sites and then site back and watch your hits and sales go up!

Blogs, forum, and articles are just a few simple ways to start generating traffic and creating a presence online. All three are simple and free ways that you can begin to target a cold market on a daily basis; reaching potential customers from around the country and world! If you begin to focus daily on these three sources for marketing, you will quickly start to see your traffic increase. Be consistent and offer helpful information and you will surely see your sales increase!

Betsy Canevari is a Work at Home mom with a toddler. Her passion is to help other women learn how to make money by working at home. For more great tips for marketing online, visit her Work at Home site.
Betsy Canevari
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