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Kids love to help when it comes to cooking. Getting them involved early is a good way for them to learn responsibility and a skill they can use in life.

Organic Batter Blaster: Making Breakfast Easy With Kids


Keep Cooking Simple

Organic Batter Blaster

Cooking Teaches Kids Life Skills

Many families never plan menus. They go to the grocery store with no idea in mind or what it is they want to buy. Is it any wonder that there’s often nothing in the house to eat?

Menu planning isn’t a difficult task. It seems to take a lot of valuable time, but in the end it actually saves time in unnecessary trips to the store, and the nightly indecision of what the kids are going to have for breakfast in the morning.

When my kids were little, their favorite breakfast before heading out to school was chocolate chip pancakes and waffles.  I didn’t mind making them when I worked part-time.  I worked out of the home 3 days per week until they got older; so it was easy for me to do.

But on those days when I did have to rush out the door, I felt guilty about not making their favorite breakfast food, as preparation time is required.

I like to try something new occasionally, and my husband, who likes to poke through grocery stores,  brought home Organic Batter Blaster Pancake Mix!

On the days that I have to babysit ‘Lil Moomette and her brother, I can easily make pancakes for the grandkids and know that they’re starting off the day with a good breakfast! We pressed a few chocolate chips into the batter as it was cooking in the pan, and presto! It tasted just as good as if made from scratch!

Kids love to help when it comes to cooking. Getting them involved early is a good way for them to learn responsibility and a skill they can use in life.

Cooking with kids can also be a time of bonding for child and parent. Kids can help in various ways; age appropriate tasks are best. Your younger children can just point and blast the pancake mix into the pan!

Showing kids simple things they can do will make them feel important. It’s a way of having fun with your children, and the fun thing about cooking with your kids is that they’re learning a new skill, they just don’t realize it!

Cooking with your kids and as a family is a great way to connect with your children. Keeping them involved in activities such as finding new recipes and cooking lets them know you think they’re special.

Organic Batter Blaster has been featured on the Food Network and CBS, and is available in BJ’s and local grocery stores.

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