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Working from a home office can easily become a productivity killer when a business owner doesn’t stay on top of things. However, this can be changed with a few simple steps to get your business organized making productivity easier.

Blogging Tips: Time Management Coaching Session Giveaway


Professional Organizing

Increase Productivity

As a WAHM blogger, I’m finding that working from home has many advantages and also a sort of familiarity that can become a downright pitfall in some instances. I also still work full-time (although I’m currently looking for FT online work) and have discovered that it’s easy and sometimes quickly discovered that away from an office your productivity isn’t as high as you thought it would be.

Working from a home office can easily become a productivity killer when a business owner doesn’t stay on top of things. However, this can be changed with a few simple steps to get your business organized making productivity easier.

I recently had the opportunity to have a 35-40 minute coaching session with Simple Organized Sanity (S.O.S.) I was sent a questionnaire to fill out prior to the coaching session via the phone, and then was sent a full report with all the tips and tricks that I might need, a $30 value.

Christie Love is a professional organizer, and the brains behind Simple Organized Sanity.  She founded her company in January, 2009 on the premise that:

I’ve always had a knack and a love for planning and organizing spaces and rooms as well as scheduling and managing time.

Their mission is to teach moms how to save time, money, and energy by helping them find real life solutions that are personalized for their families.

During our telephone conference we discussed my needs relating to organizing my blogging endeavors.  Besides offering work-at-home, blogging and social media advice, I also am a Product Reviewer.  As such, I’m under constant deadlines, and must keep track of whether the products have been received; scheduling posts; offering Giveaways, and seeing that the companies fulfill the giveaways to the winner.

Christie offered the following suggestions to me:

1.      Create a Master Blog Notebook by getting a three ring notebook and divide it into monthly sections.  Download their Blog Topic Tracker where I’ll be able to print one page off for each month to keep track of the upcoming blogs that I want to plan for and prepare.  Christie suggested printing one sheet of each month for each of my blogs, and use a different color of paper for each blog that I write.

2) A filing system will be your best friend. Set up a tickler file in my home office.   Simply Organized Sanity provided a helpful link to a video Vlog post to help you get an idea for setting up the tickler file.

Use the tickler to keep track of contacts, emails, contests and administrative material.

Have 31 days, 12 months and perhaps even a year or two in the future inside the tickler system in order to allow me the most flexibility in planning.

Consider having color coded research files for each month in order that I know what I want to work on in the future for my different blogs.  I also am the author of the recently revamped Frugal New England Kitchen, where I offer Helpful Hints from a Yankee Grandmom.

3) Set up office hours for when I’l be blogging, working on social networking, contacting people, commenting on blogs, etc., and to build those routines into my weekly schedule.

4) Use a time with my office hours to help me be accountable to the time I have planned. (If I’m only going to comment on blogs, or visit social media sites and forums for one hour a week, set my timer for 45 minutes in order to give me a cue to find a stopping point.)

Simply Organized Sanity also offers custom designed planners to suit your family or business needs.

Low productivity in a home office arises mainly from disorganization.  We aren’t sure what we want to work on or what is most important sometimes, so it takes a little while to get that together. If you are organized from the beginning and keep your priorities current, you won’t spend your time deciding what to do next – you’ll already know. Good bye time wasters, hello productivity!

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  2. I visited the SoS website. I like all the checklists and that you can purchase them individually instead of having to spend $40 for a set of lists that may not all apply to you.
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  5. As a relatively new review blogger (but not new to blogging) I was just wondering this morning how to get organized so that I don’t MISS a review I was supposed to do or something. Thanks for the timely tips!
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  6. I need this. Organization is not as easy as it used to be. I am pretty sure I could knock off a couple hours earlier if I was more organized.
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  7. Where oh where does the time go?
    I have lost a lot of time, so if you find it please enjoy it!

  8. Thanks for tip. I really need to work on my priorities and time. But sometimes, even when i have the luxury of time, nothing is coming out that leaves me staring at the blank screen. I need more inspirations by reading, reading, reading, and of course getting lovely and inspiring comments from friends. Theyre one of your best inspirations, right? Dropping by from SITS!
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  9. I am a subscriber!
    Anytime I can find an easier way and to organize, I am all for it! I like the Organize your Information. If something ever happened to me I want to make it easy for my kids!!
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  16. I loved this post! I don’t want to enter the giveaway, but I had to leave a comment. The tips that Christie shared are fantastic! I do most of them already and feel that I stay very productive and on task now from when I first started “professionally” blogging. Using timers to track your time is the best. A timer that counts up and a timer that counts down can be your best friend. I know personally if I don’t time things I end up blog surfing for 4 hours before I realize it and miss all that work time! Especially with a toddler, my work time is precious and every minute has to be accounted for.

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