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Outer Banks Hattaras Lighthouse

Traveling Vicariously | Outer Banks | North Carolina


Visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Well, tonight I was going to settle in and write a nice product review.  However, I’m sitting here at the computer and it’s just gotten warm enough to open the window and let the almost-summer night air in.  The Summer Solstice isn’t too far away.  Next to Autumn, it’s my favorite time of year.

But then I got to thinking about this crummy weather we’ve been having in New England lately, and my mind started to wander with thoughts about taking a vacation from it all.

Since that isn’t likely to happen (outside of the camping trip we have planned for a few days) I decided to revive my Vicarious Traveler meme.

So now, in my mind, where do I want to go?  Europe?  See the U.S.A. in a  Chevrolet foreign made car?  I was going to let you all visit one of my favorite places in New England –  Newport, Rhode Island with all their glorious Golden Age mansions, but I’ll save that to another day when the warmer weather (hopefully) sets in.

I was thinking about Rio, since my friend’s sister went to Brazil as a foreign exchange student while in high school.  I tried Google Earth, but don’t feel like downloading the application this late at night.

So, I’ve decided to take myself down south, to the Outer Banks of .  My DD26 took a road trip there maybe when she was a freshman in college.  Seems like my kids are getting to see all the places I always wanted to go.

There are mountain people and then there are seashore people, and I thrive when I can smell the scent of salt water in the air, and feel sand between my toes.  I look across the Atlantic (since I’ve never seen the Pacific) and see myself sipping lattes in little bistros in some Parisian or Italian city.  At least that’s how I pictured myself when I was a teenager, many years ago.

So here’s some pictures of sites to see, and links of places to go.

If you’ve been, drop me a comment and fuel my imagination, and maybe I’ll just get there some day, by hook or by crook, with or without the non-traveling DH.

I’ve already had my say about the virtues of traveling solo.

Outer Banks North Carolina

Outer Banks Tourism Bureau

Wright Brothers Memorial Kill Devil Hills North Carolina

Wright Brothers Memorial – Kill Devil Hills

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Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Tourism
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  1. Take a look at our live web cam! This should definitely help fuel your imagination of how wonderful the beaches are here in the Outer Banks! We have had many guests tell us they look at it daily to feel like they are on the beach as they count down the days until their vacation. Also take a look at our facebook page where we post videos frequently to show how gorgeous the beach days are here in the Outer Banks,

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