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Party Planning During Summer | Heat Humidity and AC


This month is going to be busy! Two of our grandchildren will be baptised. The weather is looking to be magnificent, hot and humid for June!

Out of state relatives will be attending, and it’s time to fix up the Bed and Breakfast.  If you’re expecting family visits this travel season or just fixing up your home and looking for ac replacement in Keller, or trying to find quality contractors in the following areas: remodeling, heating and air conditioning, improve your air quality in your home roofing, electrical, general, plumbing, painting, flooring, among others now is the time for an expert contractor in your state! It’s time to remodel and get rid of the window rattler !Pavilion Photo

We were looking for a venue for the christening, and most were very expensive.  Even to rent a pavilion at a state park or beach was over $200. That included a few picnic tables and no playground for the kids.  It’s always nice to have a playground nearby to keep the kids occupied.  Grills for a cookout would be nice too if already set up, so we wouldn’t have to bring our own.  If it rains though, we’re stuck under the canopy.

Summer Party Planning

Indoor rentals at halls can be expensive.  Most halls will hold about 150 people and that would just be too big for our little group of about 35 people, kids and adults.

Since we won’t be doing any cooking or having the event catered, we really couldn’t justify the cost of a kitchen.

What I think we’re going to do is just order some hoggies, grinders and subs from our local grocery store, and order a big sheet cake for dessert.  We will skip the hot dogs and hamburgers, and that way we won’t have to do any cooking in the hot weather, and we can use paper plates and plastic knives and forks.  The clean-up will be minimal, and I can use some nice cotton handmade dish cloths.

With the current hot real estate market, young families are looking to move, and many retirees are downsizing.  Choosing a new home or condo that will fit your lifestyle is important for hosting family gatherings during the holidays, summer picnics, family events and occasions.

Now would be the perfect time to install central air conditioning. It would greatly improve our air quality especially since many people are developing allergies.  Many in our family have asthma.  We could then host our parties and friends and family would be comfortable.   There’s always plenty of work needed around This Old House of mine. I’m sure many of my friends with young families can always use someone to do some chores and repairs that are beyond our expertise.

Hopefully it won’t rain on our family’s special day, and we will be able to host the party outdoors.  The kids like to run around and get their energy out.  If it does rain, we will be comfortable indoors with the ac on, and still enjoy the company of our good friends and family.  It’s always good to have a Plan B in mind when hosting a big party.

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