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Isn't it amazing how everything is greener in Vermont? No wonder they call it the Green Mountain State! Although it's beautiful in winter, I can't wait for spring to get here!

Green Mountains and Flowers – Vermont


Path to Vermont

Isn’t it amazing how everything is greener in Vermont?  No wonder they call it the Green Mountain State!  Although it’s beautiful in winter, I can’t wait for spring to get here!

If you ever get a chance to vacation in Vermont and drive north up Interstate 91, make sure you stop at the Vermont Visitor’s Center – there are beautiful displays of all the artisan crafts – Bennington Pottery, woodworking, handwoven yarns and more!  You can walk the dog, or picnic on the lawn or tables that are provided.

This photo is from one of Vermont’s lovely rest area stops along Interstate 89.

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Vermont Tourism Visitors Area

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  1. Thats it Cindi I am moving in with you! Michigan is so boring, your area is much more pretty!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I’m so ready to see green grass and flowers again!
    .-= Look at what Staci A hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday: A Perfect Afternoon =-.

  3. Thanks Candy, but you have the Upper Penninsula and Mackinac Island which I’ve heard so much about and always wanted to visit!

  4. Lovely! So pretty as always!
    .-= Look at what Not So Average Mama hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday =-.

  5. Looks much warmer than last week, I love roses and the grass makes it all look so vibrant
    .-= Look at what Louise hopes you’ll read: …Random Tuesday – Too Much is just Too Much =-.

  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL photo… such a serene place. I could sit on that bench and write ALL day long :)

  7. How beautiful! Vermont and Maine are two places I would love to visit.
    .-= Look at what Run DMT hopes you’ll read: …A Suessical Moment =-.

  8. Just don’t bother coming up now. Everything is brown or a dirty white color. Mud season in Vermont is not t he time to visit. Now June or July, things will be pretty again.
    .-= Look at what Ellen Christian hopes you’ll read: …What a busy day! =-.

  9. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see flowers again!! Never been to Vermont, but would love to go!
    .-= Look at what Mimi hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday: Missing Teeth =-.

  10. Now that’s a beautiful change! It’s starting to get warmer here in Florida, but not as warm as normal.
    .-= Look at what ConnieFoggles hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday – Brian McClure Take Two =-.

  11. Oh your photos always make me miss New England. I went to college off 91! Such a beautiful part of the country.
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  12. Beautiful, I love it!
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  13. Wow! I’m so jealous. We still have 4 ft of snow here in ND. Beautiful picture!

  14. BassAckwards Mom

    oh spring is SO pretty!
    .-= Look at what BassAckwards Mom hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday – I laugh EVERY time =-.

  15. That’s a gorgeous shot!!! Ahh Spring!!
    .-= Look at what claire hopes you’ll read: …(not so) Wordless Wednesday =-.

  16. that is stunning
    .-= Look at what Kelly W hopes you’ll read: …Today is my Birthday =-.

  17. So beautiful. It’s about to rain here in FL. back to high humidity, UGH:(
    .-= Look at what LissaL hopes you’ll read: …Testing My Signi! =-.

  18. It looks very beautiful there.
    .-= Look at what Susan hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday =-.

  19. Ohhhh – your roses are gorgeous!!! I’m already SOOO ready for spring and now even more so! I’m currently renting, and the landscaping designs are in my landlord’s hands. But I may have to add a rose or two in pots! Thanks again for such a lovely photo. :)
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