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We have to revisit what we all learned in Grade School: You Do Not Copy Other People's Work. Period.

What I Learned in Grade School ~ Play Nice ~ Don’t Plagiarize


OK readers, friends & bloggy buddies ~  today’s Rant of the Week is we’re going to have a little lesson in how to ‘Play Nice With Others” and not steal another blogger’s blog ideas.

School Girls Plagiarize Blog Content Theft

See the little banner on the top right of my sidebar that I recently relocated due to an unfortunate incident?  It says “Yes, It’s Copyrighted.”

What that means, kiddos, is that we have to revisit what we all learned in Grade School:

You Do Not Copy Other People’s Work. Period.

  • That means, you don’t look over your shoulder at the person sitting behind you and copy the answers off of their paper for a test;
  • You don’t strain cross-eyed and look to your next-door seat-mate and copy their paper;
  • And you don’t copy a fellow Blogger’s posts and pass them off as your own without giving proper credit to the author when due.

Now I’m sure this has happened to many bloggers before me.  But, being the Baby Boomer that I am, and having my policy re sugar-coating clearly stated in the Disclaimer on my About Me Page ~ I don’t put up with any carp.

I spend quite a bit of time on many of my posts, writing into the wee hours of the night.  I try to find just the right words and nuances, and research synonyms, grammar, all those neat things I learned along the way in life.  Some of my readers obviously were out to lunch in school, and didn’t pay attention.

It’s way too easy for those types of people to see a good post ~ and in this computer day and age ~ just do a “copy, paste” and voila ~ it’s on their blog page ~ as if they had written it themselves!

NOT.  You see, kiddies, I check to see if anyone is plagiarizing my material.  I take pride in my work, and the words I choose.

Bloggers cover the whole demographic spectrum.  Teens, Home-Schoolers, Moms, Dads, Businesses, yes, even Grandmas & Grandpas.  We are everyone ~ we are everywhere.

So now I’m going to get ugly.  Why?  Because I wrote what I considered a very nice post about my friend Suzanne, the eBay Coach, and a very generous giveaway contest for $120 worth of CVS products she recently sponsored.  Now granted, I didn’t pontificate on the State of the Union, the upcoming political conventions, the Olympics, or how the universe was created.

However, another mom blogger who “writes” saw fit to come along and copy my post.  You see, I posted about a CVS contest on August 21, and low and behold, there were my words, copied verbatim, posted by her on August 24.  No mention of any credit to me as the author.

If I see an article worthy of being mentioned in my posts, I give a “Hat Tip” to the author, with a link back to them.

Duh ~ it’s called “linky luv,” or a “back link,” or how about ~ being honest and giving credit where credit is due?

Plagiarism is a serious offense, not to mention it says a lot about the ethics, morals, and integrity of the writer who stole the work.  I know a wee bit about the law.

Now I’m not going to go off and write all the words I really want to write about how I feel about plagiarism, because this is a family blog.  Gram is not above spewing a few little profanities now and then whenever I’m hot-flashing.   But just to let you know, mommy blogger, occupation listed as “Assistant Librarian,” on Blogger,  not only got two comments on her blog from me indicating she stole my work, she also got an e-mail from me.

Her response?  “Sorry, Charlie.”

Go Suck an Egg, Elaina.

Sorry Charlie

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  1. I HATE that!! I had the same thing happen to me and I wrote a blog post on my VA blog about it too. I had my press release stolen TWICE, once with just a couple of word changes here and there and once WORD FOR WORD except they changed my name to their own.

    I just checked and that chick must have removed the post because it said “not found”. Good!

    Oh, by the way…I don’t put up with any carp either. I don’t really like fish. ;)

  2. Seriously?? She said that? WTF? I tell ya, i just don’t understand people anymore. I try to be nice and understanding but that would chap my butt so bad there’s not a rash formula invented that could cure it. I’m glad you said something at least. Maybe those of us who support honesty can just avoid her. Sucks for you I know but in the long run, at least you know that she knows she can’t write as good as you can lol. If she could she’d have done it herself.

  3. Hi,
    I do understand. Never happened to me since I’m new to the whole blogging thing. But well when someone else takes something that is yours and uses it. Well pretty much they can go suck an egg…

  4. Sorry to hear this happened to you. I always worry about this myself, especially when doing article submissions as I have had an article stolen from me before word for word. It does make you weary about putting your work online for others to use freely, especially when they aren’t going to include a byline or give credit with a reference link in the post.
    How frustrating!

  5. I cannot believe that was her response. This week Monday I copied a fellow bloggers post – I asked first and put the word plagiarism in my title and talked about it. It was also for a contest. Of course I linked back. I find it unbelievable that someone would do this and have such a nonchalant response. Wow!

  6. This is just totally wrong!! Seems like she needs someone else’s brain to think.
    You should feel honored that she chose yours to copy. NOT!!

  7. Sorry all that happened! I just went to the link you left and apparently she has removed the post… Way to take action!

  8. Elaina Rodriguez Stanley

    I was nonchalant because you were obviously furious and probably weren’t going to believe that I actually intended to link to your blog. I DID link to your blog intially, but in editing the entry I suppose I inadvertently deleted that part. I am new to this whole blogging business, but I thought that you would be pleased that I had linked to your entry. I understand that you didn’t see my link and so my point is moot, but I hope you see where my thought process was at the time.

    I’ll be honest. Another reason I was nonchalant was because it seemed like a lot of ire for something that really isn’t that important. Wait, wait, wait. Please hear me out. I understand copyright laws. I understand ethics and manners and etiquette. But I have huge issues in my life right now and by comparison this just doesn’t fall high on the list of things to freak out about. I’m battling an ongoing postpartum hemmorhage and possible emergency c-section from the very difficult birth of my daughter and a baby who has had medical problems since day one including a bowel obstruction and severe GERD.

    I’m not sharing this for sympathy or to deflect attention; I just want you, and your readers, to understand why I may be distracted when I write a post so I can enter a contest in an attempt to find a little happiness in an otherwise terrifying time in my life.

    In retrospect, I handled the entire situation horribly. I am human, and a very flawed one at that. Of course I removed the post immediately. I felt terrible. I even drafted an apology post, but I couldn’t find the right words. I’m actually glad it’s being addressed here so your very angry and loyal fans can be privy to my side of the story.

    I hope you accept my apology. I truly do. And more than that, I hope you understand my intentions and believe me when I say that I do have integrity and morals.

    And incidentally, I’m allergic to eggs.

  9. Elaina Rodriguez Stanley

    edit: I intended to say emergency hysterectomy. I already had the emergency c-section.

  10. Wow, I can’t believe her response. I might have forgiven her, had she apologized, and removed the post. But to just say, “Sorry Charlie?” You were probably more polite telling her to suck an egg than where I would have told her to put said egg.

  11. Just an aside – how did you happen to find her copied post? How do we, as bloggers, find out if someone has plagiarized us?

  12. Plagiarism, copyright materials are just fancy terms for what it really is…….CHEATING & STEALING!
    Most of the time Plagiarism is sheer stupidity and not actually CHEATING but the end result is the same – you took something that didn\’t belong to you, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    Should I ever (see me shying away) do something like this, I promise it will be done out of sheer stupidity and please call me on the mat cause I don\’t want to steal anything from anyone.

    I\’m sorry this happened to you.

  13. I appreciate all the comments on my behalf and kind words. If you need the link to check for your own blog posts, its ~

    Thanks. Cindi ~ Moomettesgram

  14. In response to Elaina Rodriquez Stanley.

    No Comment.

  15. Problems? You wanna talk about problems? I’ve got you beat, Ms. Elaina. I’m distracted too. I enter contests to try and win prizes for my kids because I’m a single unemployed mom that can’t afford to BUY them stuff. I’m inches away from wanting to die.

    But I still don’t steal other people’s writing.

    Its not an excuse.

    I hope you’ve learned a lesson from being “new to this” and that you’ve realized that the blog community doesn’t take plagiarism too well.

  16. I’m a plagiarism-hater too.

    I’ve actually had my “friends” copy of web site copy verbatim, except to replace my company name with theirs – ultimate in tacky! And as an English Composition professor, I detest getting half-way through a student’s paper only to realize I wasted my precious time evaluating a paper that was piece-mealed from a variety of web sources.

    I’ve usually taken a passive approach to resolve stolen content from my website, but might consider your direct approach in the future. Perhaps the only ways to stop plagiarism is to out the offender, so two snaps for your post. :)

  17. I have had autism organizations and newsletter sendouts copy my stuff. I have sent out several cease and desist letters, two were followd through with and one got nasty calling me names and sending out emails telling people I called her out. She was the director of the org.

    I regularly google my name, also have alerts set to my name and use copyscape.

  18. Hi, Just FYI, I found you via the Blogamama Road Trip link–as an author who is about to have her first book come out, this is a nightmare I have thought about more than once. Yikes! I am wondering, too, how you found it?

  19. WTG Grandma!! I haven’t yet seen it happen to me but then I’m not a very great writer and have hardly anything to say but I agree with you. I don’t like seeing anywhere. Good to hear that she took it off.

    Coming from the Blog Trip!

  20. That is just wrong. To steal your work, pass it off as her own, and THEN have the nerve to respond “Sorry Charlie”. Sorry indeed!

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