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More good information to pass on for any WAHM or Dad who has a Bonanza, eBay Store, eCommerce or eBiz! Plugboards are a great way to get the word out on either your new or existing business.

Advertising Ideas: Plugboards For Your WAHM Bonanza eBay or eBiz


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More good information to pass on for any WAHM or Dad who has a Bonanza,  eBay Store, eCommerce or eBiz! Plugboards are a great way to get the word out on either your new or existing moms work at home business.


To effectively make use of Plugboards, create a sub-directory in your Bookmark file, and keep re-visting it when your site ‘falls off the board’. Successful Power Sellers use them all the time. If you don’t have a plug-sized banner, many Graphic Designers are available on my Blogroll.

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A plugboard, as they are termed, is a small script that runs on a website that allows you free advertising of your own website or URL. There are several types of plugboards out there, and we will go over those individual types in a moment, but first let’s get the idea of how a plugboard actually works.

A plugboard has a set number of spaces or “slots” for advertising. The basic idea is that you enter your own information for your website in the space provided, and your advertisement is placed at the bottom space in the plugboard. When you add your “plug” or website information, the advertisement at the top of the plugboard, which has been there the longest, is then pushed off, or removed from, the plugboard. As others add their own website advertisements, your own advertisement will be moved further up the spaces on the plugboard. Eventually, after you have been pushed up through all the spaces on the board, your own advertisement will be removed, and you will have to revisit that board and re-enter your information again.

As I mentioned, there are several different types of plugboards available. The most common one is a button plugboard, which will require you to have an 88×31 sized button that represents your website. If you do not have a button, or know how to make one, there are many reasonably priced places on the internet to get one made. My own business sells them at $5 per button, which is a low price for banner or button design. Once you have your button, you would upload your button to your own website server, or to a picture hosting service on the internet, and then place the URL to your button on the space provided in the plugboard. Then you would specify the URL to your own website as well. Then your button would be placed on the board once you submit that information, in the bottom space on the board.

There are also regular sized banner plugboards that use 468×60 banners, which work the same way as the other plugboards only with full sized banners instead of the smaller buttons. You may also run into text link plugboards, which are much less common that the other types, however they are just as useful for advertising purposes.

As plugboards are a free resource for advertising, they should be used if you encounter one. It never hurts to add your advertisement to a plugboard. You also may wish to bookmark the site that you have added your advertisement to, as you generally aren’t notified when you have reached the top of the plugboard and your add has been removed. Visit the site every so often to check to see if your ad is still there on the board, and if it isn’t, take the time to re-submit your information.

Plugboards are abundant on the internet, and can be found in a large number of places. You may also do a Google search for “plugboard” that will net you a ton of results for places you can list your website on free plugboards. Overall, they are a much-overlooked, and very positive method of advertising your business.

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