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If you simply think that I’m going to stick up and post a press release promoting your company, or “share with my readers” the good news about your company’s giveaway because you think you’re doing me a favor by sending traffic my way

PR Rep 101, How NOT to Pitch a Blogger


Especially A Mom Blogger

Snake Oil Sales Pitch

No, I will NOT Share Your Information With My Readers

  • Unless I have an already-established relationship with you.
  • Which means that we either email each other, talk on the telephone, have met IRL, converse on Twitter, post on Facebook or are also in forums together.
  • Not unless I’ve already done a product review for your company – where you’ve also sent me an item to review as well as offered my readers a like giveaway.
  • Or, unless you’re a struggling indie Mompreneur who stays up late at night working out of her kitchen or great room – designing jewelry, sewing baby or toddler clothing and accessories or perhaps handcrafting specialty bath and body or beauty items.
  • Are a non-profit or charitable  organization that I would normally support
  • Are asking me to post a Public-Service Announcement that I support or feel is of value to my readers

Each day my email in-box is inundated with actual requests such as these (edited to protect the guilty):

We thought you and readers might be interested in winning a trip for two to Someplacewherethesunalwaysshines  … We would love for you to share this opportunity to your readers.

Hi, I’m Jinnie. I work for Somecompanyyouneverheardof dot com which is a fun new way for experts like yourselves to exchange cleaning tips (because who knows better than Moms?). Would you mind sharing this FREE giveaway with your readers? It’s very easy: upload a relevant pic, get a free bottle of someproductyouneverheardofthatyoudontneed (free shipping, too!).

These pitches are exactly how NOT to pitch a blogger. They are just some of the pitches that I get from PR firm representatives and companies that are simply looking for free advertising, because they have no budget.

Maybe you found my blog through my tweets or the blog directories that I’m listed in.

Were you drawn to it because of it’s custom design that my graphic designers and I spend countless hours tweaking?  Perhaps you think that the extensive social media influence I can yield via Twitter and  Facebook follower numbers will get your message out and go viral?

If you took the time to look around my site, you’ll see I have an About Me page.  I have a B.S. in Business, and an A.S. in Paralegal Studies (Magna Cum Laude, at that.) I can construct a sentence (when I want to.)   I’m from New England, which means that I can be a curmudgeon.  And a skeptic.  And jaded.  And my tag line is I’ve “Been Around the Block.” Anyone who’s familiar with me online knows I’ve branded myself as an “Opinionated Baby Boomer Grandmom.”

There’s even a disclaimer that says: Proviso to lay it all on the table …  Hold on to your hat, you’re in for a ride.   If you can’t handle that, stop right here.

So, I just didn’t fall of the turnip truck.  You might think that you can persuade mom bloggers to fall for your pitch because they’re just that – MOM bloggers.  Moms blog for many reasons. They come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences. Some are even corporate CEO’s who are off-ramping while they raise children. I don’t call myself a mom blogger.  I’m a mom, but I also blog about a variety of topics.  I try to enlighten my fellow bloggers, and the work at home mom.

If you simply think that I’m going to stick up and post a press release promoting your company, or “share with my readers” the awesomeness of your company’s advertisement disguised as a giveaway because you think you’re doing me a favor by sending traffic my way ….

Think Again.

Your methodology is off, and how not to pitch a blogger. I also don’t want to be a permanent unpaid contributor on your site either.

If you or the company you work for doesn’t meet the above criteria …

I charge.  A Fee.

My time is finite and valuable.  I have hosting fees.

Take your pitch and put it someplacewherethesundoesntshine

Please refer to my Media Kit.

© 2010 C. Matthews

About Cindi Moomettes

New England blogger and influencer from Connecticut and author of the multi-generational Moomettes Magnificents where she writes about Family, Grandparents and Grandchildren, home decor, Crochet, Knitting, DIY, crafts, family travel familiarization trips (FAMs), photography, social media and reviews. You can also find her at Moomettes Crochet Shop for the latest Handmade Fashion trends, Home Decor, Handmade Crochet Wash Cloths & Accessories. For food and recipes visit at her blog Frugal New England Kitchen ***Products and/or companies featured on Moomettes Magnificents may have provided product samples and/or compensation for consideration. All opinions are my own. Posts may contain affiliate links. See also Disclosure***


  1. I get those pitches, too and ignore them
    Paula would like you to read..Wordless Wednesday- Purple TongueMy Profile

  2. Amen! When I saw this on twitter, I had to check this post out. I might need to make a similar post on mine. I hate the fact the advertisers think that moms who blog can afford to advertise for them for free. GRR. Drives me nuts. Keep up the good work.
    DeAnna Troupe would like you to read..Choose Success- Book- To Be or Not to Be The Choice is Yours By Barbara Hofmeister is available now!My Profile

  3. I need to become one of your students because I made the mistake of hosting a giveaway for 2 people in order to help them get some “press” but I was naive at the time and did not realize that I should’ve charged a fee for blogging about them. Sure, I was thanked and praised but the minute I received emails and phone calls where they stated “you are so wonderful…I feel I should be paying you for helping me get my name out there” I wrote back with a “I would love to further promote your business/books but since you mentioned you wanted to pay me this is my rate” I was sure they lost my contact info and no money has fallen into my wallet since then. I suppose I asked for this treatment since I should’ve charged a fee in the 1st place but since I’ve only been blogging since January 2010 I was a bit naive and I “wish I knew then what I know now”! I am going to email you personally with all sorts of questions so be prepared! HaHa! By the way, I am from NH so I should have the know-how like you do but I am still learning!
    The Teacher’s Pets would like you to read..Thankful FUR 3 ThursdayMy Profile

    • Thanks for your kind words.

      For many people, it’s “too smart, too late” – I hope to remedy that.

      This is a response I just got today when I indicated I charge a fee for posting a “giveaway” (that I’m not hosting):

      “No thank you. I’m happy that numerous other blogs happily spread the
      word about our easy giveaway for free, so paying here isn’t required.

      Have a great day!”

      I am. I’m really having a great day now that I wrote this post.

      See, they’re just grinning through their teeth as other bloggers are happily putting stuff up for them.

      This needs to stop.
      Moomette’s Magnificents (Admin) would like you to read..Blogging Resource Tips and TechniquesMy Profile

  4. Great Post! I delete so many of those emails. If they want the info on my site, they can pay for a sponsored post.
    Tammy would like you to read..Update on Saiqa AkhterMy Profile

  5. awesome post! My other favorite is “story idea – we thought you might need some ideas for posts on your blog…”
    No, really. I have plenty of ideas. Now, if you could pitch me a couple extra hours in the day, THAT would be useful.
    Katie would like you to read..ProFlowers Brightens Any Day!My Profile

  6. I think I love you!

    You are exactly right!
    Rachel would like you to read..BlogMania Sponsor- Pappy BouttiqueMy Profile

  7. I agree with you. I get alot of these pitches. I’ve been crappy enough some days to reply, and with a link to the PR/Advertising page which tells them the fees and rundowns. I also know this is the ONLY place on my site the email address is listed (unless I have an event advertisement up). I feel if they took the time to find the email they should have read it.

    I do delete alot of them though. I need to correct this. I’ve posted a few too, but they are for companies I’ve worked with MORE then once and have a good relationship with.
    Bobbie would like you to read..Chocolate! Your Way!My Profile

  8. Fabulous articles. Thanks for sharing. I swear if more bloggers would just read this we’d have a world of knowledgable bloggers who realize our time is valuable and we don’t sit around all day waitin for INFORMATION that our readers may find valuable. time is money and if I’ have to spend 4 hours writing a post away from my children and family it better be worth it. NO more Freebies!@@
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  9. Great tips…I get that junk in my inbox a lot! SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did…

    Bottoms Up!

  10. Lately, I’ve been getting more of the “we can provide hi-res images for you” type. When you ask for samples for a giveaway, they say they don’t have samples available. That’s flat out advertising then, if you want me to spread word and put up a hi-res image.

    Good points you have here.
    Melanie (ModernMami) would like you to read..Sharing Memories of La Playa with My GirlMy Profile

  11. I am so glad you posted this information. So many bloggers feel these offers are a sign of success, not realizing they are being used. From now on, I am going to use a link to this post as my reply to “offers” like these. Thanks! pc
    Pat Curry would like you to read..So long- old chums- see you on the other side of the EarthMy Profile

  12. Very timely and well written. I, too, am starting to get these pitches. I’ve replied to a few, but mostly just hit delete.

  13. Hi Cindi :) This is a great article so thanks for posting the link on Twitter so I could find it! I’ve been averaging 2 or 3 of these pitches per week for awhile. Rather than respond I mark as spam so if they send again problem solved.

  14. Love it and gave me a good laugh too. I would have thought most people knew about the criteria for blogging about a product or give-away. Definitely use this post as your default email.
    Tehlia would like you to read..Custom ordersMy Profile

  15. Thanks so much for this!! Esp. for newbies reviewers like myself, I kinda look at you and others to see the right way to do things. PR Pitches/ Media Kits/ Advisories etc. So thanks ?
    TheChickenista would like you to read..Friday Blog Hops!My Profile

  16. Great post, tyvm, defiantly helpful to new bloggers! the thing is I”m not a SAHM, I’m a college student who works full time, I’m a typical every day mom who just wants to share tips and products that I think are great, toxin-free, natural, and green! They’d know that if they read my PR info!
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  17. Hi Cindi,
    Awesome post! Any tips on how exactly to respond? I’ve replied with a link to my advertising rates, to a few, on the nefarious PMS days when my mood was already shot all to youknowwhere. :0)

    But for those who may genuinely not know how to pitch, how should we respond politely???
    Crystal Martin would like you to read..ProFlowerscom ReviewMy Profile

  18. I agree those aren’t great pitches but do you really refuse to promote a product unless you get a product to review AND a giveaway? I won’t promote a product I’ve never tried but not every company can afford to provide *two* products to every blog/blogger.

    Also, this post comes off REALLY braggy – Look at you and all of your visitors and graphics – but you used the wrong form of “it’s” in your post.

    I clicked this post thinking I’d be in agreement as a blogger, but you just seem bratty and demanding to me. When I started blogging, companies were NOT giving out products for reviews – We wrote because we loved writing and sharing, and our reward was meaningful comments, not just swag.) It’s one thing not to want to be taken advantage of, but another entirely to feel you are owed compensation for writing one of a million mom blogs that are all the same.

    (Also: You should try writing a blog without so many giveaways and see how your traffic does then. If you are always giving out swag to your followers, of course you will always have a lot of them. I have an entire folder in my Google Reader for sites I follow JUST for giveaways, and it doesn’t mean I love their sites – although some I do – but that I want free shit.)
    Janine – Alternative Housewife would like you to read..Moustash Rides By Appointment OnlyMy Profile

    • Hi Janine

      Gee, thanks for visting, ever so briefly to leave a scathing comment. You’re lucky I published it.

      If you took the time to look over my site, you’ll see under my “Reviews” column that I publish many reviews that do not include giveaways.

      You are totally off-topic because clearly, this post wasn’t even discussing the issue of whether or not I do reviews without a giveaway. Read-the-Words.

      If you look at my other content, you’ll see I’m not strictly a review blogger. IF you took the time to read through my posts, you’ll see I combined 3 blogs into one, to become Moomette’s Magnificents.

      Actually, you were typing so fast you TOTALLY missed the point of this post.

      It was written in a conversational tone directed at the PR Reps and companies who pitch me to post their Press Releases as content “to share with my readers,” OR companies who contact me to post about Giveaways THAT THEY ARE HOSTING ON THEIR OWN SITE that I could care less about. I’d have nothing to do with those giveaways other than to give them free press, because they think I’d do it out of the goodness of my heart. And use my bandwith, at that.

      Braggy? It was written tongue in cheek, but obviously you “didn’t get it” and can’t recognize satire or parody when you see it.

      You just hit and run, and ran your mouth off.

      And thanks for the grammar correction. I was typing too fast – but gee, it’s my own blog. I have an SAT vocabulary (*brag*, patting self on back) (read about it in my 101 Things About Me, where you’ll see I admit I’m good with 4-letter words too, which I’m tempted to use here but won’t) but I can’t type worth squat sometimes.

      You obviously know nothing about me, or the 3 blogs I had before I combined them. First time visitor – point and shoot. My traffic is doing just fine. You must be one of those “better than thou” purist bloggers. Stay with your own kind.

      BTW, luv the name of your “handle” – Alternative Housewife.

      What’s your first role? No, I’d better not ask, I don’t want to know.

      Now, once I find out your IP, I just might block you.
      Moomette’s Magnificents (Admin) would like you to read..Old Cape Cod and Summer Winds- Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  19. love, love, LOVE! You’ve just convinced me to reply to these “pitches” with something along the lines of what you’ve just written (or perhaps a link!) instead of just ignoring them. I get irritated every time someone sends me one of these pitches, and I think perhaps it’s time they know it! Roar! lol
    Krystal would like you to read..Make Way for the Blogmania Twitter Party!My Profile

  20. Thank you for writing this post. Being a newbie. I didn’t realize you can charge for posting a giveaway. I have read in different blogs about samples and how long they can take to review an item. Plus give one as a giveaway but not about this. Im glad I took the time to read this.

  21. Great post Cindi! I have a similar post on my blog and actually made a direct link to it. I am so fed up with companies thinking they can ride for free on the back of our hard work.
    I always reply to them very politely with an attached media kit to let them know my services are not free.

  22. Love this article!!!!

  23. Hear hear!!! I totally AGREE with you!! I just ignore those annoying emails looking for free advertising…waste of my time. Great post. :)
    Salad For Breakfast would like you to read..McKenzie Books – Review!My Profile

  24. Visiting from SITS-I’m so glad you were the comment ahead of mine!

    I’m a newbie mom-blogger

    I was wondering how to handle a request I received via email the other day asking me to let my readers know about a discount being offered on a site I’d never heard of. I did NOT post the deal. I did consider responding back and saying I’d post the discount as part of a review and giveaway of the products offered???

    I have hosted 1 giveaway on my site without compensation because it drove traffic to my site, and I thoroughly investigated the website and products to make sure it would be beneficial to my readers.

    I’m so glad I read this post!

  25. I came across this on Twitter, I’m so new to all of this – that I’m going to have to bookmark this and come back when I have a brain.

    Just wanted to say – Thank you for taking the time and energy to post and want to teach the rest of us!
    Sonia Barton would like you to read..Cochenille Design RetreatMy Profile

  26. I just stood up in my kitchen and started applauding.
    Stefanie would like you to read..who would you ratherMy Profile

  27. Hi! I found your blog through Simply Stacie and I really like this post. This is great advice and as a fairly new blogger, I am always looking for advice. Thanks so much for posting this!
    Elizabeth would like you to read..Eating for Beginners Review and GIVEAWAY! Plus Fit Family Challenge Post 2My Profile

  28. I am re-energized by this discussion. I was very disheartened when I turned down one of these offers from a smug PR rep for a company that I had never heard of. What do you know, when I visited another blog with a much bigger following than mine and with giveaways out the ying yang had cheerily picked up the baton and advertised it for free on her blog. She’s doing herself no favors. That kind of behavior, to me, would definitely be my definition of “prostituting” your blog – giving out your goods for a cyberspace wink and slap on the butt!
    Helena would like you to read..Great GiveawaysMy Profile

  29. Love your post and laughed out loud when you mentioned you hadn’t “fallen off the turnip tuck” lol! I get SO many pitches like this and many I just delete. Some I reply to with a pitch of my own and some I post if they are of interest to me (not many). I do find it funny when I get a pitch that reads… if you are working on any stories.. or ones that sound like they are doing me a favor by sending me their promo info when I know it’s been mass mailed to hundreds of other bloggers! I believe I need to write up a better PR page to direct these agents to. At least then I can show them that I know I am worth something even if I’m not a large blogger!
    Henrietta would like you to read..New U-Build Monopoly family board game by Hasbro – ReviewMy Profile

  30. SO SO SO on target with this post! I too get so many of these and politely reply to ones I would actually not mind posting with my terms. They could be that I require an item, or payment or they just may be that I ask for more information. 9 times out of 10 I don’t get any response at all which just shows that they don’t care. If you can’t take the time to answer a question for me, then why would I take the time to share it with my readers?

    Bravo! Great post.
    Erin would like you to read..Tackle it Tuesday- Devo Cake – Chocolate Energy Dome EditionMy Profile

  31. I absolutely LOVE this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Why? Because it gives those of us (like yours truly) who are cojones-less some courage to stand up against crappy pitches. For the PR reps looking for freebies, most of the time I’ll totally ignore it.

    I must admit that I always feel like I personally shouldn’t even bother rebutting their pitches with my counter. A lot of the times when I do, the ones who don’t outright offer a sample never seem to have any available for you. Plus sometimes you just get that hint of condescension that’s just oh so irritating.
    Kristina would like you to read..Mothers- Are We The Ultimate MasochistsMy Profile

  32. Ooh I feel ya! Actually I don’t get many review pitches – but I do get a fair number of requests for link exchanges, which annoy me. I’m a craft blog – I don’t even have a section in my resource pages for your sun umbrellas/cleaning products/aquarium supplies. And I feel almost insulted that they’d think I’m going to fall for it!
    Abigail would like you to read..Response cached until Sat 14 @ 14:56 GMT (Refreshes in 60 Minutes)My Profile

  33. I love this post too. I am so sick of these types of pitches. I need to start replying with something, other than just hitting delete. I want them to know where I stand. My blog is not their personal billboard.

  34. Wow lots of great information in this post and all the comments, I like it! To think when I first started I was thrilled to do a giveaway for nothing but I have since wised up. I do welcome all good pitches that will help my readers, myself or my blog. We live and learn I guess.
    barb would like you to read..Emile Henry Product Review Cookware Ceramic4qt Stew Pot Dutch Oven Bakeware Pro Grater Diabetic Friendly Cooking Made SimpleMy Profile

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