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This past weekend was 'Lil Moomette's first dance recital! Wow, time passes quickly! It brought back so many memories of when my own girls took dance lessons!

Pretty Maids All in a Row: Wordless Wednesday


First Dance Recital

This past weekend was ‘Lil Moomette’s first dance recital! Wow, time passes quickly! It brought back so many memories of when my own girls took dance lessons! We had a BBQ on Saturday, and the Vermont grandparents were down to visit, along with my bonus son-in-law (my charming son-in-law’s twin brother.)

‘Lil Moomette

‘Lil Moomette’s Mom

I have to admit though, that my DD27 did not turn out to be a dancer, as her calling was to be an athlete, and she ended up playing almost every sport, ending with Varsity Lacrosse in College.

On the other hand, my youngest daughter is the extremely talented dancer – tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz – she took lessons all through Senior year of high school, and almost signed up for Company Dance Team (they get to perform on cruise ships and at Disney World.)  In college, she was on the dance team.

As for me, I did take dance lessons but wasn’t any rising star.  I can hold my own on the dance floor though, like at my daughter’s wedding.

I’m the one on the left

Did you take dance lessons?  How about your kids?

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  1. How fun! No dance lessons here unless Jazzercise class counts, lol!
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  2. Oh wow, how lovely!!! I can’t wait to start my little girl in dance classes when she gets older. I never took any myself but always wished I had. All the dancers I know have such great posture and poise.

  3. Looks like dancing is in the family genes. Love the costumes. Hoped I picked the correct WW With so Many choices I’m not quite sure which to pick :)

  4. Love the pics! Happy Wednesday!!
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  5. I took dance for only a year in 7th grade and had to quit because I had to have emergency abdominal surgery. I loved it though! Not the surgery, the dancing!
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  6. how fun – and so adorable! All of you!
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  7. No dance lessons here, expect for a short while with Alicia when she was about 3. I lasted a few classes! But I love to dance. I’m not good, but I don’t care. BTW, I couldn’t get the linky to work.
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  8. I always wanted to learn to dance. I took ONE ballet class. It was supposed to be for beginners but I felt like I was the only beginner in class
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  9. I did not take dance lessons, and it is painfully obvious. Little Moomette is cute!
    Dropping by from MomDot for WW a little late.
    Virginia from Lady V dZine

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