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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Memes, Cows & Biscuits


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Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. That’s how my mind wonders lately. No, not lately, usually mostly always. I’m glad there’s others like me. Actually, Keely started all this. You’d be surprised to see how many of us think alike.

“To Meme, or Not to Meme,” … that was the question I posted on Twitter Monday.

I always enjoy visiting and participating in Memes, as it gives me some light reading and takes my mind off of whatever fire I have to put out at the moment. You know how it goes.

What made me think about this question was that when I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Blonde, I noticed that Cheryl proudly proclaimed that her blog is “a Meme Free Zone.” Well, woo-whoo, but I still will read Cheryl anyway, cuz she’s a hoot. (*Wink*)

So I got these replies from my Tweeps:

Kandrade, @scrapitup over at Step Mom Extraordinaire said:

while Linda @trendytykes over at My Trendy Tykes replied:

So, my take is, either you luv Memes or you don’t. When I’m on
Facebook, I tend to ignore the various pieces of flare that I’m sent, along with all the other applications. But give me a good Meme, and I’m so there!

Since I’m on a Twitter roll, I got this DM (direct message) welcoming me as a new “Follower”….

What home page do you use on your computer screen?

Um, I don’t think I was going to tell her. I had a WTF moment and thought what kind of DM was that? Not only did I not tell her, I un-followed and blocked her.

Next up on my RTT (rant)

As a New England native, I’ve decided that there are two types of drivers here.

Those who drive around town like a New York minute (OK, so NY isn’t part of New England, but it’s within driving distance of Yankee Stadium, so that makes it almost one of us, you get the picture) – and

Those who drive like lazy New England Sunday drivers waiting for the cows to cross the road.

Today I was behind some elderly driver who just pulled out of McDonalds. Trying to juggle the biscuit, coffee and drive at the same time. I had to follow this person all the way to the town where I work. Of course I was running late because I spent too much time on Twitter this morning before I left for work. The “why me” factor was kicking in. I’m glad I only have a 20 minute commute along back country roads. Well, not exactly, I’m in the burbs, but it’s still better than the highway.

I have nothing against the elderly – I’m a Baby Boomer myself (but I don’t consider myself elderly … I am so not there…yet.) Actually, while you’re here, check out my fantastic Giveaway on Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews for Ageless, the anti aging perfume! You could say …It’s to die for!

It’s late, and I’m tired, so I’ll continue my Hot-Flashing next week!

For more Random Tuesday Thoughts, visit Keely at the The Un-Mom.


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  1. So now I might unfollow you because I’m from NY, the Bronx actually. I’m a great driver. I drive just like in NY – with a lot of chutzhpah :)

    This is a theme even I can handle. Since this is the way my mind works 99% of the time. Love it!

  2. Hi Cindi.
    The thing about memes is that is usually an easier post to do and you get to ‘converse’ with other bloggers.
    I like both kids of posts, depending on how much time I have to spend on it.

  3. Memes do make it easier some days, when the writing ideas aren’t flowing! I try to mix it up, and do a little of both.

    Now that I’m not working, I tend to look for cows a lot as I’m driving. Considering I live 30 miles from the nearest cornfield, I don’t see many cows.

  4. I too have nothing against the elderly, except their permission to drive. I believe anyone over 60 and under 21 should have state provided transportation or something. Eh. I guess that’s kind of an ass thing to say but young people and old people all drive like crap.

    Happy RTT!
    I played too!

  5. Interesting thoughts about memes. As a new blogger, I’ve found memes to be a good way to find like-minded bloggers. Not all of my posts are memes, but I do enjoy participating in them and reading the posts that other bloggers contribute.

    BTW, I’m in the Mid-Atlantic region, and we have the same two types of drivers as you do.

  6. I still don’t get Twitter. Maybe someday I will. Or maybe not.

  7. People generally shouldn’t juggle food and hot beverages when pulling out in to traffic. The elderly less so, unless they’ve got cat-like reflexes.

    I like the Memes but too many of them can be hard to keep up with and annoying to read.

  8. I like the memes, too. That’s got to be obvious since I started a blag called My Meme Mania. I like other posts, too, which is the real reason for the new blog. The memes were starting to take over. I’d love to see you next Monday! And I’m headed over to check out Tuesday Toot. Thanks!

  9. I find memes quite helpful on those days when inspiration dries up. But I never like to pick people to do them… hate having to pick favorites!


    I like the memes, and it brings new people to your blog. People that may read what you write and decide to follow you. I’ve found blogs that way too. I live in New England and totally agree, either superfast or superslow, no in between!

  11. I’ve done a few memes….I prefer reading them though….thanks for stopping by my place!!! :)

  12. Ahhh, I miss living in upstate NY. We always thought we were part of NE, too ;)

    Out here in Cleveland, we have another kind of driver. The kind that think they are NY drivers, but lack the skill or chutzpah. Scary.

    I’m a fan of the MeMe. Good for self reflection. Thanks for visiting today!

  13. I like the Daily Blonde but she’s got no problem with the verbose – some of us need a starting point sometimes ;)

    I think everybody should be re-tested for their license every 5 years. Regardless of age. I’d totally fail the way I drive now.

  14. Blogging Mama Andrea

    I hate getting stuck behind the slow person. or the person on the bike who decides they are just as important as a car and take up the entire lane rather than sicking to the side in the BIKE lane where they belong. OI!

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