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Surely like life, owning a business is a gamble. You lose some, you win some. I chose to win some but with great caution on how I use my lucky cards especially nowadays. Here are some of my Business Survival 101 that cost nothing to do but some legwork.

Recession-Proof Your Small Biz: Guest Post



Meet My Friend, Maricris

Awhile back on a WAHM forum that’s now gone by the wayside, I met Vicki, who wrote a blog, “Simply Vicki.” We became friends, but due to personal circumstances, Vicki terminated her blog, along with her Internet access.

Vicki had started a Meme called “Meet My Friend Mondays.” I was given the honor of being  featured in it, but the permalink no longer exists.  I really miss reading and commenting on Vicki’s blog, as well as daily banter on Twitter.  To honor our friendship, I’d like to steal borrow Vicki’s Meme, and use it to introduce Guest Posters here.  Hat Tip to Lady Java  Creations for creating the wonderful Meme banner!

I have been inviting bloggers and writers to share their ideas and experiences with my readers who are interested in Working from Home.

If you have a WAHM topic of interest that you’d like to share and be a Guest Blogger on Moomettesgram’s Musings, please contact me (see Contact tab above).

Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend Maricris, one of my Twitter friends/followers. Maricris is always there to give a cheery hello, answer questions, or offer support. Follow her on Twitter at @maricrisg

Recession-Proof your Small Biz

maricrisIf you have a business especially if it’s small, and you’re grumbling, whining and reeling due to the effect of the unstable economy, Be still { wish I can do just that but,} you’re not alone! Like numerous small biz owners across the globe, like you and me, future seem rather hazy. To me, Bleak is an an overrated description because in spite of the dwindling economy, I still see hope… If you know where to look!


Golden Flower Creations was established middle of Last year with a notable hope of making a profit out my creations. I create unique pieces of Jewelry with contemporary and varying styles but more so, a fusion of Asian designs as part of my tribute to my Asian Heritage. I’m also considered the wreath lady. I was initially popular with my high-quality, unique wreaths which is competitively priced in comparison to Michael’s or Garden Ridge. People loved it! The demand was there. It was enough to fuel the reason to turn it into a profitable business. Though the profitable side is still a work in progress, it surely has brought some useful money in. Not even a year old yet, GFC has already proven it’s worth.

But just like a baby, it needs a lot of nurturing, a lot of caring and a lot of sacrifices {like losing sleep} and team work to make it a success! The downside of being small in this current economy proves daunting. There was a point wherein I was afraid of spending money to even stock up on my inventory. It was a battle between, saving the money for “rainy days” ahead or stocking up on materials for my online store which has no guarantee will sell. There was a time wherein the world seemed to have stood still. There was a long pause in sales. People were afraid to spend their money which in turn results in NO SALES. Items in my online store were either collecting dust or flies were just hovering around it like spoiled food. It was a dilemma!

Surely like life, owning a business is a gamble. You lose some, you win some. I chose to win some but with great caution on how I use my lucky cards especially nowadays. I only spend on items when I REALLY NEED THEM or is guarantee it will sell or will help my business.

Here are some of my Business Survival 101 that cost nothing to do but some legwork:

1- Blog : If you don’t have one, create one! Blogging is one of the best tools to get the word out about your work and what you do. It is so powerful, most big companies now, blogs!

2- Twitter: 140 Characters can go a long way in free adverstising. Come follow me @maricrisg
3- Facebook: Create a biz page and get more people to find your business.
4- Craft Shows: Small or big, they are the best money generating income for any products you sell. Face to Face marketing always works better than online.

5- Recession-price your items: Selling your creations below it’s material worth is not the key here but selling it affordable enough {without devaluing the worth of your time creating it, is the trick}. Entice buyers with the impulse-buy phenomena!

There is no instant solutions to success but with patience and diligence, we’ll reach our goals no matter how long it takes. And For as long as we put our minds into it. Best of luck to all small business owners like Cindi and me. Let’s all strive for success!

And if you’re ever in Charlotte NC by Providence, GFC is participating in Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Arts and Craft show on May 2nd from 10am-3pm. Come say HI and support the cause. Also, if you ever want customized jewelry or wreaths, let me know.

Bio: Maricris is a working mom and the voice behind Zen Ventures which chronicles her journey in life and the designer/owner of Golden Flower Creations, and who also shares her views as a Writer/Mom blogger for Working Mother Magazine as a working mom.

Disclaimer: Guest Post opinions are strictly those of the author.


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